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    Human Parents

    By Thought Adjuster through Oscar


    Human Parents

    Thought Adjuster: “The decision to devote one's life to the divine will is always a personal and individual decision. However, human parents can do much to illustrate the benefits of living such a life. Human parents who sincerely desire to become better will undoubtedly earn the love and respect of their little ones. This love is the most powerful motivation children will have to follow in their parent's footsteps.

    Do you want to know the secret to influencing your little ones in a better way? Love them wholeheartedly and express your love through actions filled with wisdom. Through wise love, you can impose the necessary discipline to prepare them for life's contingencies while maintaining a degree of flexibility that allows abundant opportunities for them to make their own decisions, and even make some mistakes whose outcome can turn into learning opportunities.

    When a human being truly loves their fellow beings, they desire for them what they desire for themselves. When this love is guided by the spirit, the person can only wish for their fellow beings to attain perfection and discover a peace that transcends logic in their life experience. This love translates into supreme trust in the person's as-yet undiscovered potential and limitless mercy to understand mistakes, delays, and limitations.

    Human parents should aspire to be like their divine Father, granting their children all the trust, love, and opportunities to express the best of themselves while offering guidance when necessary. Imagine the creature of perfection you aspire to become and accept that this same destiny is what you desire for your children. Then, you can show them the things you have learned through the help of your Inner Teacher, the presence of God within you.

    The best teacher is the example. Nothing is more illustrative and inspiring than seeing an authentic life dedicated to the pursuit of perfection – the will of the Father. Thus, the things your children may not learn through your explanations, they will discover in your actions and in their relationships with you. Human parents are the representation of the divine Father to their children. Make an effort to represent your Father in heaven well, so that your children may easily discover Him and learn to recognize Him soon.”


    APRIL 17, 2024

    Behind The Scenes

    The Universe knows that this may feel like a resting period but, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. You have been asked to continue clearing your deep darks and it is time to get to work! A new phase is beginning, and you have been provided many loving nudges to help get you moving in a direction that is best suited for you. Yes, you can choose to ignore them…that is your human right. But, please keep in mind, the nudges may become stronger and more insistent over time. Act now or act later, the choice has always been yours, dearest one. ~ Creator


    Oneness Embraced by Oneness

    Heavenletter #1692 Published on: July 8, 2005

    Oneness Embraced by Oneness | Heavenletters

    God said:

    What a to-do the world is! What a fuss it makes! It treats the important and the unimportant equally. Everything becomes big. The world cuts itself in pieces and fits the pieces in somewhere. Whether the pieces fit or not, the world squeezes them in. The world does not know what it is doing. It breaks its own bones, calling "Foul!" and adds another law, forgetting about the law of love. Words become words and their meanings are bent. The world squawks.

    Were the world struck dumb, it would speak more Truth. In silence, Truth would be seen. In silence, Truth would express itself. In silence, Truth would be heard. You would hear yourself speak Truth. You wouldn't hear anything else.

    The world would expand in gentle tenderness. Everyone would be treated like the Golden Light he is. There would be no need for comfort, for discomfort would not exist. Love would be exercised. There would be no judging of people because love would reign. All exchange would be love. Beloveds, do you not yearn for this state of affairs?

    There would be no need to mandate action because all action would come from love. Love would expand. The present-seeming world would be blown away by the power of love, and a new world would arise before your very words. The present-seeming world would be like a dream you had which you cannot quite remember.

    And why would you remember it? You would do well to forget it. You would be immersed in the reality of love. All muscles would relax. There would be nothing to tense for.

    Love would be like a ping pong ball you paddle back and forth. No one would miss anything. You would play catch with love itself, and no one would fumble. There would be no rules to the game. There would be need of none. The one rule would be understood by all, that love is given to you to give in an ever-widening circle. Love would not be a hot potato, but you couldn't give it fast enough. You would speed up, however, because the faster you would give, the faster it would come back. With only two hands and one heart, yet you would keep up.

