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    "The astral realm is where souls recuperate between incarnations. At the time of the Lucifer rebellion, the planetary prince, Caligastia, would not let any souls leave this planet for a couple hundred thousand years - they could not advance to the mansion worlds which circle the planet Jerusem,..."

    After its failure, why wasn't Caligastia removed from Earth like the other rebellious beings?

    At the time of the Lucifer rebellion, the planetary prince, Caligastia, would not let any souls leave this planet for a couple hundred thousand years - they could not advance to the mansion worlds which circle the planet Jerusem, so teachers came to the astral realms instead, to guide them between lives.

    from what world according to the Urantia Book did these teachers come? Or what were those beings?

    Even if Urantia is an imperfect world, it still has to be balanced according to its potential in order to develop further, but it is not balanced, it is already poisoned to a large extent, many people are exploited and made into consumers and that Mass of people is dwindling more and more and the greatest extinction of species has been taking place since there were people on urantia. Urantia is considered a life experimentation planet ”, but experiments are predominantly negative. In my opinion, the dark forces want to take over this planet or already have it. The light forces would have to change something fundamental ...

    Can souls leave Urantia despite spiritual quarantine and switch to the world of residence?

    It doesn't seem so to me when I look at the rapidly growing overpopulation.

    The problem as a descending being is that with every incarnation you first find yourself with an amnesia in an infant body with an ignorant brain. For me, the memory was gradually unlocked, but I had had out-of-body experiences, forebodings, was able to perceive the processes of previous residents in houses and found lost objects from other people.

    At around 25, I discovered white-golden light inside me, which I used to ward off dark astral beings or demonic forces and to protect myself.

    Then I experienced a kind of activation after meditation; I found myself in another dimension and a being of light let white-golden light flow into the heart area, into the eyes, ears and hands and telepathically said "from now on you will hear and see directly".

    A few years later, something like cosmic doctors visited me, also on another dimension. One reached into my brain with a subtle hand and stopped the stream of thoughts for a few minutes and another made new connections of the neurons. This enabled me to remember nightly activities in other dimensions or other places in the universe in even greater detail.

    A few years later I had a spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini and this brought to mind the memory of the rebellion and the breaking up of my Seraphim community from my subconscious. That was a difficult time for my physical body and my human existence, as the Kundalini raced through the body like fire and pressed so hard from the inside that I sometimes felt as if the physical body was going to break apart. However, the Kundalini cleaned my soul of her traumas and when she finally made it through the heart chakra, it became cool, refreshing white light that spread throughout the physical body and also activated the pineal gland. I therefore call the Kundalini a "souls fever" and fever is very cleansing for the body as long as it does not become too dangerous.

    Complement to the ascending souls: these can

    begin their incarnations on other evolutionary planets, then switch to the training worlds, complete the ascent to paradise, and then incarnate on an evolutionary planet with a special mission

    Hello Kan Daek,

    thank you for your openness. Since you / your soul can already look back on a gigantic career. I checked again with the powerful ambassadors; my first intuition at the time was correct that some of the “higher” beings are incarnated here. I myself am a morontial transition promoter / technician from the origin and was embodied in various dimensions and on many evolutionary planets before I came to earth. My seraphim community was destroyed by rebellion and some seraphim were involuntarily pulled to earth. I volunteered to incarnate here to get some of them back. Saying goodbye to the rest of my Seraphim community was the loneliest moment I can remember. I have been incarnated on earth for several thousand years, I can remember over 30 incarnations and also that I have met some Seraphim and made them aware of their spiritual origin and that they can go back again.

    How did you find out for yourself with the mighty messenger?

    KD reply.. from my Higher self and CM. but I had a inner feeling maybe I was before then and probably asked.

