Mia needs help.......so I'm putting everything in here

  • Give it time for the forum to evolve enough for me to create places of obvious need .... it takes a bit to time... otherwise post these in the closest sections you can find.. and I will create more when its obvious its needed.. I can easily move posts and whole threads to new created sections...I have only so many hours a day... and Mark works full time and we haven't gotten a 3rd person yet into the admin panel who can do this....:)

    I will probably in the next day or so expand the Light and life section to hold some of your suggested topics.. I have an admini:)<3stration issue on the private forum I have to work on shortly.. then see where this day goes. Also I don't know which permissions those labeled as administrators have here in helping out...

    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


  • I can't find where to put it

    I want to open some threads

    Of sites and videos on ecological homes

    About small houses in the world

    About gardening and quality of life

    Of sites and videos of music ,Which raises the frequency

    Musicians obviously are the new generation of music

    more and more

    I have a lot of material I have collected over the years

    Maybe I'll put it in my life thread


  • MIA .. you post your personal ideas in your Mission thread.. or if they fit anywhere else post them there... There is for example a thread for education... if your experience of living in the kibbutz provided say some ideas on education.. you could put them there... in a thread... I will evolve this forum as the readers evolve and add sections or move them around or rename them and such... just do you best for now.

    The signature file is just any statement you want and like to use as part of your identity here...I change signature files regularly where I work to give something new. You can find to do that in your "Control Panel".. where you and I exchanged a discussion in your wall.

    Christ Jesus said when he walked this earth...


  • Hi Mia,

    I had almost forgotten you.... nice to see you back! instead of using the Google translator you should use http://www.deepl.com. For it is probably the best, so far.

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