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    yes Mispatel I know what you mean. that was one of the scenarios that was mentioned to us. but imagine if the world is left uninhabited for six months or more. they might put us to sleep for some time and then still wake us up earlier than other people.

    either way who can complain. it will be quite exciting , regardless of how, exactly it happens.

    can you imagine how crazy it will be , to come back to a planet without ten plus billion people; empty cities, clean waterways, new coastlines....?

    and, of course, the spaceships will be amazing. perhaps we will get to see inner earth as well.

    that sleep of stasis is necessary because all of the people of earth will be protected by it. even if people are aboard ship they will probably be a lot of people put in stasis, especially if the planet is left uninhabited for more than a couple of weeks.(which seems quite likely)

    that is to say that while the earth is be un-spun and re-spun there will be lots of dangerous side effects like earthquakes and tsunamis, so the best protection for mankind will be stasis.

    yes , I have no doubt that we will go onto spaceships, and I do look forward to it. what's life without an occasional vacation, after all?

    thanks guys. this site is becoming quite interesting thanks to your tireless efforts.

    I'm linking this because the original post is interesting. it illustrates the nepotism that is going on in the ruling classes. there is some questioning of the legitimacy of this statement in the thread.... so I would say that once again one should question everything you hear. even if the details of this statement were not all correct, I do believe that the ruling class has always been inbred and mentally and physically constrained so as to create a one minded, one religion inbred army for the use of the global controllers by whatever name.

    Uncle Intel & Now you know why Kamala Harris was chosen as VP

    go back to BG's post 1168 and listen to Stew Peters' tirade if you missed it. it's golden

    Hi Kan Daek, didn't you tell us that there would not be anything like an axis shift? a magnetic pole shift is what we are expecting.... and spin stoppage and respinning

    thanks for the invitation Mispatel. I have the feeling that I will continue to live out west. we have lots of beautiful country out here. but the future is not written and my fate is unknown.

    I don't think that it is that easy to sink large areas of land... but I don't doubt that in some ways everyone would be happier if israel disappeared.

    I too have been wondering where I would live in the future. all of us coastal people are going to have to relocate I guess.

    thanks Jess that looks very interesting. and it seems completely plausible.

    so what I'm asking myself, is, if this is the good guys making their move, then how much longer can this sad charade go on?

    the implication in Qland is that even after the dark is defeated, we will still have to sit around waiting while the normies get their global politics education via good guy internet.

    (not to mention some last gasp false flag(s) from the dark)

    so I gotta ask yall. have you been having weird physical problems in the last couple of weeks. me and my wife are both having problems. we were both quite worried for slightly different reasons....

    we'll be fine but I keep wondering if it's the sun or gaia, because personally I've never gotten half sick before like this. crohn disease is like Dr jekyll and mr Hyde.

    when it hits you it's like a hurricane.

    and what's up witth Q ?? one would think that the world was ending every day with these fools.

    I had to take my friend to the airport today. seemed like everything was OK. well I didn't go inside, but that is what I heard.

    there is a thread about this document (real or not) on GLP

    Major Hot!!! Memo From wh Delegating Presidential Powers And Authority to Others???? What The Hell is This????

    someone responds to the document with igots2no's statement three quarters of the way down page one ...


    First of all Fulford is an idiot, good for entertainment purposes, maybe theoretical spaghetti at the wall at best Second, if you actually read those parts of the bill - it's about strengthening strategic military ties with Australia and granting permission to sell submarines - that's it

    i think that the "assassination" is probably fake. I don't care to prove it to myself. It would take too much time.

    didn't Q say that faux trump had to be removed from the public for his safety? wouldn't this be a convenient pretext for such a removal?

    also it is important to get the normies behind trump, because he Is going to be the president of this country in the future.

    the debate and so called assassination attempt seem to be laying a groundwork for a positive social atmosphere for trump's return to the official (as opposed to secret) capacity of president of the U.S, (and perhaps all of the americas in the future?)

    also this strikes me as a symbolic kick off of the white hats war on the U.S.'s deep state. we have the wwII knock off photo of the marine's raising the flag on iwo jima? and trump saying fight fight fight....

    this guy knows his stuff. I'm certainly not vouching for it though. a very interesting and Very long article take note though; that this was written back in 2023 october

    to summarize, this is a quick history of the dark, and it's battle with the light and .. an explanation of the psychology of lowering earths energy and activating vengeance emotions and sacrificing all of humanity....and the final war which is long begun..