    The descending souls can:

    • incarnate gradually from their original dimension to less and less vibrating worlds down to earth
    • Incarnate gradually from their original dimension to less and less vibrating worlds down to Earth and then incarnate on other evolutionary planets
    • Incarnate gradually from their original dimension to less and less vibrating worlds down to other evolutionary planets and then incarnate on Earth
    • incarnate from their original dimension directly to evolutionary planets including Earth and have few incarnations on this planet
    • from its original dimension incarnate directly on evolutionary planets including Earth, but have many incarnations on these planets
    • incarnated souls caused by cosmic rebellions; here I differentiate between those who voluntarily joined or instigated a rebellion and those who were involuntarily drawn to an evolutionary planet by a rebellion because the rebellion destroyed either their sphere or their seraphim community
    • consequently there are descending souls who incarnate here to bring back the latter souls and also those who are rebellious either
    • stuck in a dark world or
    • stuck in the dark astral plane of the earth

    I have been researching the various types of soul for many years and have come to the following conclusions:

    I differentiate between ascending and descending souls.

    The rising souls can:

    • begin their incarnations on earth and then switch to the residence worlds / training worlds
    • begin their incarnations on earth, then experience further incarnations on other evolutionary planets and then switch to the residence worlds / training worlds
    • begin their incarnations on other evolutionary planets and then switch to the residence worlds / training worlds
    • begin their incarnations on other evolutionary planets, then experience some incarnations on Earth and then switch to the residence worlds / training worlds
    • there are souls that incarnate on earth because they have lost their home planet
    • and there are souls for whom the earth is a punitive measure

    if you are originally from Havona paradise island, why did you incarnate here?

    I ask because I have been researching for several years why souls from higher, spiritual dimensions are incarnating on evolutionary planets, i.e. what are the different motivations for this. My question relates to the contribution information circuits.

    More memories of a seraphim

    • The Seraphim homes are bright, large, wide, open spaces with a direct transition to beautiful, lush gardens with lakes and fountains. There is either peace or quiet nature noises or subtle spherical music. The rooms are high, have no doors and some areas have no roof. They are separated by columns, half walls and transparent, pastel-colored fabrics. The shapes are all round, there is nothing edgy. Golden round, curved, flower-like patterns decorate the columns and walls. Everything emits soft, bright light and changes color if desired. There is no such thing as day and night there, it is always bright. There are also no natural disasters and no autumn or winter.

    • When the Seraphim return from their service, they rest only for a short time. They can take some kind of light drink to recharge their energy or they can exchange energy with their partner until their full level is reached again.

    • There are various meetings with other Seraphim. On the one hand they meet to exchange ideas and recharge their energy, on the other hand there are meetings where the latest universe events are communicated; these take place in a kind of amphitheater and each participant is registered with a number. The exchange meetings take place in a gigantic, large, domed building made of a kind of white crystal. There is a large structure in the middle like a multi-day well, in which permanently bright, semi-fluid light flows, which provides all Seraphim with its own Seraphim essence. Its shimmer shimmers and shines differently and alternates between alabaster, gold, mother-of-pearl and white. The dome building has windows all around on the walls, which make it possible to look into other worlds. If Seraphim based on evolutionary planets participate in these meetings, they must first go to the cleaning zone and submit their latest information for storage.

    • I remembered that I was involved in the creation of an ocean. Furthermore, I have memories of where standing desks stood on a huge field and where I designed butterflies with some other Seraphim on these standing desks, each unique and beautiful. After they were finished, our touch gave them an impulse and brought them to life.

    • Only Seraphim have access to the Seraphim sphere and if the Seraphim stationed on evolutionary planets desire this access, this is only possible if they can show a suitable identification symbol that matches that at the entrance gate.

    • The seraphim sphere is shielded by a force field, which fends off beings without access authorization.

    From my numerous nightly trips to other worlds, I have gained the following insights:

    • I perceived all spheres and worlds that I have visited or that I can remember as a material-energetic mixture; I often do the knock test, it is always very real and solid, but if I can reach into the wall, it is a sign of a finer vibrating world

    It is possible to visit any physical place through such trips, e.g. the neighboring apartment or a garden or a church

    • The closest astral plane to the planet is for souls who have not yet registered that they no longer have a physical body

    • right next to it there are the dark astral planes, in which souls, often involuntarily, are held by dark forces; this usually happens through illusions or magical magic

    • In many of my nightly activities, I have helped souls out of the dark astral planes or made them aware that they no longer have a planetary body

