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    Part 6 Summary

    This finite cycle of reincarnation extends over 80 to 100 lives, which, with the intervals between lives, span a period of 8,000 to 10,000 years. What is 10,000 years of waiting for the Divine Trinity and the Thought Adjuster if it causes almost all souls to develop a longing to survive and come to a decision for the ascension plan?

    My insight from this: An incarnated soul can only decide on an eternal cosmic divine career from the end of the mature cycle; I personally know people with Mature 3, Mature 4, Mature 6, Old 2, Old 3, Old 4 and Old 6 who have made and expressed this decision for themselves. People with souls before Mature 3 do not understand this topic. For example, people studying The Urantia Book are at least mature or old souls. Hence, my opinion is that there is limited reincarnation on Urantia until a soul has chosen the eternal cosmic-divine career. And that's certainly what most souls in the Old Soul Cycle will do. The same Thought Adjuster is always present, storing all experiences and the maturation of the soul. The personality of the soul matures during lives on Urantia and the experiences of the previous life are carried into the next life, but the identity with a previous life is discarded. After the soul's decision, it will continue the next life on the mansion worlds. Nor will many souls be lost through this limited reincarnation, as some Urantia readers fear. Memories of past lives are only possible from maturity 6 and often occur with old souls.

    In addition, a person can decide for an eternal career, even if he knows it, because there have been times since the rebellion and the failure of Adam and Eve when this knowledge was not available and a limited reincarnation also bridges such times without appropriate teachings or teachers. Anyone who deals more closely with the above-mentioned book and can think in a reflective manner will be able to check this with themselves and with relatives. This book "Young Souls - Old Souls" was only published in 2016, so it is an even newer soul teaching. And the Urantia Book has been around since 1955. If one were to relate the soul cycles to the 7 psychic circles in the Urantia Book, which describe personality development and maturation, I believe that this cannot be accomplished in a single lifetime. Urantia offers not only sickness and suffering, but also interesting and joyful aspects and many different opportunities to learn and to have certain experiences that I do not think would be possible in a single lifetime.

    The personality bestowed by the Universal Father is not fully mature and perfect until Finaliter, and all possible incarnations and existences that a soul passes through to Finalist status contribute to this maturation and eventual perfection. And that includes the limited number of lives on Urantia.

    Part 5 The Old Soul

    The main goal of this cycle is "authenticity, loneliness and farewell"

    The 7 levels of the Old Soul are:

    Old 1 – Act against the prevailing morality out of inner conviction”

    Old 2 – Give yourself sincere admiration and forgo the admiration of others

    Old 3 – Combine a precise introspection with an active external impact

    Old 4 – Combining the good of the community with your own good

    Old 5 - Unflinchingly follow a path without knowing the destination

    Old 6 – Working through being and renouncing doing

    Old 7 - Receiving without giving and giving without receiving

    An old incarnated soul has now become very sensitive and permeable. She has incorporated her spirituality into everyday life. She lives her own authenticity, doesn't think much of following rules anymore, doesn't care about the opinions of others anymore, which is why she often lives a secluded life. She prefers to be with mature or old souls; she avoids the hustle and bustle of the young soul's career. She knows quick solutions to problems in the world and also wants problems to be solved quickly. Many Old Souls end their working lives prematurely because they have health problems many years before retirement age. Pain and suffering are part of life for an Old Soul, who knows that pain and suffering are inevitable in a world like this. Up to level Old 3 the last karmic entanglements are solved. They are happy to pass on their many experiences and wisdom. Old souls are now almost permanently connected to the spiritual worlds or higher realities, the longing for the divine is overpowering. She can now love many people selflessly, as well as recognize the beauty of creation, she loves nature and the starry sky.

    Summary in Part 6

    Part 4 The Mature Soul

    The main goal of this cycle is “Accountability, Awareness and Introspection”

    The 7 stages of the mature soul are:

    Mature 1 – development task to experience freedom in dependency

    Mature 2 – development task Forgiving others and oneself wrong

    Mature 3 – Development Task Serve faithfully to a bad master

    Mature 4 – development task Forgoing essentials for love

    Mature 5 – Development task Entrust fate and life to others

    Mature 6 – Development task Abolish the separation of guilt and innocence

    Mature 7 – Development task Recognizing the possibilities and limits of wanting.