    Pretty soon you would only walk in love. There would be nothing to catch and nothing to throw. Surrounded by love, there would be no delineation between you and anyone else. There would be nothing to compare love to. There would be no counting it, for love would already be counted. It would be counted One.

    Error would be unknown. With love, error cannot exist. Love would be fool-proof. It would be welcomed everywhere. The only passport anyone would ever need is love. Love would be your signature, and your signature would be enough. What borders could exist in the midst of love? Who could be kept in, and who could be kept out? Why would anyone want to? No one would.

    All would be embrace. All would be Oneness embraced by Oneness.

    There would be a worldwide web of love. Love would reach everywhere. Love would determine more love. There would be no breaks anywhere, for love cannot be broken. Reality would be recognized. Everyone would receive a lei, and everyone would give more than one. Everyone would be charmed by love, and all would be charming. Only what is desired would exist. No one would know what undesirable is. They would not believe in such a phenomenon. There would be no imagined need to hold the unwanted. There would be nothing left to imagine, because all would be realized. My Will will have been done, and you will have done it.


    APRIL 16, 2024

    Where Do You Want To Go

    Where do you want to go from here? The Universe has provided yet another huge array of changes for you to choose from. Now it is time to decide what you would like to do. What are themost important things to you? What do you want to accomplish? These are all choices that are available to you! You can remain in the past, a captive of your own thoughts or you can embrace a brighter, more beautiful existence for yourself. The heel-dragging is ending, and unprecedented growth is here! As always…The Universe is guiding and supporting you every step of the way. ~ Creator


    Honor Your Spirit Within

    By The Beloved/TA through Lytske


    Honor Your Spirit Within

    The Beloved: “It is truly wonderful, and appropriate, for you to be disenchanted with the progress in your spiritual life, and in the way you live your life. This is exactly what I desire for you to feel; for this will spur you on to continually seek Me. It means that you are alive and growing. However, please do not become discouraged, for, at first, all new growth can be difficult and painful, although this does not necessarily have to be so.

    Mortal life is effort and struggle, yet nothing worthwhile can be gained without it. It trains the mortal to continually seek better ways, especially on this confused and backward planet, where everything seems tilted towards the materialism of the outer world. Rather, I would desire for equal time to be devoted to the growth of the inner spiritual world. Personal spiritual growth is the responsibility of each thinking individual.

    Your planet is beset by, and labors under outward clamor and noise, which is empty of real value. In the inner life the true values of honesty, sincerity and integrity are to be cultivated and nurtured, along with the outward manifestation of clear understanding and soulful compassion, overshadowed by unconditional love towards self and all others.

    This is the ideal life your Master Jesus exemplified when He lived on your planet. You may think that this sound like Utopia and impossible to achieve, but this, dear one, is what true evolution – creation in time and space is all about. For human, soul, and planet alike, the true destiny is a working towards perfection in light and life.

    Your planet will surely experience light and life, even though she is going through a very difficult stage in her evolution. There are still too many mortals living upon her who do not respect her as a living breathing being, and who greatly dishonor her because of greed.

    In the same manner, you are to honor your Spirit within by allowing yourself more time to come to Me, to truly listen to My still Voice, and to pay heed to My efforts to guide you. I shall endeavor to lead you in the right direction, one that allows you to achieve a harmonious balance between the inner and the outer world.

    Both worlds need your attention, as the benefits you reap are increased physical health and mental and emotional stability, when you put Spirit in charge of your life.”


    APRIL 15, 2024

    Ready To Show You

    Sometimes, you become so busy planning for the future that you forget your now. Sometimes, you become so focused on the playback of the past, the now is ignored. By being in the past or future, you may miss the joyous moments that surround you and the gifts The Universe sends you every day. Today, you are being invited to reacquaint yourself with the now. Pause, take a look around and see what it feels like to release the ghosts of the past…to let go of the what might be to be here now! It may be challenging but, The Universe is waiting and ready to show you what you have been missing. Come on in, the door is open! ~ Creator


    Declare Your Independence

    Heavenletter #1688 Published on: July 4, 2005

    Declare Your Independence | Heavenletters

    God said:

    Egos hurt egos. That’s what egos do. The True Being of you is untouched. What does that leave but ego? Egos get hurt, and egos hurt.

