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    Jim Fetzer, Joe Biden vs. Debate “Biden”: Just Not the Same Guy

    Having dealt extensively with body doubles (in the case of Paul McCartney and of Hillary Clinton, for example), it was probably easier for me to notice that the guy who debated Donald Trump on the national stage (twice, in fact, the second time in Nashville, TN) was not Joe Biden than for most of the public.

    Having made that observation, however, it became incumbent upon me to bring the matter to the attention of the appropriate authorities, where a submission has been made to the FBI Field Office in Nashville by a California attorney of note with support from my friend and colleague, Scott Bennett, who, like myself, is a former commissioned officer of the US military (Scott, Army; me, Marine Corps).

    As I understand the matter, the fraud involved here violates 52 USC 30102 on the organization of political committees, including the following:

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    Conflict Expert on Possible Trump Win: Thousands Could ‘Storm White House’

    J. Michael Waller, an expert on strategic communication and unconventional conflict and vice president for government relations at the Center for Security Policy, said at a webinar with reporters on Wednesday that federal officials should be prepared for violent mobs on the streets of Washington, DC, that could attempt to attack the White House if President Donald Trump is victorious in winning a second term.

    “We have to prepare for these mobs by the tens of thousands if not more right in downtown Washington, DC … and storm the White House,” Waller said.

    Waller said that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is playing a role in what could be post-election violence by instructing the city’s police to stand down when protests become violent, even if their targets are senior officials in the White House or Congress.

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    Fact Check: Trump Claims Doctors ‘Get More Money’ for Coronavirus Deaths

    CLAIM:  “You know, our doctors get more money if somebody dies from COVID. You know that, right? I mean, our doctors are very smart people. So, what they do is they say, ‘I’m sorry, but, you know, everybody dies of COVID,'” President Donald Trump said at a campaign rally in Michigan on Friday, referring to the Chinese coronavirus.

    Trump indicated that doctors and hospitals get paid more money if they say people died from the Chinese virus rather than other co-occurring significant health conditions (comorbidities) that may have contributed to the person’s demise, such as cancer or a heart attack.

    “With us, when in doubt, choose COVID,” the president said, later adding, “This could only happen to us where cases are now surging.”

    VERDICT: MOSTLY TRUE. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield has suggested that doctors and hospitals have a financial incentive to inflate deaths attributed to the coronavirus.

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    Democracy Institute Poll: Electoral College Landslide for Donald Trump

    President Donald Trump is poised to win re-election in an Electoral College landslide, according to a poll released on Sunday.

    The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll of 1,500 likely voters was conducted between October 28 and October 30 and shows Trump with a one point lead over Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the national popular vote, 48 percent to 47 percent. Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen receives two percent of the vote, and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins receives one percent of the vote.

    The national popular vote results are within the poll’s 2.5 percent margin of error.

    The poll also shows the president leading in the Electoral College by a margin of 326 to 212. On election day 2016, the president won 306 Electoral College votes to 232 for Hillary Clinton. The Constitution provides that a candidate must win a majority of the Electoral College votes cast–270 out of 538–to win the presidency.

    According to Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll, Trump leads in all the states he won in 2016, and is poised to gain 20 additional Electoral College votes in three states Hillary Clinton won in 2016: Minnesota (10 Electoral College votes), Nevada (six Electoral College votes), and New Hampshire (four electoral college votes.)

    The poll shows President Trump with record levels of support among Black and Hispanic voters.

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    Very few historic documents can provide an insight into the days of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, with most being part of the Hebrew Bible, whose accuracy has already been questioned in the past by historians.

    Recent archaeological discoveries have suggested that the fourteenth king of the Kingdom of Judah, Manasseh, who is vilified in the Bible, actually fostered the economic revival of his country, which suffered under his predecessor, King Hezekiah, history professor Israel Finkelstein, said in an interview with Israel's Haaretz.

    Hezekiah went down in the Bible as the king, who revolted against the Assyrian Empire. The Kingdom of Judah was a vassal state to the ancient empire. His actions resulted in an Assyrian attack on the kingdom that nearly led to the fall of Jerusalem and left many of the country's towns in ruins. In addition to this, the Assyrians seized some of the farmland that fed the kingdom.

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    ITALY Today....just for the let you know what the climate is like everywhere in the country.

    The health care system, particularly the emergency system, is collapsing and a new lockdown is now inevitable. This is the opinion of Mario Balzanelli, national president of 118 (emergency telephone number for emergency medical service) , who in an interview with the newspaper "La Stampa" comments on the very serious situation that the emergency system is facing in recent weeks. The pressure, in fact, is growing day by day, forcing health workers to work in "extreme" conditions.

    More than an interview, Balzanelli's report is a real cry of alarm. In fact, the president of the 118 complains about the lack of essential tools such as oxygen cylinders and respirators. The former, in fact, are exhausted on board ambulances before the 118 operators are able to entrust patients to the care of health care providers. The latter, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly rare, as places in intensive and sub-intensive care are occupied more and more quickly.