    Most karmic entanglements from the late child cycle and young soul cycle are resolved in this cycle. Dealing with problems in various areas (such as the environment, politics, family, health, relationships) has a high priority for the mature soul. That's why she does a lot of voluntary work or she is very interested in psychology, especially in researching her own psyche, which can take a lot of time. However, she is not yet interested in a quick solution to the problem. At level 5, experience is gained with the topic of community, or different groupings are tried out. From the level of maturity 6, such an incarnated soul comes into contact with supermaterial, cosmic or spiritual planes as well as with the Thought Adjuster as an actual inner perception, but these are only of short duration. She also tries different meditation techniques and discovers her spirituality and she explores different spiritual scriptures from here, which continues in the Old Soul Cycle. After level 7, the soul changes into the incarnation cycle of the Old soul.

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    Part 3 The Young Soul

    The main goal of this cycle is "strength, power and conquest"

    The 7 stages of the young soul are:

    Young 1 – development task I and body are identical

    Young 2 – development task I design my world as I like it

    Young 3 – development task Friends become enemies, enemies become friends

    Young 4 – development task Renunciation of revenge creates justice

    Young 5 – development task I take my life into my own hands

    Young 6 – development task My behavior creates meaning in life

    Young 7 – development task I bear responsibility

    In this cycle of incarnation, such a person would like to exercise power over other people, they will live out all facets of matter, they will conquer other countries. As a result, such a soul entangles itself even more karmically with other souls. The young soul feels invincible and believes that materially she can handle everything on her own. A successful career is their top priority. She wants nothing to do with suffering and pain. Establishing rules, observing the control of those rules, and punishing for non-compliance characterize the young soul. Likewise, an emphasis on body awareness such as fashion, cosmetics, fitness sport, cosmetic surgery, jewelry, but also possessions and fame make such a soul. She is afraid of aging, physical decline, poverty, unknown. A reflective introspection is not yet possible in this cycle either. From the age of 6, people start looking for a meaning in life, which is usually to be manifested by founding foundations. After the Jung 7 stage, the soul changes into the incarnation cycle of the mature soul.

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    Part 2 The Child Soul

    The main goal of this cycle is "joie de vivre and world exploration".

    The 7 stages of the child soul are:

    Child 1 – development task Unnecessary is necessary,

    Child 2 – development task joy in life,

    Child 3 – development task hate or love,

    Child 4 – Development task Learning from observation,

    Child 5 – Development task Belonging is valuable,

    Child 6 – development task The gods are like me (here the early gods of the earth are meant, in no way cosmic beings),

    Child 7 – development task testing willpower

    The child soul is very playful in nature, she has a cheerful and naive charisma. She is now discovering that she can make simple things herself. In professional life, I quote from page 132: "She longs for a benevolent parent figure who acts as a supervisor and gives directions that can be obediently followed." Such a person is often terrified of animals, fire or ghosts. Therefore, she likes to use magical protection or defensive spells or carries protective amulets with her. A psychic inner life does not exist in this cycle, everything is aimed at discovering the outside world. Only in the late child cycle does something like a conscience develop and only from here do karmic entanglements with other people arise. After the Child 7 stage, the soul changes into the incarnation cycle of the young soul.

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    Part 1 The Infant Soul

    The incarnation finite cycle of a soul on earth runs over 5 cycles, each with 7 stages. It begins with the cycle of the infant soul and the main goal of this cycle is "First steps into being human, discovery of the body".

    The 7 stages of the infant soul are:

    Infant 1 – development task Everything is new,

    Infant 2 – development task Others are different,

    Infant 3 – development task friend or foe,

    Infant 4 – development task change over time,

    Infant 5 – development task language and gestures,

    Infant 6 – Development Task Believe that everything is alive,

    Infant 7 – exercise dominance development task

    In the book "Young Souls - Old Souls" by Varda Hasselmann/ Frank Schmolke, stage 1 of the infant soul (which has its first life on Urantia) is described as follows: It says, among other things, I quote from page 58: "Fragmentation, separation, Individuality and a newly experienced biological-genetic identity are what the path of incarnation required. But for the infant soul, this newness is merely a confusing, threatening and disturbing incomprehensibility, since it has no mental categories at its disposal to mentally comprehend or even understand what it felt and experienced like a nightmare.” End of quote. This means that the infant soul does not even have the mental abilities to comprehend the physical environment. From this it is clear that a writing like the Urantia Book cannot be grasped spiritually. An infant soul in its first life on Urantia is concerned with sheer physical survival, exploring the workings of the physical body, perceiving hell and darkness, hunger and thirst, sleeping and waking. The superstition described in the UB and the fear of ghosts are located in the cycle of the infant and child soul, so they are only temporary phases in the soul development. It is also written in the above-mentioned book about the infant soul, I quote from page 98: "In your eyes, the psychological maturity of such a person remains very modest." The innocence we have just spoken of is characterized by the fact that a distance to oneself is not established and thus a responsibility for one's own concerns, deeds, wishes, Drives and needs cannot be taken over. But you understand psychological maturity to mean that someone can stand up for themselves and be able to take responsibility for themselves and others. This is given to the infant soul neither mentally nor psychologically. She is unable to look at herself from the outside or see others as fellow human beings whose needs she could freely and empathetically attend to. She sees that others are different, and realizes that others want something different; But why this is so and what purpose it is supposed to serve remains a mystery to her.” End of quote.

