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  • Dreams

    Sometimes there are questions that occupy my mind – not just once, but over a period of time. Like the one that asked lately, “how are things going to proceed, after the DS’ plan for lockdown #2 more or less seems to have failed?”

    The answer, then, mostly comes in a dream at night. A dream, that has no recognizable context and leads to a symbolic picture which is left over after waking up. The preceding “story line” has already vanished from the memory by then. So I have this picture, wondering what the message may be....

    Here is the picture, or maybe, the scene:

    Water, probably the sea. In my hands I am carrying a fish, a very dangerous fish with sharp teeth. You don’t want to be bitten by that one.... reminds me of those piranhas that live in the amazonas, but bigger. And this one obviously lives in the sea. So I am holding this fish with the intention to release it back into the water, but have to be careful not to get hurt. To prevent the fish from biting me, I reach into its mouth with my left hand and press the lower jaw down; then I can throw it safely into the water. Which I do.

    This is my interpretation of the dream:

    Well, it was in the midst of water, at least I can’T REMEMBER SEEING ANY LAND: and there was water in my mind, too, for my intentions were directed to releasing the fish into the water. Water, as we know, is the manifestation of the <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Undivided Principle of Life. It represents – as an element – the Divine and everything connected to it. The negation, i.e. the repression of the Divine finally leads to destruction and demise. Which brings us to the fish. As an inhabitant of water the fish represents all those of the Light who are serving the Divine.

    In other words: while the first lockdown was based on the lie, the second will be based on TRUTH. It will become real and it will strike all those who are losing their mask. (That’s the reason why they insist on the mask, so that people don’t see....) It’s the dangerous fish that is striking.

    In astrological terms, this is Mars/Neptun: Der Untergang, in dem das Verdrängte (i.e. the consequences of the denial of the Divine) Erscheinung wird.

  • No, I wasn't there personally, I only watched it through RT live stream and some other sources. But I hear the feelings were mixed....

    Here is a personal report from someone who attended the rally:

    "There were a lot of people, estimated 1+ million and everything was very peaceful. The organizers called upon the people to take everything calmly and quietly. But the mood in our small group was not as light, happy and colorful as at the first rally on August 1, but felt as if a shadow was cast over it. There was much more tension in it and it was more confusing. We noticed that none of the many people were there for fun or out of curiosity. Everyone was there for deeper reasons, felt the threat and how important it is to stand for peace and freedom now.

    There were police everywhere. One policeman told us that they were transported to Berlin from all over Germany, mostly young people. The event was disrupted from the beginning by government measures; for example, the rally was only approved shortly before it was due to start under strict conditions. Then again there was the rumor that it was finished.

    The people's march through the many streets was repeatedly obstructed by roadblocks set up by the police, so that the train had to stop, and the people who followed formed a traffic jam, which was then closed off again. That was used as a reason for the order of face masks, because the people were so close together. But hardly anyone put on a mask. There were simply too many people to control them and to record their personal data.

    Many who wanted to go to the main stage had to use side streets. We asked a policeman if the obstruction was ordered from "above". He just nodded. All in all, we had the impression that the police officers were reluctant to carry out this control and were well-disposed towards the demonstrators. The main stage was at the Victory Column and also many side stage events with music and many speakers.

    All in all it was a huge event in a wide area with barrier units. Unfortunately we could only get to the main stage late, quite a while after Robert Kennedy Jr. had spoken there.

    Allegedly there were also incidents where police officers became violent against demonstrators. We ourselves did not see this nor " the storming" of the Reichstag building.

    We met only one group dressed in black, about 10 very young people, mostly girls, but they kept quiet. We only witnessed a riot caused by a drunk man who was then segregated by the police. We met a man who was at the Reichstag and when he realized what was going on, he didn't want to have anything to do with it. He was pretty frustrated with "those idiots." And there were some other actions, kind of rallies happening at the same time.

    All in all, it was great, to have been there but somehow it's running out of steam. The Corona story is over, what now......

    There are so many reports, and videos in the media, so much disinformation, Its hard to take all these distortions, lies and agendas.

    In any case, infiltration of the rally happened to create division, more and more pressure; violence and restrictions were supposed to create more unrest and chaos. For example, late on Saturday evening a tent camp was violently closed down by the police, which was approved by the government. So the whole struggle goes on."

  • Were you there at the big rally?

    If so

    Can you tell us how you felt there?

    my first job....I AM a Serial stinging nettles fresh hugging 8| ....In the winter you will see me picking herbs in the kibbutz

    I invented a smoothie in honor of CM and his universe.....4 ripe bananas, a mJehol date and 2 or 3 cups fresh stinging nettles

    my second job.....This is my mission in the world and life....Trying to connect people to the real truth and light, for almost 40 years.....And it usually doesn't work, they don't want to connect with the real truth ,and make a real change


  • “The cabal plays the sheeple, while the divine (and agents) play the cabal” (aragon)

    After watching today’s “event” in Berlin mainly through RT livestream – only influenced by the cameraman’s position – I came to the conclusion, that this demonstration was a great success – for the Deep State.

