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    The Ford Motor Company’s website features the automaker’s long relationship with law enforcement that dates back seven decades and includes its tagline for the vehicles it has designed for the men and women in blue — “police-tested, street proven.”

    But now the wave of social unrest and virtue signaling following the death of George Floyd while in police custody is taking over the corporate world, including at Ford, where workers are urging leadership to stop manufacturing cop cars.


    Conservative African American economist Thomas Sowell says that the term “systemic racism,” which is central to the Black Lives Matter movement, has “no meaning.”

    Sowell is set to appear on Fox News’ Life, Liberty and Levin on Sunday evening with host Mark Levin at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT).

    According to Fox News:

    You hear this phrase, ‘systemic racism’ [or] ‘systemic oppression’,” host Mark Levin told Sowell. “You hear it on our college campuses. You hear it from very wealthy and fabulously famous sports stars. What does that mean? And whatever it means, is it true?”

    “It really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses,” answered Sowell, who added that the currency of the phrase reminds him of the “propaganda tactics” of Nazi Germany, where Sowell claimed that if a lie was “repeated long enough and loud enough” it would be widely believed.

    Sowell, who recently turned 90, was born poor in North Carolina, and grew up in Harlem before attending the Stuyvesant magnet school and moving on to the Ivy League and the University of Chicago.

    Initially attracted to the left, Sowell eventually rejected socialism in favor of conservatism. He has written some of the most important critiques of left-win dogma.


    Coronavirus: Why Everyone Was Wrong. It is Not a “New Virus”. “The Fairy Tale of No Immunity”

    "It was even more wrong to claim that the population would not already have some immunity against this virus." The immune response to the virus is stronger than everyone thought

    The original article was published in the Swiss magazine Weltwoche (World Week) on June 10th.

    The author, Beda M Stadler is the former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern, a biologist and professor emeritus. Stadler is an important medical professional in Switzerland, he also likes to use provoking language, which should not deter you from the extremely important points he makes.

    I am advocating for local measures according to locale situations. And I advocate for looking at real data rather than abstract models. I also suggest to read to the end, because Stadler makes crucial points about testing for Sars-CoV-2.

    Back to Reason, Medium, June 2, 2020


    This is not an accusation, but a ruthless taking stock [of the current situation]. I could slap myself, because I looked at Sars-CoV2- way too long with panic. I am also somewhat annoyed with many of my immunology colleagues who so far have left the discussion about Covid-19 to virologists and epidemiologists. I feel it is time to criticise some of the main and completely wrong public statements about this virus.

    Firstly, it was wrong to claim that this virus was novel.

    Secondly, It was even more wrong to claim that the population would not already have some immunity against this virus.

    Thirdly, it was the crowning of stupidity to claim that someone could have Covid-19 without any symptoms at all or even to pass the disease along without showing any symptoms whatsoever.

    But let’s look at this one by one.


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    During an interview with Noticias Telemundo released on Friday, President Trump stated that “Something will be happening with Venezuela” and that the United States will “be very much involved.” Trump also vowed to “take care of the people of Venezuela” and support whoever the people of Venezuela elect and support as their leader.

    Host Jose Diaz-Balart asked, “For you, Venezuela, is it Guaido, is it Maduro, is it U.S. intervention?”

    Trump responded, “It’s freedom for their people. It’s freedom. Venezuela was a rich country 15 years ago, and it’s been destroyed by two people, but a system, a horrible system. … And something will happen with Venezuela. That’s all I can tell you. Something will be happening with Venezuela.”

    Diaz-Balart then asked, “Through the United States?”

    Trump responded, “We’ll be very much involved.”

    Diaz-Balart then questioned Trump on if he is still supporting Guaido, and Trump responded that he supports whoever the people of Venezuela support and elect and that Guaido appears to be the person who was elected, but he appears to be losing power due to the problems in Venezuela’s system.

    Trump further stated, “We’re going to take care of the people of Venezuela.”

    Short video embedded.…end-home-from-protesters/

    A St. Louis, Missouri, couple used an AR-15 and a pistol to defend their home Sunday as protesters marched through their neighborhood.…-defended-home-with-guns/

    Police seized a rifle from St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey during a search of their home following the viral video showing the couple defending their home with guns.…death-coronavirus/5709720

    First published on April 15, 2020

    Senator Scott Jensen represents Minnesota. He’s also a doctor. He appeared on Fox News with Laura Ingraham where he revealed a very disturbing piece of information.

