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    We are watching for nearly a week now... demonstrations infiltrated by dark shits after the so called murder of a person. When you see these CONTRIVED situations.. why would you feel mad at the cops for example and go attend things that are destructive... is this social responsibility? Most cops are decent people in decent countries anyway. I have been around quite a few who would never do such a thing. Man can err yes.. and blow something off accidently. This event was staged.. thus all the cameras ON IT... so ones can be manipulated to go destroy their governments.

    You do that in part by destroying the police and the national guards and such. This is an attempt at civil war within this country in which I live... I have not one iota of sympathy in this case.. because it was staged and I would not go protest even if not.. because shit happens... in the every day workings of LIFE..:) It would be to me socially irresponsible to be part of such a thing. <3

    I'm glad you posted this as I was wondering where to put a message that came to me initially the other day when I read a post on TIU, but then more came through later that day. It didn't seem right to post it in the thread that triggered the message.

    How does being “ready to die for freedom” help anyone? If you die for your cause, and the people around you are also “ready to die” and do, and the others who see or hear about it are the same, and they die… then who is left? If everyone is ready to die for a cause, and they all die… there is no cause left. You should not be prepared to die for your cause, but be prepared to live for your cause.

    To suggest that you are ready to die for your cause is to also suggest that you are ready for the associated violence that would lead to your death. Look at the situation unfolding now due to the murder' of George Floyd. Is it right to engage in such violence? Is it right to vent your anger about a situation to the detriment of others when those others are themselves struggling? Is it right to loot establishments that have nothing to do with the crime in question? What will these actions lead to? What will the forces that you oppose do? When seeking to be activists for your cause, be at peace and do not allow anger to control your emotions. A loving activist who is alive can do more than an angry activist who is dead.

    18th July 2012

    This just came through from Christ Michael and seemed important. I was outside in the sun, patting the neighbours cat on my lap, thinking about the messages that I have received in the past while doing the same thing, wishing I had written them down. So when Tilly had decided she'd had enough, I came and tested the theory in the message...

    Glen, Christ Michael Aton addressing you once more on the topic of communication and connection.

    I know you tire of the repetitiveness of these messages, but they are not intended solely for you. I address all my beloved ones through you.

    This will be brief. It is a tip on constant connection. You have wondered this yourself, that if you don't write down a message because you do not have a pencil, or you are working, or otherwise engaged that you cannot take the message down, is the message lost?

    The answer is no. All you have to do is to recall the message. You might only remember a brief snippet, or you might simply ask for the message you received earlier to be repeated. When you sit with pen in hand or at the keyboard with the word processor open, and you start to write, the message should begin to resurface. The connection is reset. It might be a whole new connection or it might be a "recording" of the message. The messages have memory, as they are photon based.

    This is just to let those who communicate often during their daily activities know that they are not "forgetting" or "loosing" the messages if they don't write them down immediately. They can revisit at any time the time is prudent to do so.

    Love and blessings be with you all, my beloved children.


    [Update May 2020 - a previous message had said “There is so much you could have shared over the years that has been lost because of your lack of believing in yourself.” I asked about this as it seemed to be contradictory and got a response… "If the message is fresh in ones mind, then it will be able to be recalled. If much time has passed, then the chances of even remembering the topic of the message is remote. It is then that a message is ‘lost’. In reality though, if you can remember a message topic, even if from years ago, the message should resurface. Remember though that if much time has passed, due to the fluidity of events, the message might now be different to what was originally received."]

    (note: I looked at the clock on my computer and it was 4:44 :))

    July 2012

    In bed last night, 17th July, this is what I was inspired to write down.

    G = Glen

    HS = Higher Self

    CM = Christ Michael

    G. Who is near?

    HS. Christ Michael would like a word again Glen.

    G. Ok.

    CM. Greetings beloved. You had a nice music session just before. I liked the humour in the selection of the Surfin' Bird. You should post that one.

    G. Ok... I will tomorrow.

    CM. You already posted the selection I guided you to.

    G. Creep... yes. You guided me to that? Why?

    CM. You like it.