    Sometimes someone offends and does not know that he has. Hurt was not intended and was unnoticed. It may be that the offender is so ego-driven he has not awareness of anyone else’s feelings. So wrapped in his own, his vision so tight, he doesn’t see beyond a fraction of himself.

    But it also may be that offense was taken where there was none. The offended one’s ego piqued itself. In essence, it is always the case that your ego chooses to be offended. Ego is like a goalie in a hockey game, constantly on guard to prevent assault.

    Personal feelings of hurt can only be tools of your ego, beloved. It is ego that takes things personally. Your Self knows it is invulnerable to offense. It knows its Identity. Your Self stands strong. But your ego withers. It knows it is prickly and has no substance.

    Did Christ, when vilified, take personal offense? He never said, “How can they do this to me?” He knew he was beyond individuality. He understood that the Selves of those who inflicted pain on him were innocent. Their Higher Being had been set aside. Christ well knew that it was their egos that didn’t know what they were doing, or, rather, that ego knows only hurt, either to or fro, and was doing its duty. The call of ego is: “Danger ahead. Stand aside.”. Its motto: “Hurt or be hurt. Quickly.” Ego has teeth. It attaches to its perceived offense and won’t let go.

    Could Christ have taken offense? He could not if he tried. His vision was such that he could not. He could only feel compassion at the unawareness of Self presented to him. He knew ego was all bluff. He knew that ego was aberration. He knew ego had no place. Christ knew his own compassion. He knew his own understanding.

    It is ego that is quick to anger. Inner Being is so far away from anger, it cannot even conceive it. Anger is like a foreign object, unheard of. Or like a gnat so insignificant that Being simply doesn’t notice.

    My beloveds, when will you see beyond ego? When will you let it stop vanquishing you? When will you put it in its place which means no place at all? Or do you think ego has a place and that ego is perhaps necessary to survival? Ego is not interested in your survival. It is interested in its own. “Ego above all” is its theme.

    You cannot subdue ego because it has no existence. You cannot swat it. You can’t take it by the neck and shake it. You cannot remove it. You can only rise higher where it makes no sense and therefore does not exist, not as a proponent nor an opponent. Ego just is a concept that you can no longer conceive of.

    Your heart is not ego-driven. But the mind is like a cat that likes to play with the ego, pounce on it, toss it around, struggle with it. But even the cat finally puts the toy aside and gets on with the business of life.

    It is ego that flares in anger. It is ego that hates. It is ego that takes offense. Do not think that ego makes you strong. It makes you weak. Ego feeds off you, eats away at you, skips off, and then returns again to make you small, and to make you forget your Greater Self. Declare your independence from ego.


    APRIL 14, 2024

    Your Time

    It is time to allow yourself to be more open to receiving from The Universe. It may be in the form of messages, gifts, opportunities or connections with others. Being able to invite and open the lines of communication will give you the chance to change your world in ways that you have not experienced before. The first step is to listen, knowing that whatever you see/feel/hear from The Universe will always bring a positive to your life. This is your time and The Universe is waiting. ~ Creator



    By Thought Adjuster through Oscar



    Thought Adjuster: “A life dedicated to the Father is the greatest aspiration of God's followers. By learning to abandon themselves, they become the leaders of their peers. This is a new type of leadership. It is not the traditional leadership that depends on social position, power, or wealth. It is a leadership based on characteristics that are materially imperceptible but are real and exert a powerful influence on the minds of their followers.

    The true leader is the one who shows the way to their peers while walking it. They lead from the front, discovering experiences and sharing what they have learned with those who come after. Similarly, an honest leader acknowledges the need for help from those who are further ahead. A wise leader remains forever as a loyal follower, a faithful and sincere disciple.