    Their strategy was simple: destabilization and instilling of fear through a constantly alternating prohibition and permission beforehand, as well as during the demonstration itself, and the message was: only those who engage the services of “lawyers” are allowed to carry on.... This left most participants confused and diverted – a permanent level of frustration that can easily transform into additional anger. Since this was exactly what had been intended, the following actions (like “Storming the Reichstag”) were good opportunities for the henchmen of the Deep State to once again proceed with full force against those “Reichsbürger, Nazis and Antisemites”. The general lack of unity and concentrated energy, directed at a CLEAR vital common goal, became painfully evident for many. No more magic....

    ... which brings us to the most impressive Soul of the Event: his uncle is the (former) radiant hero John F. Kennedy, whose “magic” was legendary. So Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had his performance and made it particularly easy for the msm to ridicule him, while his broken voice symbolically is the physical manifestation of the inner quality of this event in Berlin. This is what he said (amongst other things):

    “When my uncle came here - that was in 1962 - he would have been shocked to see the struggle of that time for the survival of democracy, for the survival of human values between East and West. But today we have probably the worst struggle we have ever seen in the history of mankind. Governments love (the) pandemic, and authoritarian elements in society love pandemic because it gives them the ability to use fear, to use terror, to exercise totalitarian control over society, to force obedience to the people of society. And this is something that we are seeing for the first time now all over the world, and this is something of which I believed as a child that it could happen hundreds of years in the future, but it is happening now, and it is up to our generation to rise up and stop it. I am so glad that so many of you are here today, and I hope that tomorrow we will have a really large number of people here. Thank you.”


    Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020


    Robert F. Kennedy Junior Berlin 29.08.2020 [ganze Rede]!!!


  • Klopapier & Münzen

    The dark must have been very proud of their great achievement to make people worldwide think of toilet paper first, at the sight of possible extinction. So this is the remarkable start-up that demonstrates the quality and final result of their brain washing and mind control as a symbol in a nutshell. Toilet paper. Many essays and graduation papers will be written about this phaenomenon......

    When faced with the prospect of extinction through a pestilence, people on earth reacted by buying and storing HUGE amounts of toilet paper. Many observers from outer worlds, who witnessed the opening sequence of the last act, expressed their great astonishment. One of them said: “I really didn’t expect this! A true master piece of our arch enemy, who one more time – and most expressively – openly revealed the depth of their stupidity.” Many had a good laugh.

    The following masks, however, were not funny anymore. They were only stupid.

    Which brings us to the coins. People on earth love money. So if you want to catch their attention, it is always good to have some coins in your pocket. Like this:

    Weißt du, das ist wie mit den zwei Seiten einer Münze. Alles hat doch zwei Seiten, besteht aus Gegensätzen: hoch – tief, hell – dunkel, oben – unten, gut – böse usw. Jetzt schau dir diese Münze hier an, zwei Seiten. Stell dir vor, die eine Seite, das ist unsere Welt. Dunkel. Gefängnis. Kontrolle. Ausbeutung.

    Die andere Seite der Münze repräsentiert das genaue Gegenteil: wo Eingesperrtsein und Kontrolle war, da ist jetzt Freiheit; wo Bösartigkeit und Haß war, da ist jetzt Liebe, und wo Tod war, da ist Leben. Denn wo früher keine Zeit war, da ist jetzt Zeit, und dort wollen wir hin, wo das Leben ist. Aber natürlich können wir nicht einfach von der einen Seite der Münze runterspringen und auf der anderen landen. Das funktioniert aus nachvollziebaren Gründen nicht. ES SEI DENN, jemand dreht zu einem günstigen Zeitpunkt die Münze um und sorgt dann für eine sichere Landung. Und genau das ist es, was gerade passiert: Wir sind schon gesprungen und erleben jetzt den Übergangsprozess. Der Moment, an dem die Münze umgedreht wird, steht kurz bevor.


    You know, it's like the two sides of a coin. Everything has its two sides, consists of opposites: high - deep, light - dark, top - bottom, good - evil, etc. Now look at this coin here, two sides. Imagine one side, that is our world. Dark. Prison. Control. Exploitation.

    The other side of the coin represents the exact opposite: where there was imprisonment and control, there is now freedom; where there was evil and hate, there is now love; and where there was death, there is life. That's where we want to go: where LIFE is. But of course we can't just jump off one side of the coin and land on the other. That doesn't work for understandable reasons. UNLESS someone turns the coin over at the appropriate moment and then makes sure we land safely. And that is exactly what is happening right now: We have already jumped, and now we're experiencing the transition process. The moment when the coin flips over is just around the corner.

  • In my understanding, the words "time line" describe nothing but a progressive period of time under certain environmental conditions that form a "reality". When these conditions change significantly (frequencies...), the old timeline has ended and a new timeline begins. Which has nothing to do with time as such. Right now, we are around the middle of the end of the old time line, I guess. Some dates point to the beginning of the new.

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