• Well, here is a report of a shocking mass abduction of schoolgirls:


    Hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls taken in mass abduction

    Gunmen abducted 317 girls from a boarding school in northern Nigeria on Friday, police said, the latest in a series of mass kidnappings of students in the West African nation.

    Police and the military have begun joint operations to rescue the girls after the attack at the Government Girls Junior Secondary School in Jangebe town, according to a police spokesman in Zamfara state, Mohammed Shehu, who confirmed the number abducted.

    One parent, Nasiru Abdullahi, told The Associated Press that his daughters, aged 10 and 13, are among the missing.“It is disappointing that even though the military have a strong presence near the school they were unable to protect the girls,” he said. “At this stage, we are only hoping on divine intervention.”

  • https://www.breitbart.com/crim…rafficking-investigation/

    Thirty-seven suspects have been arrested in connection with a large scale child sex crimes and human trafficking operation, police in Phoenix, Arizona, said Friday. The Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler Police Departments partnered with Homeland Security and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for ‘Operation Broken Hearts,’ an undercover operation targeting sexual predators engaged in child sex crimes and human trafficking,” Fox 10 reported.

    More under the link.

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    Child Porn Uninvestigated: Senator Grassley & Anderson Cooper CNN

    52,000 employees bought child porn. Thousands of suspects univestigated

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    Operation Game Over:

    75 arrested in Super Bowl human trafficking sting, sheriff says

    Sheriff Chad Chronister announced Thursday 75 individuals were arrested during "Operation Game Over," describing it as a record-number of arrests. Among them, three men are facing human trafficking charges. Others were trying to exchange money for sex, he explained.

    "The sickening practice of human trafficking is a crime that is nothing less than modern-day slavery," Chronister said during the press conference. "We have not and will not relent in our efforts to stop the demand."

    The sheriff said, for the past two weeks, undercover detectives targeted hotels, motels, massage parlors, street solicitors, and online chat rooms. The youngest suspect was 19 years old, and the oldest was 73 years old.

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