    In this world, there have been very few leaders who promote the highest values of humanity. The reason for this lack of real leadership is that most leaders, especially in this age, are concerned with manipulating people to obtain things that benefit only the leader or their group. These leaders only seek their own gain and are not interested in truly helping their peers or the consequences their actions have on other people or the future.

    A true leader is one who always inspires the best in their followers. This leader does not seek their own benefit because they understand that the well-being of all always produces their own well-being. This leader seeks to elevate those who follow them so that they become better human beings. This leader regards each of their followers as their brothers, even as their own children, and loves them as they are. Therefore, their main motivation is the happiness of their followers and to turn them into elevated human beings who can express the best of their nature, exploring and learning to use their undiscovered potential.

    Leaders of this magnitude are what this planet needs to take definitive steps toward the age of light and life. This leadership is only possible when a person has dedicated themselves completely and without reservations to discovering the purpose of their existence and expressing the will of the Father for their own life. This is the only way to progressively achieve perfection and live an inspiring life for the purest and sincerest aspirations of humanity, which is what will motivate others to emulate the lives of these leaders who are consecrated to the will of God.”


    APRIL 13, 2024

    Want Vs. Need

    As you continue your journey, you may want to ask The Universe questions to help you resolve issues that have you running in circles. If you listen closely, the answers are always there. However, you may have gotten into the habit of looking right past them. You will focus on what you so desperately want to hear, rather than what you need to hear. You see, The Universe has always been in the business of truth and will always give you what you need. It may be upsetting or disheartening at first but, look at it more closely, dear one. Once you master this art, all communication with The Universe becomes a blessed gift. ~ Creator


    What a Diversion the World Is

    Heavenletter #1687 Published on: July 3, 2005

    What a Diversion the World Is | Heavenletters

    God said:

    How beautiful is the world I made for you. The world was made for you. I prepared it for you. I contemplated the moon and the sun and the stars and made them elegant. I made the sun yellow to reflect My light. I made the sky blue and the seas blue for serenity. I made grass green and soft to lie on. You came to Me in a dream. Being One, We dreamed each other. We dreamed of Truth and, therefore, it was no dream, for Truth was and is Our essence, and love Our reality.

    We look into each other’s eyes which is to say We look into a mirror. We reflect off each other even though there is no other. Eyes see inward and outward even though in and out are illusions. There is no near and no far. There is nothing between Us unless you call love between Us. But love is Our Oneness so there is no in between.

    I love Myself which is to say I love the illusion of you.

    Time and space do not exist so how can separation?

    If I am One, how can you be apart from Oneness? There is nothing for you to be but Oneness. One is as far as I can count.

    There was nothing to create but in imagination. So I imagined you, or you imagined yourself. I made up players to keep Me company. In other words, I had a thought, and My thoughts materialized in a haze. I had a thought of you. I thought of you. I think of you still.

    You discover that you are Myself thinking of you (Myself). You do not exist separate from Me, which is to say, you do not exist. The train of thought you have gone off on seems like existence but you are an embodiment of that which is eternal love and cannot be embodied. You represent Me in this circular motion. You are My representative on Earth, even though there is no Earth. It certainly seems that there is Earth, for We walk on it, but We walk off into the Sunset or the Sunrise of which there is no difference, for We are beyond, and the sun neither sets nor rises except in this illusion We have temporarily agreed upon. We think it is Our playing field but it is merely a rumble of thought, a heartbeat of Oneness playing at something else.

    There is nothing to talk about. It is all thought. It is an electrical current. Light dashes around and calls itself something else. We imagine particles. We study them with our eye to a microscope or a telescope. We study sections of Oneness to find Oneness sectionless.

    What a diversion the world is. Oneness composes itself. One thought becomes many. Thought appears on a screen, and it goes off the screen. The screen is imaginary too so what was there for thought to go off of? Thought went on a tear. It went on tangents of itself, and yet there is only One Thought. So I thought of Myself in many ways in order to come back to Oneness from which I never departed, from which We can’t. I say We out of courtesy to you. I pretend for a moment, just like you, that We are each other when only Oneness exists.