    • To ward off dark forces and protect myself, I use the white-golden light that flows from my hands; sometimes it is a soft, fine glow, sometimes it is a mixture of light and liquid, sometimes it is glittering fine powder, sometimes it is glittering particles. So it changes between these states

    • With the white-golden light I repaired the greatest damage to souls, caused by the dark forces, because some had too little energy for the transition to higher worlds

    • A little further away are the astral planes for the souls that reincarnate on an evolutionary planet

    • Then comes a level for the souls that no longer reincarnate on a planet; many souls leave an evolutionary planet in groups to continue on a higher world; the so-called astral planes end here

    • This is where the training worlds begin; in the first time only souls from the same planet come together, only later do they have contact with souls from other planets

    • If souls have been severely traumatized, they first come to the halls of regeneration, where they can experience healing

    • It is a little different with the descending beings (here I am reporting on the Seraphim because I know about them); these come back to their sphere of origin, but first they have to go to a tribunal where they are examined and then they have to go to a cleaning zone in which everything evolutionary is cleaned out without any benefit. This is done with the help of a semi-material-energetic apparatus that is attached to the back of the being. She stays there for a while and makes a copy of all planetary experiences, which is stored in a kind of gigantic computer. At the end of the cleaning process, the equipment is removed and then recycled.

    • I also saw huge halls with endless laboratories in which the prototypes for evolutionary planets were designed. They have been exposed to different light for a long time, according to the sun that will shine on their future world

    • I have seen evolutionary planets that are much more problematic than Earth. I saw a planet without any vegetation, the inhabitants live in narrow, dark dwellings, it is almost always dark, the inhabitants are forced into a shape and are not allowed to show their true shape. On another planet, the inhabitants live below the surface and spend their lifetime in laboratories. Another planet with eternal winter had two different species: white, nimble, small beings and colorful, larger beings. The white ones caught the colored ones to reproduce with their biomass. The colored people lived in a kind of community, could fly and learned to defend themselves against the whites. Then I saw a pastel-colored planet on which there were only smooth, pastel-colored, gentle hills. The beings there were bipeds with bare heads on which a dark silver grid was visible. They had nothing to do there, neither food procurement, knowledge transfer, any activities or rediscovery. That should make the beings there want to do something again, want to participate in something, want to learn new things.

    • I have also seen bright worlds, e.g. a world that consisted of a brilliantly shining blue light ocean, a mixture of light and liquid, but water like this was not. There was also little land there and that was a mixture of brilliant yellow light and creamy sand and everything had a gigantic amount of UV light, which I even smell, taste and on with my current earthly body during my stay there Could feel skin

    • Furthermore, I was in a world that was about vibrations, sounds, tones and music of all kinds
    • Among the angelic orders there are those who can manifest a kind of wing if necessary and they do that when they are dealing with ascending souls who came into contact with angels on their planet through their religion, like it did is the case here on Earth. On the other hand, the wings represent a kind of status in order to be able to pass portals into other worlds. They are also there to embrace souls and to transport them to other worlds. These structures appear differently depending on the nature of the sphere. Sometimes they are made of light, sometimes they are thinly transparent, sometimes they are metallic and filigree, but in no way are they like animal bird feathers. On a chaotic, bizarre planet, you needed a currency to buy goods for your own existence. You had to arouse a buyer's interest with something of your own to get that currency. Here I manifested a structure from my back, from which I removed several feather-shaped individual parts. These consisted of a shiny, metallic, vibrating material and they were able to reproduce themselves. With such a “feather” I was able to switch off noise around me and eliminate illnesses and thus get the currency. During the use of such a feather, it gave a gentle whir.