    Dr. Scott Jensen says the American Medical Association is now “encouraging” doctors to overcount coronavirus deaths across the country.

    Jensen received a 7-page document that showed him how to fill out a death certificate as a “COVID-19 diagnosis” even when there isn’t a lab test confirming the diagnosis.

    “Right now Medicare is determining that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you get $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator you get $39,000, three times as much. Nobody can tell me after 35 years in the world of medicine that sometimes those kinds of things impact on what we do.” (Dr. Sen. Scott Jensen, from Fox Interview)

    This is absolutely bone-chilling.

    Watch the interview below.

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    The bishop of Lafayette, Indiana, has suspended a priest from public ministry for penning an essay saying that Black Lives Matter had betrayed the civil rights legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and Frederick Douglass.



    The bishop of Tyler, Texas, has urged the faithful to educate themselves about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, insisting that its mission statement is contrary to Christian belief.…etraying-black-community/

    A South African cardinal has denounced the hijacking of Black Lives Matter (BLM), which is now “committed to dismantling the very values, structure and institutions” central to a healthy society.

    239 scientists question how Covid-19 is transmitted

    From the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was taken for granted that the virus spread via respiratory droplets in the air and through contact. It was on this assumption that we were advised to wipe door handles, wear a mask and observe "social distancing".

    However, this mode of transmission was never proven.

    If Covid-19 is indeed a respiratory virus, then it should be deduced that it can only be transmitted by aerosol like all other viral respiratory diseases. In such a case, it is absurd to be cleaning door handles, absolutely useless to wear masks or to slip on a jumpsuit, and utterly ridiculous to keep social distancing. The only prevention is to ventilate as much as possible.

    This mode of transmission has also not been proven, but it is much more logical than the dominant assumption.

    This theory has been supported by numerous researchers since the beginning of the epidemic, but they have not been given a voice. It was in light of this hypothesis that Thierry Meyssan was prompted to deride the use of masks comparing them to those worn by the plague doctors in the XVIIth century [ ].

    239 scientists have just published an open letter to this effect in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases (CID).….1093/cid/ciaa939/5867798…auses-panic-among-people/

    The influx of migrants to Italy has not stopped irrespective of the epidemic, quarantine and isolation. While other countries rushed to close borders for security reasons, boats with migrants continued to arrive at Sicilian ports, significantly exceeding the 2019 figures.


    Mauro Indelicato, the editor-in-chief of and the editor of a major newspaper Il Giornale , reflects on the current situation with migration into Italy amid continuing coronavirus pandemic.


    Pubs, bars and restaurants will be expected to collect information from their customers to assist the government with their novel coronavirus track and trace efforts, once they start to re-open on 4 July 2020.

    British customers should use the guest WiFi of pubs, bars and restaurants as a means of aiding the upcoming COVID-19 track and trace requirements, issued by their government, argues technology firm Purple WiFi. The UK-based company, which specialises in data capture and predictive analytics, notes that it would be inefficient and less secure for businesses in the hospitality industry, which will start to re-open on 4 July 2020, to have to collect customer data from every person who comes to their premises to buy a pint or order food.

    Dean Cookson, Purple's Marketing Director, explains why he thinks his company's WiFi technology is the best way to safely collect customer data required by the UK government.


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    - 30' video - Germany’s Extra-parliamentary Inquiry on COVID-19

    Here the full transcript in English…-inquiry-covid-19/5717766

    Wearing the mask...or not? Personally I’m like “Meh” ,so what? Couldn’t be bothered with an opinion on ulterior motives about it one way or the other. A mask is useless anyway but since nowadays it’s the ticket if you want to go anywhere, I just do it and forget it’s there.

    I really am like an alien compared to this whole virus thing...since the very first days, so much so that I happened to leave the house, two or three times, without a mask and without self-certification...I only realized it just before entering the shops...where obviously I couldn't enter...and thank goodness I didn't meet the police. I'd have been fined hundreds of Euros.

    Since then, I keep 1 mask hanging from the door handle and 1 in the bags attached to my bike (bags I use to put my shopping in).