    I am not yours, and you are not Mine. I am Myself. And you are Myself. You who are on a stroll plague yourself with thoughts of an existence that is not but yet believed in with great might. Return to the joy of Oneness from which you have never left except in a flight of fancy from which you can only return, particularly since you never left.


    APRIL 12, 2024

    Trusting The Process

    It may feel a bit odd hanging out in the space between, but it is exactly what The Universe is asking you to do. If you think of it as the pause before the next note of music, the millisecond between the beats of your heart or, perhaps, the fade to black before the next scene of a film appears, it may be easier to enjoy the moment. This may also be the time when you choose a different path. However, you choose to look at it, trust the process and know The Universe is always providing good for you. ~ Creator


    Learn to Trust Me More

    By The Beloved/TA through Lytske


    Learn to Trust Me More

    The Beloved: “Life consists of continuous lessons. It is a learning experience, finding out how you are being guided throughout your life. If you would only be willing to listen to My still Voice within, life would flow so much easier.

    Truly, My beloved, you have, as yet, no idea how much easier you can make this life. If only you will make more time to listen, the practice will sharpen your inner ears to such a degree that in time, you will recognize My voice above the din of the world.

    It will truly be a God-led life of a human in constant communion with the Indweller from Heaven. Negative thought will flee from you, even negative and grievous memories will be erased from your mind, and your restless heart will become filled with peace. Anxiety will find the entrance to your mind barred by Me.

    Truly, such a life can be yours even now. The only thing I ask of you is that you become more conscious of My presence. Practice this thought daily, hourly, minute by minute, for it is practicing your consciousness of My presence that brings Me ever more into your conscious awareness.

    Ask and you shall receive. No greater truth has ever been spoken, and only your faith and trust in Me is still partly lacking.

    I require total dedication on your part. Mind you, I will patiently wait until you are ready to give Me your total faith and trust, and, dear one, remember that I shall never leave you. It is only your conscious awareness of Me that needs to be corrected and improved upon.

    So, learn to trust Me more. I am waiting.”


    APRIL 11, 2024


    During the next few days, it is going to be of the utmost importance to maintain your balance. Each of you is walking your own path and there may be instances when you will have to remind yourself of this. Release any need you may have to knee-jerk reactions, understand that those around you could be easily triggered by what they do not understand and…breathe! As your Earth plane moves closer to peace, it may cause the negative to respond with loud protestations. Rather than allowing yourself to be drawn in that direction, send Unconditional Love and know you have practiced your due diligence. ~ Creator


    What Is It You Cannot Do?

    Heavenletter #1686 Published on: July 2, 2005

    What Is It You Cannot Do? | Heavenletters

    God said:

    Life cannot be in shambles. Change does not mean shambles. But you can be shaken because you think your life is dependent upon keeping it on the track you think it’s supposed to ride on. You fight changing tracks, but, beloveds, your life is dependent upon you, not tracks. Life is more than the external going-ons. You have held allegiance to the circumferences of your life. You have pledged yourself to the borders of your life, yet life is about removing borders, not keeping them.

    Boundaries exist within you. All the obstacles you perceive exist within you. All the troubles, all the woes, all the joys, all the blessings exist within you. Miracles exist within you. Do I not exist within you? And am I not the Greatest Miracle of All? Whatever your concept of Me, am I not mighty? I am true, and yet you conceive of Me. I AM God, but I am also your concept of Me. To you, I am your concept.

    I am One God, but I am seen in many ways. I am seen as Friend, and I am seen as Foe. What you think of Me does not change what I am. What you think does not add to Me nor take away.

    What you think of yourself does not change what you are. Unobserved, unseen, misunderstood, you are still what you are just as I AM.