    G. Yes... I always did like it for some reason. Even the original Radiohead version with the swearing, and you know that I hate swearing.

    CM. Yes. But you liked Macy's version?

    G. Yeah... much better. Had not heard that before.

    CM. What does it say to you?

    (I thought for a bit)

    G. That I am special.

    CM. Yes. I have noticed that you often feel that you don't belong here. You feel you don't belong at Abundant Hope. You feel that you don't belong on Earth. You feel that you don't belong in your body.

    (I hesitated)

    CM. You can write the truth.

    G. Yes... sometimes.

    CM. I guided you to that song so that you would listen to it. You did. Four times. You downloaded it. It touched you. Because you are special. You DO belong here.

    I guided you to write what you wrote when you posted the song because it is important for other Abundant Hope members to know that THEY are special, that THEY belong here.

    You may feel like a creep or a weirdo when with others who don't know what you know or feel what you feel or see what you see. But you are not. None of you are. You are all my special ones.

    I love you all.

    G. Thank you

    HS. Christ Michael has left the building.

    And with that I burst out laughing. I laughed again just now as I was typing that out.

    G. Anyone else want to talk?

    HS. Check Tesla on Keshe site.

    G. Huh?

    HS. Tesla has asked that you check for his name on the Keshe website.

    G. Nikola Tesla... the energy guy.

    HS. Yes. I know of no other Tesla. He likes that you are interested in the technical stuff, but knows that you don't really understand much of it. He might come to talk to you at some stage himself, but is busy now. He also does not want to confuse you too much

    G. Ok... going to sleep now.

    HS. Ok. 'Night.

    G. Goodnight.

    So I guess I had better do as I am asked and go check the Keshe site.

    [Update 27/05/2020 - I don’t remember what I found on the Keshe site back then, but I searched ‘keshe tesla’ online just now and found a page on a tesla forum from September 2012 that mentions “Tesla's Flying Machine Possible With Keshe Technology?”. I have an interest in cars and on the site it says… “The only feasible way to make a flying car is with plasma reactor technology, that can extend a levitating magnetic-gravitational field around the vehicle.

    M.T. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation claims to have done just that.”. I wonder if that is what I was being guided to?]

    So true dear Barbara. If there is enough love externe to others, the balance of give and take is a given. If everyone gives, i.e. makes a contribution daily to the running of or embellishment of society, and if everyone ONLY TAKES WHAT THEY NEED, that balance is achieved. And if there is this balance, THERE IS NO NEED FOR A MONEY SYSTEM EITHER - it can be completely erradicated. The prerequisite is a huge increase in compassion and acute realization that we are all part of the same global family.

    This way is congruent with the loyalty and the appreciation towards the community.. a higher form of society is possible when there is a balance between dedication and benefit or GIVE and TAKE..

    Ah, yes, no money… what a dream that is.

    With regard to giving and taking, this might be of interest…

    “Sharebay is a free, community-powered library of anything!

    You can enjoy free goods and services from any member and give or lend goods and services too. It operates under one simple principle: Give what you can; take what you need.”


    Thanks. Yes, I go to other pages in a search too... sometimes page 5 or 10 to see what's there related to my search terms. But back in 2012 or thereabouts when I last searched for the name Shalamar, I found nothing. Since seeing your message though, I searched again and did find it.

    thanks Glen, these are great.

    shalamir means abode of love in sanskrit apparently ,,, and there is a park in india ;shalamar, supposedly meaning abode of light..

    and congratulations ... we are all taught to Not trust our minds and visions, and even knowing that that is a bunch of crap as children, eventually we succumb to the overwhelming weight of public opinion, as adults... or so it went with me... until seth* triggered some of child wisdom/memories..


    That's interesting about the meanings you found. How did you find them? I tried searching online and couldn't find it myself.

    Abode of love, abode of light... makes sense to me. He definitely is love and light.



    July 2012

    I had a couple of communications last night in bed. It seems most of my "communications" are about "communication" lately. The first was from Shalamar, and although it is most likely not of that much interest being more of a personal nature, I was encouraged to add it.

