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    I agree with KD, Bitcoin swings from $3,000 to $5,000 daily currently between $63K and $72K. It is just waiting for the 4th halving to 3.125 tokens emitted every 10 minutes or USD to crash, before it takes off again, closing in on $100k per token. Remember there are currently only 19.6 Million Bitcoin (BTC) tokens.

    So, it is real this time. I am HAPPY for EVERYONE!!

    It has been a LONG Journey for us AHers, and whether the general population realizes it or not them also.

    Thank you Esu and Jess for the confirmation, and KD for the double confirmation.

    Father CM Aton, it has been a major learning experience for ALL of us here stuck on Urantia. But we will remember these times.

    With Much Love & Life



    Would it be recommended to talk/ help others during the 3DD OR we need to stay indoors/ silent to let them experience everything on their own?

    I would go with if they ask you "what is going on?" Then maybe share some of what you know (at the 10,000 foot level). But only if they ask first.

    Another thought, since the eclipse will only last about 30 minutes at most, then if you're feeling in a safe environment to share some of your knowing, then just go for it. But again only if you are asked.

    Yes and it has formally been denied as false, even by official TASS news of Russia.

    We need to be more discerning as to what is posted here in TIU, please.


    In My Humble Opinion these two paragraphs speak volumes to me... <3

    It's a suit of clothes, my friends, that's all it is. It is a material container that provides you with the opportunity to have a spiritual experience. You have to accomplish The Work here. You don't accomplish it somewhere else. That's why you have to keep coming back here... until... you do accomplish it. Plenty of people run around in circles... for millions and millions of years, always mistaking what they are really after... for what they think they are after. Suffering is their permanent companion.

    If you walk The Path of Knowledge... it doesn't matter how much you eventually come to know. You still have to come back here and walk The Path of Love. If you walk The Path of Love, to begin with, all the rest comes with it as part of the package deal.


    I find it interesting that March 4th is the original constitution as the inauguration date for the new President... :saint:

    Thank you Vera for all of your diligent posts in this thread... <3

    For the last few months these daily posts in this thread have spoken to my heart many many times. I cannot thank you enough for them... <3 <3 <3


    The great destruction in Christianity is that one must join a club and it is a club or Jesus will judge you and the Father will burn non club joiners even if they were never exposed to Christianity, for eternity in hell..trillions of years in their MEat suits to boot. meat cooks. it can be reduced to dust by cooking and cremation. They cannot see the obvious and it saddens me. The stupid is Intense.

    I tell them frankly now I cannot worship a sick hell riden evil God. And they do not see why

    Well as I once said a few years ago, "You can't fix STUPID!"

    Here is 12 of what has been listed...

    Miami, Tokyo, Caracas, Chicago, Denver, Paris, Beijing, Los Angeles, Moscow, Wash DC, London, Sydney... my bet for the last would New York City.

    Here is my 13...

    Wash DC

    New York City

    Los Angeles










    Tel Aviv

    This is not surprising to me at all, did not Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, predict that Russia would in the end be the strength of the Christian World, or something like that.


    I only asked the question of the possibility of a different calendar. This is what I referred to from the PJ's.

    “…The other indication of Yr: 2 day: 359, indicates the sequence of days since the onset of the new calendar of counting from August 17, 1987 at which time you entered the new calendar of sequence.” (Phoenix Journal 21, Creation the Sacred Universe, page 45, Speaker Hatonn)

    “For you see, the ANCIENTS KNEW the Truth of it. The ancient calendars ended on August 17, 1987. YOU ARE ALREADY INTO THE FINAL DAYS OF TRANSITION.” (Sipapu Odyssey, page 5, Speaker Hatonn)

    From this perspective, December 21st, 2023 is day 127 of the 36th year from the onset of this new calendar which began on August 17th, 1987. If you understand the significance of this, those of the higher realms do not calculate the beginning and end of our calendar year as man does, from January 01st – December 31st, but as the ancients did, from August 17th (day 1) – August 16th (day 365), which marks the end of the year we are now in.