    Have you perhaps tried to escape from what you are? That must be so or you would not blame others or credit others as much as you do. You would neither adulate nor frown.

    Lives cannot fall apart. What you are is unbreakable. What you call up is your perception, the same as what you call down is. When all is a continuum, what can determine what is good and bad. But, of course, you think it is good to designate what is good. Life is good, beloveds. With or without your hold, good is. What is good is love. Life consists of stages of love. What is your state of consciousness but a state of love?

    You do not even have to climb to the highest love. You are on an escalator to it. That escalator is called life. You are rising high. As you rise, you cannot be attached, for attachment holds you back. You cannot hold on and let go at the same time. You have to let go of holding on. A string breaks when you pull it too tight. You are meant to flex the muscles of life. Life cannot stay one way, and you are not the measurer of it. You are the observer.

    You are a compassionate observer. Know full well that you have far greater power than you presently believe. Only lack of understanding could make you hold on so to flimsy power. Power of the world is flimsy. Kingdoms fall. Crowns are blown about like tumbleweed. But you, you are sturdy. I do not change, beloveds. My love does not change. You are in My favor regardless of whatever goes on in the world.

    You do not walk in My shadow. You walk in My light. When you walk in My light, what can the matter be? When you are My light, what can darken you? When you are My light, where can darkness exist? When you are My light, what is it you cannot be, and what can you not do in the Light of God?


    APRIL 10, 2024

    Shaping Your World

    Please be aware, my beautiful child, that you will be setting the tone for the next few weeks of your Earth-plane existence. Yes, it is very enticing to believe that you are at the whim of external forces blowing you this way and that, however, you must keep in mind exactly how powerful you are! If you choose to be peaceful then peace will be there. If you choose to be anxious, it will be there! It may even make you wish for the days when you were blissfully unaware of the shifts and changes The Universe is making in this moment. The gifts that are being given to your world, and your ability to understand and decipher them for others, is what you came for. Embrace them and know humanity is growing and learning into a better tomorrow. ~ Creator


    It Is All a Matter of Choice

    By A Mentori Spokesperson through Lytske


    It Is All a Matter of Choice

    Mentor: “Well child, it took me a while to get your attention. I am not that far away from you that you should not sense me. We are always eager to find a willing mortal to be attentive enough to take a dictation. We, Mentori, are a group of super-universe teachers, who are willing to give some instruction as reinforcement to support the mentality of humans on this planet, many of whom are starting to get depressed and confused by all the signs and symptoms of imbalance on this planet.

    “You see, child, things could indeed be so much better if humans would only realize that they are not alone and bereft. It simply has not occurred to the majority of you to make a personal connection to the All-That-Is and send a heartfelt prayer to the Creator of all with a request to understand what is happening.

    “The truth of the matter is that the injunction to Be-come perfect has not been put into practice as much as it could have. Neither the injunction to abide by God’s will. The Universal Creator is always available and knows every thought on this planet, including all intentions and actions — the good, the bad and the ugly.

    “Life itself is both a gift and a privilege from the Gods. Life itself holds the key to eternal life. Eternal life is the choice between mortality and immortality. This choice is open to each one who takes responsibility upon them to choose. However, for each human with the capability of thinking for themselves that choice is always connected to taking responsibility for their actions and inactions.

    “No one is going to bail out anyone of all the wrong turns and misspent lives. Each mortal has been gifted with free will to choose and to do God’s will as they understand it with love, tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness. The practice of these values alone would turn this world around.

    “It is just so sad — an abomination to the heart of Father — that half of His evolving children are having such a hard time on this planet. This was never the intent and was not supposed to be so. Of course, I am speaking of God’s daughters. The males who are less than loving towards the females will most certainly in due time understand how they have erred and will have to ask the females for forgiveness.

    “It is mysterious and very precious that females have been gifted with an unbounded capacity for love since they are the life-carriers on the planet. Without females, males would not even exist and the human race would die out. Such is the sober observation.