    Shalamar is a name that was given to me many years ago and I have wondered who Shalamar was. I have asked over the years and never really got a clear answer... perhaps I was never able to understand the answer properly... or I was blocking it for some reason... or whatever. I sensed male energy and felt he was a guide. Or maybe he was my Higher Self? No, not my higher self... I was told some time ago. A guide?... yes.

    Last night he came to me...

    Hello Glen, Shalamar here.

    I didn't muck around and got straight to the point since I had been thinking about him recently, I asked... who are you?

    I am a primary midwayer. I have been with you since (he shows me an image of when I was 5 and had a scooter accident).

    I am your main protector. That accident took your life. I guided you back. You remember?

    Yes. I remembered much later in life, seeing it from above. I was unconscious but remember the scene as if I was witnessing it.

    Since then I have watched over you. You understand? (shows me memories of lucky times, blessings in my life)

    Yes. You gave me your name many years ago, but I was never sure who you were.

    I am always with you.

    I had a sense of love as he withdrew from the connection. He communicates with a combination of words combined with visuals, memories, showing me times in my life, so it is quite hard to relate everything here.

    I felt quite good and asked... are you there Christ Michael?

    Yes, dear one.

    What is it we should be doing? (I wasn't quite that blunt, it is a stream of thought that I was sending to CM and that is what I was getting at)

    The best thing you can do at this time is to connect with us. The focus of my recent communications with you has been communication. That is because it is important. But there are many who feel unable to do so. They need to know that there are as many ways to connect as there are people.

    I communicate with Johan and give him visuals, images to relate that have a meaning as anecdote. With you it is with words more than images. A conversation in your head. Many others too are the same, but they dismiss the words as there own, as you have also done over the years. The need to release the doubt is very real now. You all need to accept us, embrace us as we embrace you when we speak to you. It IS important to try. But at the same time, relax and don't force what feels unnatural.

    This has all been said so many times.

    I know, for that is how important it is.

    And with a faint "salu", Christ Michael was "gone".

    I put the word... gone... in "" because in reality, HE is never gone.

    July 2012

    In an effort to do as requested by Christ Michael earlier, here is another communication with him from this afternoon... while I was looking at the forum.

    You are wondering now, about the group meditation. Why do the reports differ? Well, it all comes down to individual interpretation. There are 250 members of the forum, and if I give you all the exact same message, you might each interpret it differently depending on your ability, your background, your knowledge, your vocabulary.

    Dorothea mentioned the rooms that each of you enter during the group meditation (she referred to "private" conversations). The group is present together but also in an individual capacity, individuated, separated from the group at the same time so as to get a separate message pertaining to you alone. At the same time, receiving the same content that the entire group receives, you are getting a personal message. The individual then interprets the messages as they are able.

    You mentioned before about having my head in the clouds?

    Yes. Some of you are able to "have your head in the clouds" and "your feet on the ground" at the same time. This means you are able to be in a meditative state and also function in the world that you live. All of you have this ability, but some are yet to use it fully. You exercised this ability this morning during the group meditation when you observed your surroundings, seeing Honey and sending him love. Did you notice he was there for the whole time and left when you withdrew from the meditation?

    Yes I did. He seemed so content and happy just sitting there the whole time.

    He sensed our presence. As long as you hold love in your heart, you are able to continue to be in a communicative state at all times. You have love in your heart almost always. You do have times of disconnect, but that is ok and as long as you recognise it, as you always do, you are able to reconnect quickly and it is seamless to you.

    You are looking at Rosie's avatar image and wondering about Seraphin. Her communication with Seraphin is the same as the communication you are now having with me, Christ Micheal Aton. There is the confirmation you were wanting.

    Esu wants a chat, so I bid you adieu. Salu.

    Glen my beloved, it is I Esu.

    I want you to be reassured that you are safe. I know that you are still in anguish over the events in your home town. You worry about your family, which is of course understandable, but I admire that you are at ease with the thought of future quake activity there.

    You tried your best by suggesting to them to leave, but can only do what you can do. Their paths are their paths and I know you understand that.