    Even the move to convert wards, or entire facilities, into "Covid hospitals" does not give the expected results. According to the President of the 118, a more decisive intervention of the Government is necessary. More means, tools to sanitize them and a different organization are needed, which will allow a faster takeover. "The sick die stuck in ambulances waiting to arrive at the hospital" said Balnzanelli in his interview, complaining about the unpreparedness of the hospital operating units to manage the tide of patients that is pouring into the national health system in these days.

    According to Balzanelli, masks alone would not be enough today to protect people from the risk of contagion. The droplets, the respiratory droplets that people emit when they breathe and talk, also pass through the eyes, thus infecting a large number of people.

    According to the President of 118 there are more than 50 scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of glasses and visors in protecting against SARS-CoV-2 infection. For this reason, it would be appropriate for the Government to consider making them mandatory, at least in this emergency phase.

    Balzanelli thus launches a provocation: instead of granting bonuses for the purchase of scooters and electric bikes and buying wheeled school desks, the Government could have used the funds to purchase glasses and visors for the entire population. This measure would have been particularly effective for the elderly population and would have made the second wave less powerful.…-appello-capo-118/428983/

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    The latest foolishness to "limit the spread of the virus/Covid-19".

    Yesterday, October 30, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, went to Tel Aviv for an official visit to his Israeli counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi.

    On this occasion a commercial/industrial agreement was signed between Adler, a world leader in automotive components (based in Italy, in the Campania region, 1.5 billion euro turnover), which will produce antibacterial and antiviral fabrics for the mobility industry, and the Israeli company Sonovia, specialized in the production/development of antibacterial and antiviral high-tech fabrics for interiors and mats of cars, trains, buses, coaches and aerospace vehicles.

    In addition, Di Maio left a note at the Wailing Wall with these words: "God save the people from this pandemic".

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    Smart shirt for indication and detection of respiratory infections such as COVID-19

    Project durationJuly 2020 - December 2020

    Purpose and goal

    The aim is to develop a prototype of a Smart-shirt that can be worn by people who want support in monitoring their own symptoms at risk of COVID-19 infection. This project can also be seen as the first step in a collaboration between Smart Textiles, the Swedish School of Textiles, Chalmers University of Technology, Stanford University and Stanford Hospital. The goal is to establish the consortium, start an international cooperation and take a first step in a concept development.

    Expected results and effects

    The innovation has a high user-friendliness, which means that it can be used by many in society. If this Smart-shirt is successful, produced and started to be used by the elderly, dementia and the staff of a nursing home as an example, it can be crucial to minimize the risk of infection through early detection but also create a sense of security to come back after their own illness. Either by COVID-19 and its expected flare-up, or by a future similar pandemic.

    Planned approach and implementation

    Based on requirements from the healthcare system, optimized sensors will be integrated into a first textile prototype. The prototype will be evaluated through analysis and further optimized. The feasibility study also includes expanding the consortium with additional Swedish needs owners. Through an initial concept, testing at needs owners can be carried out as a basis for Stage 2. The project will be carried out as a project within Smart Textiles with responsibility for project management and coordination and development of the consortium.…ections-such-as-covid-19/

    Thousands of protesters descended on the British capital on Saturday to call for an end to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions on businesses in the UK, which they described as a form of “tyranny”.

    In a Breitbart London exclusive video, protesters were seen singing: “I would rather be a human than a slave”, “We are the 99 per cent”, and “You can shove your New World Order up your ass”.

    The ‘Stop the New Normal’ march was organised by the anti-lockdown activist group Stand Up X and was one of the largest rallies against the government’s coronavirus restrictions since the beginning of the lockdowns in March.

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    A 104-year woman locked down in a care home for months has gone viral after filming a message begging to see her family again.

    In a video shared on the Care Home Relatives Scotland group on Facebook, Mary Fowler says she is “very well looked after” at the Balfarg Care Home in Glenrothes, Scotland, but adds: “I want my family, though.”

    “This is my right. Please help. It’s cutting me to bits,” says the smartly dressed woman.

    “I must see my kids. Time’s getting on for me. I must see my children and make things like they used to be. Please help me, help me. Please, please help.”

    Mrs Fowler has so far “only been able to have brief window visits from one of her children,” according to the Evening Express.

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    Four highly-populated Italian cities are at risk of being declared “red zones” and put into strict lockdowns as new daily Wuhan coronavirus cases surge.

    Lockdowns could soon be implemented in Rome, Genoa, Naples, and Milan, the latter seeing 1,858 new Wuhan coronavirus cases in just 24 hours. Genoa, meanwhile, has seen the most positive infections in relation to the total number of tests.

    Walter Ricciardi, a consultant to the Italian Minister of Health, said several metropolitan areas are out of control in terms of the spread of the virus, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

    “Milan must take the necessary measures, including possibly becoming a red zone,” Ricciardi said.

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    Police are on the hunt for a man who punched a passenger in the face because he took his mask off on a tram to speak to his nonagenarian mother.

