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    Well, not sure if rejected. It was the second bird we found at that spot. The first one was dead from the fall. We could not find the nest. I suspect a cuckoo baby threw them out. Anyway, doesnt seem to be anything wrong with it so far… amazing to experience this new life while the world burns …

    Thank you for your thoughts dear friends. I have a heart / mind dilemma at the moment- only a small example. We found a tiny baby bird, hardly any feathers, still blind, on the pathway. We have pit it on a hot water bottle, we have tried to find worms for it, to no avail. We would have to travel quite a way to find the right food and then feed it every hour, but we have so many things to do here eithin a limited time. The heart says yes but the mind says that nature should take its course without us ….

    Thank you all for your corrections. As for your concern about the sentence below, dear Opolo, HEART is correct. I think Seraphin means it in the sense that it is easy to manipulate people's emotions so that they feel more compassion and donate more money, for example, as in charities etc. People are actually trained in how to make people feel guilty. I talked to a young person at length about this - he was lobbying on the streets and had done a course on how to approach people and persuade them to give money...

    Edited to say that of course there are ways to manipulate the mind ... all of which has happened ....

    Rosie, could you please re-check this sentence?:

    "The HEART can easily be manipulated by " dark forces".... I think the rigth word would be the MIND 🌷

    Seraphin Message 562:


    Through Rosie, 16th April 2024

    Dear Inhabitants of Earth: those who have done some sort of work on themselves, which involves considerable self-reflection and reframing, including seeing everything you see as a reflection of yourself, will be tested to a slightly lesser degree in the incoming chaos because they will be able to centre themselves and because they will be able to see everything from a more distant and philosophical point of view.

    It is all the more difficult to hold your ground in difficult circumstances, and this is what so many of our CHOSEN ONES (which is YOU READING THIS) are going through right now, faced with opposition” of all kinds. It has often been said that the “winds of change” are best weathered by becoming like a blade of grass which bends before the wind. While this is a useful metaphor for staying centred, the coming situation also requires action on a level you have not previously experienced.

    In many cases you will be witnessing people who cannot cope and who are in extreme emotional distress, and it will be your challenge to respond FROM THE HEART and to find it in yourself to help those whom you may have previously despised or ridiculed or looked down upon for their choices so far. But this should not be your focus. While positive criticism has its place, it should not override compassion.

    The “heart of the matter” is indeed THE HEART. And it is because the heart has been neglected as a parameter in so many actions (war and destruction to mention the worst) that the situation is escalating before your very eyes.

    Where is your sympathy for your “fellow man” and “fellow women”, beloveds?

    And if you proclaim you are not fighting against “civilians”, then who are you fighting against? All people are also civilians, in fact, it is impossible to separate this for example into the civilians and the government, or the civilians and the army, for they are intertwined and all affect each other, sometimes also supporting each other. To say you are not affecting civilians by sending off missiles to “strategic points” is very naive, because that negative energy will spread, because military who are killed have families, because industrial centres and their personnel provide for families, etc etc.

    So, what is the task of the mind, if the heart is so important? The heart can easily be manipulated by “dark forces”, and so it requires protection in the form of critical appraisal and rational assessment. You may think that this is something we have often repeated, yet we cannot stress enough the ACUTE NATURE OF YOUR TIMES AND THE VERY REAL CHALLENGES YOU WILL BE FACING. This is merely a reminder of what your focus should be on, and how you can best come out of all this smiling. For us, this is so obvious, but watching you inhabitants of earth and how you conduct your relationships and your lives, it looks like most of you have actually LOST YOUR MINDS.

    We salute all those who are presently taking up the “spiritual sword” and who are forming part of the “spiritual army” as opposed to the military factions which presently still dominate your earth, but which are destined to fall. Seraphin.

    North Korean defector's view of North Korea, China and the USA

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    To my mom, Jennifer. Knowing her, she would say bullshit to me if I called her an angle, but she is. For all she has put up with and continues to live through and deal with. she deserves the longest and most relaxing vacation there is and a body that doesn't hurt her. I'd say all our tolerances for stress and gotten better, as much as that's sad. A lot of times, which is most times now, I don't care about myself. May bitch and cry but I care about my mom more. I wish there was more I could do. Take some of it off her shoulders. Because she isn't just my mom, she is a sister and my best friend and I am oh so very grateful to have her as my mother in this lifetime. Even if this life, for all of us, has been rough and at times ugly. I wouldn't change it. I'm glad I picked this life.

    I love you to bits, mom. What you deserve is coming soon!!

    How wonderful that we have two of your family here! And your love is so strong.WHat a tribute! Love to you both

    New song and video called CELEBRATION, in anticipation of us all celebrating together, love Rosie

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    I have been without internet for 4 crew here hit and most of my community lost their internet. Middle in the broadcasting of the eclipse. .I almost with out my internet.

    Edit..I see I forgot how to type ^^

    So anyway it went dark for you, dear KAN DAEK, LOL!

    Wondering why Q would write everything in German (ALLES). On the other hand, exposure of the true German history would change EVERYTHING ...

    Hot and very cold water, dear Jorge. I am in both most days and feel wierd if I miss it out. It is a sort of early ritual to the day and really gets me going ....

    Just a short note on the thank you button dear Altea: I do not use it much because it clogs up the board of current activity, which is where I go if I want to see if someone has just made a comment. Instead I see lots of "thank yous" as the most recent activity. It might be an idea to deactivate, but then again it is valuable to see who is around .... all has advantages and disadvantages.

    Thank you for your call to unity. This is the way we should be - unified. However I don't think absence or lack of saying thank you is an indication of what others are feeling or doing, or of disunity. We are in this together but we each have our own duties and lives and challenges to deal with outside of the forum. And everyone is responsbile for themselves regarding decisions of how much time they want to spend here.

    Another factor is danger. Too much exposure of personal affairs or a hig profile is not really good at this time for some of us - that is my feeling anyway. This is public, not 8 star.

    With much love, Rosie

    Thank you Rosie !!



    Indeed dear Juan: and that can be a relief in some ways. We are in good hands. Things are moving. And processes such as the one we have just experienced can further our humility ... a part of me wanted it all to happen as Esu laid out because I (selfishly perhaps) wanted to experience the relief of being able to talk to friends and family in an unrestricted manner. They would also have seen that there was reason behind my "madness" - also a great relief. But perhaps the greatest relief, if we can trust enough, is to "let go and let GOD". Thank you Juan

    Hello dear family: no darkness here yet…. Perhaps it was a test run to get attention, perhaps there was some emergency staged by the ‘dark side’ which would have prevented 3 days of introspection (the goal) which had to be dealt with first …just ideas which are coming to mind. Or a celestial trap to get the dark side to make a move …. We will understand it in the end, hard though it is to deal with disappointment. This is not over. The global situation is very fragile and something could snap at any time. Love you all ❤️ ps note that the qclock on the qofficial site has not changed and stands at 0 - no new countdown… we will see


    You realize that this is a specific event for America and the rest of the world will be a follow up to what is going to happen. Part of the world is already dark. It will be a shock for them when the sun doesn’t come up. America will begin partially dark and then get progressively darker as time goes on. The totally dark places will get the first brunt of this.

    welp going to sleep now. Hopefully when I wake up it's still dark.

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    After so many years of absolute conviction that it is going to happen, I am finding it hard to swallow that the time has finally arrived ... I am in tears ever so often. Thank you dear Jess. And love to everyone here for coping and continuing despite many disappointments and pitfalls. Love Rosie