    I am sensing there be another big one for there... is that so?

    That is a question that I am unable to answer definitively. The possibility is high. The country in which you live is at high risk. I came to give you the message that you are watched over. You and all the Abundant Hope team. Many of you live in areas that will be seeing major activity. But we are with you all.

    Salu beloved, until next time. Keep it up.

    [note: Honey was a pet rabbit. He passed in early 2017.]

    If you go directly to LOID’s page HERE, you can scroll down and access the file. I think he updates it so you might want to make sure you look at / download the latest version.

    Here is the link to the most recent version LOID uploaded...…inityteachermessages-pdf/

    I see repeating numbers like that regularly too. I see them on the computer clock, or cellphone, or the clock in my car. It's become quite a joke with me and my flatmate... whenever we see it, we announce "10 10", "11 11", "12 12", "1 1 1" etc..

    I see from 1982, yes yes when I was in first grade, a baby girl

    Master numbers, even I would creates new numbers

    I hope the angels understood me then, it was a long time ago

    When did you start seeing master numbers?

    I can't really remember when I first started seeing them... seems like forever.

    Must've been in my teens when I first noticed them. But over the years, there have been times when they are more noticeable than other times. I mean, sometimes I guess I just didn't notice them as much.

    But now, a day doesn't pass without seeing a repeating number at least once.

    I’ve only recently started looking at Q posts and I’m a bit confused by it all. Especially the Q clock, which appears to end on 05/29 (May 29). Are you familiar with how to decipher the Q messages and read them in conjunction with the clock?

    Anyway, I decided to have a bit of fun with the Q post you linked to Eduardo

    Assuming [you are here] is referring to that particular post (4256) which was posted on May 17, then “CLAS 1-99_week_3 [you are here]” is week 3.

    I searched online for ‘Flynn dismissed’ and found an article dated May 8 which says “The DOJ moved to dismiss with prejudice its criminal case against General Michael Flynn yesterday.” Yesterday in that context would be May 7. “Flynn DOJ_dismiss_week_1”

    So on to “FISA unmask_DECLAS[public][select date(s)]_week_2”. Does [public][select date(s)] mean that we, the public, should select an appropriate date? Let’s assume so… for fun. I searched for ‘FISA unmask’ and found an article that was posted on May 11. I have decided that the Q post suggested to select a date, so that’s the one I’ll select. Week 2 is May 11.

    I now have dates for week 1, 2 and 3.

    week 1 May 7

    week 2 May 11

    week 3 May 17

    Those dates are 5 days apart. 5 days is not a week… unless you are referring to ‘business days’ and there are 5 of them. Let’s assume that to be the case.

    Adding 5 days to May 17, and then continuing that give the following dates…

    week 4 ?May 22?

    week 5 ?May 27?

    week 6 ?June 1?

    week 7 ?June 6?

    week 8 ?June 11?

    week 9 ?June 16?

    week 10 ?June 21?

    I put the ?s there because this is all completely made up and I have absolutely no idea if there’s anything to it or not. Just a bit of fun… and to highlight that putting dates on things is quite easy to do and trying to know the ‘sequence of things’ is futile.

    By the way, June 21 usually marks the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.


    [edit: I forgot to mention why I put May 11 when 5 days after May 7 is May 12. On the page I linked to for May 11, at the top is a link that says “Tuesday May 12th - Open Thread” which takes you to The Lords Prayer, and on that page at the top is a link to “May 12th - 2020 Presidential Politics - Trump Administration Day #1209”. I didn’t go any further but I took it all as a ’sign’ that I was at the right place. ;) ]

    July 2012

    Laying in bed, pondering, contemplating, asking about things...

    You are wanting to understand about the different meditation techniques?


    You want to know why? But you already know. Each one is different and of use to different people. You are lucky that you are in constant connection to the point where you are no longer even aware of being so. The dialogs you have with “yourself” are dialogs with me, Christ Michael Aton. See, you didn't know it was me until I said it just now. Whether it is me, or Esu, or Shalamar, or Siraya, or your Higher Self, or Shekmet, or Machinventa or a Most High.