    Lancashire Constabulary released images of the suspect on Monday, describing him as a heavy-set 30-year-old, being 5’6″ tall with a shaved head and glasses. At the time of the attack on September 4th, he was dressed all in black with a grey mask across his mouth and nose.

    The police force said that the attack occurred at 8:30 pm on a tram in the north-west seaside town of Blackpool. The victim, aged in his sixties, had removed his mask to speak to his mother, who is in her nineties and hard of hearing.

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    Short excerpt of this article in Italian published a few hours ago.…do-coprifuoco-milano.html

    ITALY_Coronavirus, curfew in Milan and Lombardy from 11pm to 5am: there is the government's ok.

    "Stop all activities and all travel - except those motivated by work, health and proven necessity - throughout Lombardy from 11pm to 5am".

    "A proposal that arises from the rapid evolution of the epidemiological curve and the prediction of the 'Indicators Commission' established by DG Welfare, according to which, on October 31, there could be about 600 hospitalized in intensive care and up to 4 thousand in non-intensive care.

    "In addition, in the meeting held today all the parties involved shared the opportunity of the closure, on Saturday and Sunday, of the medium and large commercial distribution, except for food and basic necessities".

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    Some additional notes on the Italian region Campania.

    Naples is the capital city of the Campania region. In Naples there is the famous volcano Vesuvius.

    The seabed of the maritime bay in front of Naples is home to a whole series of volcanoes and that area is known as Campi Flegrei.

    Going back to the present days, the governor of Campania is - IMHO - a fanatical character to say the least, and is very often in the news for the excessive, almost dramatic measures that he has adopted and adopts to "fight" the so-called Covid-19. Even the tone of his comments against the "disobedient" population or other regional governors or mayors, or even the government, are often over-the-top, bordering on insult. Yet, he was recently re-elected with 68% of the vote.... assuming there is no fraud behind it!

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    Fuming Felix

    How decades of illegal dumping poisoned Italian land and people

    Campania, known in the Roman times as Campania Felix – “fertile countryside”- is a scenic region in south western Italy; it’s famous for the historic city of Naples, the majestic Mount Vesuvius, beautiful nature and glorious food. Thanks to the volcano, the bountiful land yields several crops a year. Campania is the birthplace for many signature Italian dishes, including pizza and pasta.

    However, in the past three decades, Campania has developed a much less positive reputation; it’s now a highly polluted area in which the endless burning of rubbish dumps has caused parts of it to become known as the “Land of Fire”. Illegal toxic industrial waste disposal by mafia groups has poisoned the soil, ground waters and air. Some believe that the waste hasn’t just come from all over Italy but from all over Europe too, much of it is radioactive.

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    The problem has been brushed under the carpet for way too long despite soaring rates of cancer among the local population. Doctors have sounded the alarm over unprecedented numbers and varieties of cancer in children. Two communities in Campania have the country’s highest child mortality rates. Residents of this once pristine rural region now have to undergo regular toxicology tests to establish exactly what poisons they have in their blood.

    An investigation into illegal toxic waste dumping began in the 90s when police officer, Roberto Mancini uncovered the ‘eco-mafia’s’ criminal activity. Despite his findings, the case was closed and local concerns were brushed aside. It wasn’t until 15 years later that the case was reopened. By then, Campania’s devastating health situation had become hard to ignore. Like many of his neighbours, Roberto Mancini died of cancer.

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    Now though, thanks to extensive media coverage, the government is at last paying attention to local demands and has recently made illegal dumping a criminal offence. Stopping the practice though remains a challenge. Meanwhile, doctors believe that they’re only just starting to see the extent of the approaching health problems in the “Land of Fire”. #terradeifuochi - 26' Documentary

    Bear with Me

    Preparing bear cubs for the perils of the wild

    When human activity causes bear cubs to be separated from, or abandoned by their mothers, they have no chance of surviving unless people intervene. Russia's Orphan Bear Rescue Centre has been established to save and nurture orphaned bear cubs. The centre is a part of a larger organisation – the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) that rescues and protects animals worldwide.

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    The OBRC was started as an experiment by a couple of biologists, Valentin and Svetlana Pazhetnov, in the mid-nineties and has developed into an internationally-recognised centre that is now run by three generations of the Pazhetnov family. In the years that the centre has existed, its specialists have developed and perfected a method that allows cubs to stay wild. Even though they are raised by people, the techniques employed at the centre mean bears do not become domesticated or comfortable around humans.

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    At first, bear cubs require around the clock care, and it’s very important that the centre specialists avoid bonding with them. As soon as baby bears are old enough, they are transferred to a large natural enclosure where they are able to learn about the forest in a safe environment. They develop and acquire new skills in the same way that bears mature in the wild. Cubs socialise with each other and explore their surroundings, while their human carers take a step back, becoming as inconspicuous as possible. The process of preparing a cub to be released back into the wild is a gradual one, and the time it takes varies from bear to bear.

    To date, over 200 bears have been rehabilitated and returned to the wild by the Rescue center. The centre is now considered a world leader in bear rehabilitation, and its successful techniques are being adopted by bear rehabilitation projects around the world.