    “The way the Creator foresaw, intended and planned it was that males and females are to be complemental to each other and accord each other the love and respect each deserves. The idea is to create a balanced, loving family to raise happy children, which is a most satisfying and fulfilling way to live and which contributes to progress of the planet.

    “This idea always remains your choice.”


    APRIL 9, 2024

    Please Continue…

    Dearest one, please continue to be gentle with yourself. This pause in the action has been made available for the specific purpose of allowing a realignment and recuperation of your whole self before the next phase begins. The Universe understands the urgency at which you work but, no rest puts your physical/emotional/spiritual body in a stressed position that slows down any upcoming integration. Rest, eat your favorite foods, watch/read things that bring joy into your life. The upward path will begin again soon enough. You are worthy and deserving of a breather…take it! ~ Creator


    In the Relative World

    Heavenletter #1685 Published on: July 1, 2005

    In the Relative World | Heavenletters

    God said:

    Everything in the relative is what you make of it. Something is good because you say it is. Perhaps yesterday’s weather was hot. Today it’s hotter, so now yesterday’s temperature wasn’t as hot as you had thought. In winter, 50 degrees is warm. In early autumn, 50 is cold. When bread is stale, you throw it out. When you are hungry, you ravish a crust of bread. One day you are happy, but the next day is the same, yet you are not happy.

    What pleased you yesterday isn’t enough today. Your cry is “more”. You are ascending in your cry for more joy. And more joy is what you are supposed to have. And more joy is what is in store for you.

    You are escalating to joy. In order to move toward joy, you have to have a sense of it. The sense of joy is your taxi to joy. Your sense of joy takes you home.

    Joy is what you are supposed to have, and yet it is a gift, a most precious gift in the temporary world. You think it is easy to suffer and hard to have joy, but you have it backward. Suffering is hard, and joy is easy. That’s how it works.

    Love is easy. Unless it is easy, it is not love. Striving for love is striving for love, but it is not love. Only love is love, as only joy is joy. Less than joy is not joy. It is less.

    The fastest way to joy is to dispense it. That is why young children are so indispensable. They are joyful, and they give you joy, and it is your pleasure to give them joy. Whose joy is it anyway? Joy can only belong to all. It is impossible not to share joy. Kept to itself, joy is no longer joy. Joy must bubble up and resound across the universe.

    You do not count joy as if only so much you are is what you will return. Joy is not countable. It is of great account, but it is not tallied. It can only be enjoyed.

    Can joy be taught? It can be shared. It can only be shared. Is there a top to joy? There cannot be. Joy is infinite. You can pursue joy, and you can catch it. But, like love, you can only keep it when you give it away.

    Be a peddler of joy today. Let joy be the music you sing. Let joy be the rhythm of your life. Let joy be your footfall. Let joy be in ambush for you. Let joy take you out of the doldrums. Nothing else can.

    You who are infinite live in a relative world. Although the world is the expression of the infinite, it cannot live up to infinity except through your perception of it. Grouse about the world, and you will see more to grouse about. Enjoy the world, and you will find more joy in it.

    Joy costs you nothing while suffering comes with a high price. Suffering is heavy, and joy is light. Why would anyone choose a heavy burden to carry?

    It is all right to be happy. Happiness is not stolen. It belongs to you. Accept the gift of joy. Truly, it is your inheritance. It is also your choice. You can be oblivious to your inheritance, or you can accept it. There is no court in the land that can deny you happiness. You are the consumer of happiness and you are the expression of it. Be what you are today.


    APRIL 8, 2024

    Feed Your Soul

    The key word for the next few days is gentle. With the most recent shifts, there has been a lot of crashing about, huge changes being assimilated and a chaotic atmosphere that would send the most balanced human swinging out of control. Now is the time to breath! Now is the time to relax and give yourself a moment or two. The beauty of a human existence means you have a choice, the free will and power to allow some much deserved quiet. Embracing that which feeds your soul makes you stronger and much more willing to see the path ahead with clear eyes. ~ Creator