    The other members of Abundant Hope wont believe that I communicate with all these... I hardly believe it myself.

    Why would they not? They do it themselves. It is easy. Some do however need the stimulus of a ritual or some kind of technique to focus themselves. Each is different. You are lucky in that your shields are always up. You are protected. Others need the ritual to intentionally connect so as to be safe in their communications.

    You think of the spinning. It is to do with the opening of the conduits, the flow of energy, the direction of the communication. You do not need it but it will help nonetheless. No ritual or technique is better than another except for that which is helpful to the individual.

    You are resisting writing down what I have said a couple of times.

    It feels egotistical.

    It is not egotistical to write the truth. You are special. There, that was not hard, was it?

    No. But surely I am no more special than anyone else?

    No. That is true. You are all special to me. But you do have a specific purpose. We have told you before, but alas, we can not divulge the whys and wherefores at this time.


    All those you have spoken to over the years.

    I feel pretty lost.

    It pains me to see the tears in your eyes, but know that your patience will be rewarded beyond imagining.

    Is there anything you want me to pass on the the Abundant Hope forum members?

    What you have written here will do. Try to write down our communications more often. There is so much you could have shared over the years that has been lost because of your lack of believing in yourself. I know, you can't have pen and paper at the ready all the time, but a little more effort to remember and write as much as possible, when possible. Every little bit counts.

    That is all for now, Salu, beloved.

    You will be talking with Esu soon. He is keen for a chat. But you are tired now.


    And I fell asleep.

    Link to STAND STILL

    With regards to 'sequence', I got this earlier today...

    Sequence of events… unknown.


    When a layer is removed, things change to the new reality.

    Sometimes you move forward, sometimes back.

    Certain things must occur before progress can be made.

    With every change, so to does the sequence of events change.

    They cannot be determined.


    D is destination.

    Must go through A, B and C to get there.

    You are at C.

    Something occurs to put you back to B.

    New circumstances need to be introduced to get back to C before moving to D.

    Sequence ever changing.

    This morning I saw in my mind the number " 4 " as a vision for the second time in like 3 months.

    Might be related to the 444 that i see very often in my cell phone clock, I like this number and for me it means that my Angels are supporting me.

    I see repeating numbers like that regularly too. I see them on the computer clock, or cellphone, or the clock in my car. It's become quite a joke with me and my flatmate... whenever we see it, we announce "10 10", "11 11", "12 12", "1 1 1" etc..

    June 2012

    After receiving the message previously posted (from Siraya) I asked...

    "why was I the one to receive the messages from Siraya earlier that I posted in the 'Who created God' topic."

    Why not you?

    Everyone has the ability to communicate and are doing it often without knowing.

    Some people, like you, are always scanning... your awareness is always scanning the frequencies, searching for the right "channel". Like tuning a TV or radio.

    Intent or focus helps in acquiring a connection... but is not always necessary. You can arrive at the right coordinates sometimes by accident. The point or frequency that is where the connection manifests can be likened to an internet address, or yes, as you have just thought... the timecode of a video.

    As the timecode of a video is the exact location of a single frame, so to is there an exact location or frequency where the connection takes place.

    So when a person meditates, they consciously focus their intention to find a connection address. Some mediators do this easily, but with others it is harder.

    Yet others, like you, do this unconsciously at all times, and as you have already become aware, it is just a matter of shifting your awareness a little to get connected. That shift is a focus or intention to make the connection.

    So when someone receives a communication "out of the blue" as you did today, it is usually because of a stimulus of some kind that has caused a slight shift in awareness and a focusing or more focused intention to receive, even if unconsciously.

    Also when a member does their profile.. what they write in it shows on the left of their posts... which is an introduction.. I made mine apparently really long not realizing it would show up next to every post I made... ;)

    Yes, I noticed your long 'About Me' info.

    I use an old 24inch iMac and wondered if this site is responsive, and if so, what would it look like on a much smaller screen. So I clicked and dragged the corner of my browser window to the left to resize it as small as it would allow and noticed it change, meaning it is responsive. The profile content you mention disappears on smaller screens.