    • When souls have left their evolutionary home planet and have arrived in the training worlds, I will show them how they can find their way better there. For example, I show the newly arrived souls how to deal with lighter gravity. You can easily push yourself off the ground and then float up a building. Or you learn to walk in the air by using the force field that is above the ground. You feel the force field with one leg (it is invisible), enter it with one or two steps upwards and then you can either dance or slide on it. The force field feels like elastic gel and gives way slightly. If you have sunk too far to the ground, you go up two steps again. You can also enter the force field from an elevation by looking for it with your foot.
    • Furthermore, walls, doors or windows of the existing buildings give way when you touch them with your spirit and an outstretched hand; so you get through. And one thought is enough and the condition is again like before crossing.
    • You can also learn to hover or fly quickly. For this I first take the person willing to learn by the hand and we run down a mountain and then take off. I let go at the right time. You can also just focus on the ground and imagine how it sinks down and you start to float. For fast flying, a large increase is very helpful as a start. Fast flying is achieved purely through the spiritual will. Sometimes groups of souls have to change locations within a world. Then I make a suitable transport device for it and in most cases we take the route by air. In terms of function, I'm not just an energy being, I also use a lot of technology.

    Dear forum members,

    From my experience, the Urantia book describes the creation and the ascension plan for beings of various orders in the most detailed and extremely complex way.

    However, when it comes to reincarnation, I believe that this exists very well, in contrast to the thesis presented in the book that people have their first life and only one. Because then all humans would be infant souls level 1 first incarnation and that is definitely not the case. Such souls would neither read nor understand a work like the Urantia book, this is only possible with mature, old souls or descended souls.

    A lot of people now remember their past lives. There are also some books on hypnosis sessions in which people have been led back to past lives, e.g. Michael Newton's books or Ian Stevenson's research, who reviewed the memories of young children. I would also like to mention the book by V. Hasselmann / F. Schmolke “young souls old souls” about the age of the soul, since it is very easy to check. From my experience, this also makes sense, because I believe that most people cannot opt for such a gigantic universe career in just one life. In my opinion. only possible when there is nothing left to learn on this planet, there is no longer any incentive to be here.

    The next topic is that of descending beings. (I am now referring to a comment by Kan Daek in an announcement dated February 1, 2008 entitled "Jupiter and the Complete Legacy". Unfortunately, incarnated angels are only mentioned in passing in connection with Dolores Cannon.)

    For this I have the attitude that not only the Paradise Sons and the Judge Sons incarnate on physical planets, but also from the other orders mentioned, such as the seraphim. This very order of nature has a high affinity for humans and wanted and wants to have experiences on physical planets in a finite body in order to better understand the finite creatures and to better support them in their ascension. In my personal environment I know four people who are incarnated angels. I myself found my origin in the Urantia book and it is in the higher spheres, as my numerous out of body experiences show, and before I read the Urantia book.

    Before reading the Urantia book, I often said to my friends that this world is imperfect because there is decay, disease, death, violence and beings that eat each other and that I would create a world in which beings no illnesses and no death would have to take place, but a higher level of consciousness could be experienced by changing the shape and that there would be no violence and no injustice and therefore no judicial system would be necessary; I found that again in the description of the Paradise-Havona system of the central divine universe in the Urantia book.

    I have been traveling to the astral / morontia worlds for over 40 years and could remember over 460 of them and wrote them down.

    The following experiences through out of body experiences correspond with some of the descriptions that are described in the Urantia book before I read them in the Urantia book:

    • Several meetings with others, several hundred angels in a kind of amphitheater, where a speaker announced the latest news from various areas of the universes, which are very important for the angels

    • At these angel meetings, a kind of gigantic, multi-level fountain is always active, from which white-golden light flows and is distributed, so that all angels present are nourished and strengthened

    • Participation in a meeting of the "Council of the Earth", where the future of the earth was discussed

    • My job as a transport angel for ascending souls from one sphere to another

    • My activities in the morontial (= astral spheres), which help the ascending souls to find their way in these spheres

    • Several visits to a cosmic university where knowledge of different evolutionary planets was imparted

    • Several visits to an angel school with the beginning of an education for a higher angel status

    • Visit to huge halls with gigantic laboratories in which the prototypes were created by beings for physical planets

    • In one of my out of body experiences I noticed that a soul had a code or registration number with it and this coincides with the description in the Urantia book that every being is registered in the universe administration or in the archives

    In my opinion, the Urantia book is not up to date with regard to reincarnation and descending beings, although it otherwise describes the development of the soul and the various dimensions in a very comprehensive manner.

    If a current version is planned, I could provide my information about the morontia spheres.

    Do you have any updated information about descending, incarnated seraphim and reincarnation?

    many Greetings