    We have now entered the last phase — the unHoly war of Israel
    New Post 10/30/2023

    this is tough... for everyone.

    I imagine that when Aton's plan is complete, everyone will see the terrible truth ...

    they will see the evil. they will see that none stood against it. and eventually they will understand why the new world must be different.

    my new theory is that the good guys are going to make this process relatively tame. that seems like the goal. if you consider some of the things that we were warned about years ago,... all of the more violent/dangerous things that were expected have been cancelled/avoided.

    the main thing is to teach people that they created this mess with their ignorance and apathy.....

    young animals learn to survive from their parents. so do humans. the dark are well aware of this weakness. so they fill us up with lies from an early age. also they fill our parents up with the lies.(so that our parents can lie to us when we are young)

    there are none of us who have evaded the trap altogether.

    what do you believe. what do you spend your time on.

    you have to question all of it.

    I think that the main thing is to not become overwhelmed or to give up.

    actually I find life quite fun, even when I'm sick and confused.

    it's certainly a tricky business.

    the new ageism is everywhere. also sciencism. and of course truth is mixed with fiction....

    Hi guys, Hi mispatel, if I may, here is the longer explanation..

    in " role playing games" the "players" are allowed to decide what they want to do.

    but the idea is that there is a plot; somewhat like an adventure novel. so there are subordinate characters, but, basically, they are part of a more or less programmed experience, so they will simply do whatever the storyline calls for them to do.(even to the point of repeating actions and statements over and over again) in essence they do not have freewill or creative responses. they are the NPCs (non-player characters)

    folks I would like to encourage you to make it more clear when you are speaking for yourself vs when you are simply posting content from the web.

    there have been many occasions when I cannot tell if people are offering their opinion on world events , or simply posting someone else's opinion...

    it's pretty hopeless out there. one wonders how people could be so foolish, but the sad fact is, that people can be trained over time to think and do almost anything.

    even the people who think that they are awake, or open minded... truly are not.

    I find that even people who trust me, have trouble believing what I say.

    honestly GLP makes me a little sad now. I definitely think that quite a bit of effort went into destroying it, as a site with spiritual and political merit.

    I suppose that one must accept life's setbacks and carry on, undaunted and perhaps a little more disillusioned.

    as evil is given the necessary rope to hang itself, all that good/divinity is doing is countermoves imo. and the countermoves are not being broadcast, so it is hard to see.

    I agree that the failure to start wwIII, and the failure to actually create real pandemics, and the failure to continue the exploitation of africa are some of the more obvious signs of the divine plan's hidden hand in our world.(also the continued lack of large nuclear bomb deployment since wwII)

    and that below...


    As so many of you are patiently waiting for events to occur in your physical world, we want to remind you of one thing that some of you have forgotten, you as a soul having a human experience should not look for external circumstances to determine how it is you feel and what it is you do....

    is simply a reminder of basic law.

    life is a dream. when you dream, you create a representation of what you are thinking. what you are thinking creates an emotional resonance within you.

    in short thought creates. you thoughts create your life. so if you have a lot of problems in life, it is a sign that you do not understand how to use your mind/thoughts as creative tools with the power to create the life of your dreams.

    another way of putting it is, stop worrying. stop doing things that have no value. stop allowing yourself to be distracted by physical phenomena that do not carry you forward in your life plan.

    have a plan.

    and think about what you think about.

    notice how you are feeling. your feelings have been directly created by your thoughts.

    if you are feeling bad, ask yourself, "what was I thinking about that made me feel down?" perhaps it is time to change your thoughts on the subject or just drop the subject altogether...

    also take responsibility for your life. you chose to incarnate here. you made yourself what you are today. and you can make yourself into something better in the future.

    understand that if you think and do certain things, all of your spiritual helpers will immediately seek to realize your dream through their actions. this is true of positive as well as negative thoughts and actions. and so it is all you. you are the architect of your life.