• A video on abortion-tainted vaccines

    In today's episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, Westen interviews Pamela Acker, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on vaccines and on what goes into them. Information on the use of embryo cells in vaccine research. Warning: description of cells being removed from "abortions" (delivered by Caesarian section) while the baby is still alive.


  • Children gang raped and murdered on a regular basis: this man, Tory Smith, investigated child trafficking and here accuses Pence, Vice President of the USA, of routinely killing children. According to the description, 2 months after making this video, Tory Smith died mysteriously ....


  • Just noting here that information/videos forwarded to me concerning the production of adrenochrome (killing children to harvest it and sell it) are no longer available on youtube, like so many other missing videos on pertinent issues which are presently being suppressed.

    The story of Sister Charlotte is one of the most harrowing I have read concerning the perversions and abuse perpetrated by the Catholic Church.


  • Dear Readers: we are now in January 2021:

    Lin Woods is now at the forefront of the "news" concerning exposure of child abuse: he maintains that this is a widespread method of blackmail: people who the perpetrators want to control are confronted with a gun and a child and a film camera and are forced to abuse/kill the child, and it is all recorded on film. Evidence is now going to be exposed.

    So many children "disappear" each year worldwide, and these statistics are what originally initiated this thread (And many thanks to Barbara and Altea who add information here). However, as research into "missing children websites" shows, there is much focus on the fact that the majority of missing children return, rather than those who don't, and why. There is also much focus on parental kidnapping and children running away of their own accord due to a variety of reasons. All this is of course bad enough, but the human trafficking element is - as far as I can see - often "played down" or hardly mentioned. Two examples:

    In Germany, an estimated 100,000 children are reported missing each year.

    Initiative Vermisste Kinder.

    I just checked this site, because Germany is where I live, and the figure quoted in 60,000, but then it says that 99% of those children do actually turn up again. Sounds like disinformation)

    In India, an estimated 96,000 children go missing each year.

    Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Missing Children of India.

    (Here it states that 90,000 have been rescued, not how many are missing)

    Here is one of Lin Woods tweets:


    Lin Wood


    21. Dez. 2020

    Mainstream media has ignored pandemic of child-sex trafficking. Sadly, Atlanta is often described as ground zero for this heinous crime & abuse of children. MSM has also ignored & covered up shocking level of pedophilia in our country. Remember: God loves the little children.

    Here are the rest of Lin Wood's recent tweets concerning this:


    All in all, this is an area which requires a lot of research, and exposure of the truth is absolutely necessary to awaken others to what has really been going on, and to the depths to which we have collectively sunk on this planet. Thank you for reading, love Rosie

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  • https://rtd.rt.com/films/cycle-of-life/ - 25' Documentary

    Congo: Cycle of life

    Cycling club gives youth hope amid poverty & violence

    The residents of Goma live in the shadow of Mt. Nyiragongo, one of the most active volcanoes in Africa. In 2002, it erupted and destroyed much of the city, leaving 400,000 people homeless. Afterwards, militants from Rwanda and battles between the Congolese government and rebel forces continued the devastation. The majority of people here live without electricity, running water or basic sanitation, and there are no jobs to be had. Armed gangs hide in the nearby jungles, tempting young men with a life away from crippling poverty. The threat of violence is constantly present.

    Related: The Shegué, the Sorcerer and Che Guevara. Saving the Congo's 'witch kids

    Despite the bleak conditions, one man is trying to make a difference in the lives of the city’s youth, who must usually work menial jobs to feed their families and often resort to theft. Charlie Makongo founded the Goma Cycling Club (GCC) to give its young members something positive to occupy them so that they won’t become involved in armed groups.

    When he isn’t working his day job as a human right’s lawyer, Charlie mentors and trains a small community of about 35 budding cyclists. He also takes responsibility for feeding them after their morning training, so that they will have at least one decent meal in the day, and sees they get proper medical attention if they fall ill or take a spill. For most of the boys, the GCC is a beacon of hope that distracts them from their harsh everyday lives.

    Related: ToxiCity: A Graveyard for Electronics... and People

    The results are truly remarkable. As one of GCC’s young cyclists, Pomba, puts it, “Our father Charlie, gives us the strength to see the future. I know that one day my life with my bike will change, one day all my dreams will come true.”

    Charlie has dreams of his own. He wants to expand his project and build a cycling centre with a school, a workshop, and a special training track away from Goma’s dangerous streets.

    But a menacing cloud hangs over his plans. Nyiragono is due for another eruption. A new vent has recently formed in the northeast edge of the crater. It’s just a matter of time.

    This prospect doesn’t seem to alarm Charlie unduly, however. When asked if this ominous threat could dash his hopes for the future, he answers:

    “We can’t control the volcano, but we can control the boys.... We should be sure to bring hope through cycling. We control what we can control. If you have to run, you run!”

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