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    SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

    The Voice Of The Universe

    How will you know when it is time to stay put, move forward, release self-imposed bonds or walk away from a situation that is not serving you? Take a moment, focus on the infinite peace of The Universe and listen. The answer will come into your heart. That is where the voice of The Universe resides. ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

    I Make Me Feel…

    No one can make you feel ANY certain way, only you can. In creating the paradigm of “you do not care about me so I am not going care about you”, you are locking yourself in a self-imposed prison. Once you release the expectation of others taking care of your emotional self, you will have more room to explore who you really are. ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 17, 2021


    When the caterpillar rests snugly in his cocoon, there is no thought to how, when, what or why; it does what it is designed to do and what it instinctively knows is best without worry or concern. The Universe encourages you to be like the butterfly. If you allow yourself to go with the flow, something beautiful will always emerge. ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

    Hang In There

    With change upon wave of change, The Universe continually marvels at your ability to shift and adapt to whatever scenario is being presented. As the next wave begins to arrive, remember…you have done this before, you have come through with flying colors and you are a stellar, beautiful light helping to change your Earth-plane for the better. Hang in there, dear one, you can do this! ~ Creator

    SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

    Let It Flow

    It is perfectly O.K. to be scared, angry, frustrated, sad, lonely or isolated. These things only become issues when you decide, within your own free will, to continue to hold onto and feed them. Treat each of these emotions as if you are a rock in the middle of a stream; let the water flow around you, knowing it will only touch you momentarily before continuing it’s journey. ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

    Your Sacred Space

    As you continue to shine more brightly, people may be attracted to your light. If they are unaware of how shine themselves, they may want to ‘borrow’ from you. It is your choice to allow or disallow this. Part of self-care is setting strong boundaries in a loving way. Your energetic space is a sacred and priceless gift from The Universe to you. You are worthy and deserving of maintaining it with love! ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 11, 2021


    There may be times when you ask yourself, “What was I thinking!?” When these moments arrive treat yourself gently, my love. Your human existence will be full of learning experiences just like this. The sooner you acknowledge any err in judgment, the sooner you can forgive yourself. The Universe has already seen the outcome, supported and forgiven you regardless. ~ Creator

    SEPTEMBER 8, 2021

    Stepping Out

    Stepping out of your dark well of despair and into the light may seem painful at first…too bright, too much, too soon. But, once you are breathing the honey-tasting air and love is all around you, you will wonder why you ever doubted stepping out at all. And the first time you reach your arms out to touch the sky…BLISS! ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 7, 2021

    Lightness Of Being

    It may not feel like it but, your world is changing at incredible speeds. What was considered odd a few years ago, is now commonplace and there are many more changes on the way. The Universe is reminding you to be open-minded, dear one. I know you are tired, and the waiting can be challenging but keep going. In the next few weeks/months you will begin to feel more definitive shifts and, along with it, that familiar lightness of being will be with you again. ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 5, 2021

    Fitting In

    You were not made to fit into a mold, a bracket in society, a certain status. You were created to be free-flowing beings, each unique but similar enough to recognize yourselves in others. If you release the expectation of ‘fitting in’, a glorious thing will happen…you will become you! ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 4, 2021

    A New Journey

    Are you ready for the next wave of change, growth and love? In the next few months, it will be very important to take exquisite care of your body, mind and soul. Leave behind what you do not need, do your best to learn new coping skills and be sure to ask for help when you need it. There are reasons new people are being introduced into your sphere of influence; they have something to teach you that you will definitely need. Lastly, please remember that The Universe is by your side, willing and able to assist you and your Earth on this brave, new journey. You are loved! ~ Creator


    SEPTEMBER 1, 2021

    A Priceless Gift

    My darling child, I know you are tired and frustrated. The Universe knows you wish all of the changes that are taking place right now would hurry up and be over. You are going through a very human experience; be grateful for it because it will never happen again. And, when it is over, you will be able to look back and see it for what it truly is…..a priceless gift of growth and learning. ~ Creator