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    Half of residents were live inDayton Ohio watched with Special glasses on. There was something red on the eclipse a smaLL RED dot could have been a planet Beautiful lights after the eclipse and when it happened you could take glasses off and see it before the moon started to come back across the Sun. It wa quite a Temperature drop for a little while. Now it's back to normal. We had a bright sunny day for this. no clouds. Seems ok now but I am aware things can start anytime.

    Namaste Barb. OHIO resident. Dayton close to WPAF Base ;) ^^ :thumbup:

    This Eclipse mess is really a big deal here in Ohio. Los of parties for it. As for me. I am staying inside buying no glasses to see it. It will be on the TV.

    Lots of Seniors live here in these acts. where I live. Wonder what will happen to them during all this. Some are very ill already should be in assisted living. When I talk about anything spiritual they

    tend to shutdown and I know they think I am NUTZ. I just say wait and see often suggest reading

    the Urania Book. It is what it is and. WWG1WGA.

    Namaste Barb

    KD have a question. Is there a natural version of IBOGANE. It's a drug having been banned. for. ADDICTION. Does anyone know about this??

    Namaste Barbie

    I believe the pic of Osama and Bush are phony. Osama hated the US. But he was always coming here for medical help..

    I believe shrubs and Israelis did 911 Osama was dead buried somewhere in the desert Thats what they do.

    Find out about Obama and Bush. Why the bush family backed HIM. Dig a little deeper Want to really know. DIG DEEPER

    Truth will come out. You cant hide it under a bushel TRUTH. will set you free. KD knows a lot of HISTORY TY Candace

    Namaste Barbie :thumbup:

    Were. others RIGHT? Jews are Control freaks. Evil in their ways?? Will get a lot of comments on this. But THINK about it??????

    Namaste Barb

    I hate wars. I am so sick of murdering people. God have mercy on them. I always try to forgive and go on But. Always there is a Conflict on this planet.

    Namaste. Barbie :!: :!: :!:

    Med bed info is on U TUBE. Just go to utube and type in med bs. I didnt get a link but Maybe I can find One I will try again Sorry. But its great news for everyone with any health problems

    Namaste Barb.

    Maybe this is ending soon. Med Beds are therefor to sign up. They are here and you have to be accepted to use them. Lots of info. Look it up. I posted an article on Facebook. They are also on UTube

    Namaste. Barb ;) <3

    I have yet figured out what the TRB golden checks are how they can be worth more than the printing costs... enlighten me someone! where does the money come from.. This seems like new age blather to me is all... :)

    Besides all that I can't get telegram on Safari

    I dont know what else to do but maybe contact Social Services. Need help here.

    Tis Man has no family. Been overseas for 35 yrs. England. Germany. He was a combat Pilot. in Gulf War Has been in burn pits and Oil field of Kuwait. Filled his plane with smoke.

    Anyway Anyone have a good suggestion for me I pray but we know. He was A F Pilot. maybe half robot I dont know. He has helped me out

    quite a few times . Good hearted Has lots of stories. to tell He says he just dont feel good.

    Arrived here last Dec. Had Double Covid Pneumonia diagosis. Is trying to take care of himself but not doing a good job.

    Hope someone can help me. I am trying j. Namaste barbie.