    2 to 4 lives are lived to reach each level. After the infant 7 stage, the soul changes into the incarnation cycle of the child soul. Such a soul stays on the astral plane between incarnations.

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    And I also really like this music.

    space ambient mix 40

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    this spherical music vibrates as if it comes from the high worlds.

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    this music as well, which immediately connects me to the higher worlds.

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    for me wonderful, spherical music that reminds me of the higher worlds:

    space ambient mix 27.

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    "The astral realm is where souls recuperate between incarnations. At the time of the Lucifer rebellion, the planetary prince, Caligastia, would not let any souls leave this planet for a couple hundred thousand years - they could not advance to the mansion worlds which circle the planet Jerusem,..."

    After its failure, why wasn't Caligastia removed from Earth like the other rebellious beings?

    At the time of the Lucifer rebellion, the planetary prince, Caligastia, would not let any souls leave this planet for a couple hundred thousand years - they could not advance to the mansion worlds which circle the planet Jerusem, so teachers came to the astral realms instead, to guide them between lives.

    from what world according to the Urantia Book did these teachers come? Or what were those beings?

    Even if Urantia is an imperfect world, it still has to be balanced according to its potential in order to develop further, but it is not balanced, it is already poisoned to a large extent, many people are exploited and made into consumers and that Mass of people is dwindling more and more and the greatest extinction of species has been taking place since there were people on urantia. Urantia is considered a life experimentation planet ”, but experiments are predominantly negative. In my opinion, the dark forces want to take over this planet or already have it. The light forces would have to change something fundamental ...

    Can souls leave Urantia despite spiritual quarantine and switch to the world of residence?

    It doesn't seem so to me when I look at the rapidly growing overpopulation.

    The problem as a descending being is that with every incarnation you first find yourself with an amnesia in an infant body with an ignorant brain. For me, the memory was gradually unlocked, but I had had out-of-body experiences, forebodings, was able to perceive the processes of previous residents in houses and found lost objects from other people.

    At around 25, I discovered white-golden light inside me, which I used to ward off dark astral beings or demonic forces and to protect myself.

    Then I experienced a kind of activation after meditation; I found myself in another dimension and a being of light let white-golden light flow into the heart area, into the eyes, ears and hands and telepathically said "from now on you will hear and see directly".

    A few years later, something like cosmic doctors visited me, also on another dimension. One reached into my brain with a subtle hand and stopped the stream of thoughts for a few minutes and another made new connections of the neurons. This enabled me to remember nightly activities in other dimensions or other places in the universe in even greater detail.

    A few years later I had a spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini and this brought to mind the memory of the rebellion and the breaking up of my Seraphim community from my subconscious. That was a difficult time for my physical body and my human existence, as the Kundalini raced through the body like fire and pressed so hard from the inside that I sometimes felt as if the physical body was going to break apart. However, the Kundalini cleaned my soul of her traumas and when she finally made it through the heart chakra, it became cool, refreshing white light that spread throughout the physical body and also activated the pineal gland. I therefore call the Kundalini a "souls fever" and fever is very cleansing for the body as long as it does not become too dangerous.

    Complement to the ascending souls: these can

    begin their incarnations on other evolutionary planets, then switch to the training worlds, complete the ascent to paradise, and then incarnate on an evolutionary planet with a special mission

    Hello Kan Daek,

    thank you for your openness. Since you / your soul can already look back on a gigantic career. I checked again with the powerful ambassadors; my first intuition at the time was correct that some of the “higher” beings are incarnated here. I myself am a morontial transition promoter / technician from the origin and was embodied in various dimensions and on many evolutionary planets before I came to earth. My seraphim community was destroyed by rebellion and some seraphim were involuntarily pulled to earth. I volunteered to incarnate here to get some of them back. Saying goodbye to the rest of my Seraphim community was the loneliest moment I can remember. I have been incarnated on earth for several thousand years, I can remember over 30 incarnations and also that I have met some Seraphim and made them aware of their spiritual origin and that they can go back again.

    How did you find out for yourself with the mighty messenger?

    KD reply.. from my Higher self and CM. but I had a inner feeling maybe I was before then and probably asked.