Global Sustainability and Planetary Management

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    The Revealed Future of Humanity as Seen Through Celestial Eyes

    Global sustainability,

    as it is used in the text, embodies two parameters that are mutual to sustaining a world: 1) physical and material survival; and 2) the continuation, evolution, and maturation of civilizations from the individual, through family, community, and nations, to global levels. Monjoronson has revealed that, given our world’s primitive state of behavior, there is no assurance that families, communities, nations, and civilization will not enter into another cyclical era of decline and collapse as others before. This time the anticipated decline and fall will not involve just one nation, but the whole world.

    These parameters are mutual because they operate in tandem for civilization and the lives of individuals to develop, mature, and evolve. Advancing one parameter without advancing the other causes an imbalance initiating another cycle. Our western culture is a prime example of great imbalance in both parameters—we are technologically advanced, yet we

    have only begun to install sustainable technologies. We are scientifically and technologically advanced but have not applied these techniques for the development of maturing and evolving social institutions.

    Worlds at the stages of development as earth typically do not have a global executive superstructure and administrative infrastructure to maintain ever-improving levels of civilization maturity. And few have the insight to prepare for sustaining both levels of development and maturity, or foresee the eventual and inevitable decline.........

    Go on reading in Pdf: http://library.abundanthope.or…obal%20Sustainability.pdf


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