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    "You Really Have to Go At It With Your Whole Heart. Take Your Mind Off of Whatever Mistakes You Think You Made."
    God Poet Transmitting....... I was speaking with a representative of The Ineffable yesterday, and I was asking about the outlook for som...

    Thursday, April 18, 2024

    "You Really Have to Go At It With Your Whole Heart. Take Your Mind Off of Whatever Mistakes You Think You Made."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    I was speaking with a representative of The Ineffable yesterday, and I was asking about the outlook for some of the people I am praying for. It was more about people I knew in the Hawaiian Islands. I did not understand how our situations could be so different. I wasn't all that nice a person now and then, and when it came to reckless endangerment of one's self, I was at the front of the line.

    I was told that it is not about the personal behavior. Hardened criminals have been transformed into wonderful servants of God in no time at all. Look at Saul of Tarsus on The Road to Damascus. I was told... you searched for me, and you would not stop searching for me. No matter what hardships and obstacles I set in your way, you would not stop. It gave, “seek and ye shall find” a whole new meaning... in my mind.

    It's not about attending religious services. It's not about performing rituals. It's not about good behavior with the expectation of a pay-off. It's not about the letter of the law... or going by the book. As impersonal as The Divine can be, it is really personal with God how we relate to him/her/it. When you make God the centerpiece of your life, God becomes the centerpiece of your life.

    I remember The Divine asking me, “Visible, how much time do you think I spend in churches, besides the fact that I am already resident in every living thing?” I think I said, “Not much?” and I heard, correctomundo (God loves colloquialisms) I think it was. He went on to talk about Lady Nature's cathedrals. If you are looking for God within, you'll have an easier time of it in nature.

    There is a reason why The Greatest Commandment is The Greatest Commandment. It is the key to a working relationship with The Divine. In The Eastern Traditions, you will sometimes hear that God is a slave to Love. If you want to make God your loving servant, you need only love him/her/it with all your heart OR... at least more than everything else. You have only to become God's loving servant.

    Now... of course... one should not have it in mind to make God a servant. That is more the province of a magician... who seeks to bend the will of the creatures of The Infernal Realm for his purposes, and which.. with rare exceptions... inevitably results in him winding up in a state of reversal... eventually. If you don't want your ass singed, don't back it up to the kitchen stove.

    Why do you think it is common for Black Magicians to be homosexual? It is CRITICAL to have your priorities in order... when you set out to find The Path... because you will find what you are looking for, so... you had better hope you will be pleased with finding it. Certain restrictions come with the pursuit of certain objectives. Seek to love God alone, and... for no other reason than the overwhelming surges of devotion that fill your heart. Without God... NOTHING has any meaning. With God... everything has meaning.

    The World is upside down and backward for most people, BUT... they have gotten used to it, so it SEEMS to be right side up to them. It's not. When you are a child... you see things upside down. It is in the process of learning to walk that this perspective changes. Learning to walk is one of our greatest accomplishments but most people don't know that. Most people don't know much at all because of the direction in which their interests lie.

    You have to pester God over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. It might go on for lifetimes OR it might go rather quickly... due to the level of intensity... in your directed passion. If you are lackadaisical, you can expect the motor vehicle department treatment. In any case... it takes serious determination. That is why we advise here, (and we generally eschew advising) that you first get Faith... Certitude... and Determination Or... whatever sense of passionate industry... you might feel on any morning... will have dissipated by noon.

    On many an occasion... in this life... I was off tilting at windmills. However, as soon as I saw the error of my intention or direction, I turned with a burning desire to make up the ground I had lost. As soon as you realize that you have been wrong... you have the option of not being wrong any longer.

    So... I pestered God again, and again, and again, and again, and again. He brushed me off ten thousand times and more. He might pick me up and play with me for a short while, but he would soon set me back down, and head off wherever it is that God goes when you can't find him.

    Finally, he started answering me occasionally, and it was still years before he was always on tap. Oh... he always answered me before, BUT not in direct conversation... as it is now.

    Perhaps my dedication had reached the necessary level. Perhaps it was my love or devotion. Perhaps it was being able to simply hold still. I do not know what it was, BUT... something worked, and I have not a single concern for all of eternity now. Oh... I still get distracted and sidetracked... for the purpose of accruing wisdom and understanding. I get knocked out of wack... to get knocked into wack... for whatever the reason, BUT... I suspect it is to foster my utter reliance upon The Almighty... my utter compliance with his will.

    The knocking out of wack is gentler now. It is easier to adjust to. I often think about how fortunate I am that I had such a rough road... for such a long time... until only recently, and now that rough road has become smooth and... it is on an endless... gradual... and bending incline. How grateful I am that there was no easy course in the beginning.

    He said that the ones I was praying for just weren't looking hard enough for him; perhaps in some other lifetime, he said. It makes me tremble to hear such a thing. I suppose that is why we pray for people... the real reason; that they will catch fire with spiritual fervor, and... run with all their might OR... stride with unflinching purpose... regardless of the sounds on all sides, and... the dancing, and... enticing peripherals

    A child cries for its mother. The Mother gives the child a toy to distract it. As long as the toys work, The Mother is not concerned. She knows that eventually, the child will turn its fuller attention upon The Mother, and no matter how far afield the child may be... will set its thoughts on The Father's Kingdom.

    I was such a child. The distraction of toys was never more than temporary. I didn't actually want anything else except to be in the bowers of The Mother... while The Father's Light shined on me. God knew this. God knows everything... coming and going; now.... and countless billions of years previous... till countless billions of years ahead. God knows everything. What matters the years when Eternity is the resident state?

    You really have to go at it with your whole heart. Take your mind off of whatever mistakes you may think you made. That will only hold you back. When you can see God in everything and everyone... you are there. That is the living evidence of it. Either we are living our life... independent of The Divine, and... certain to be worn away by our own resistance... OR... God is living his life in us, and... by degrees... the resistance fades away, and... one comes off The Wheel. The Wheel keeps on turning and burning, BUT you no longer do.

    life goes on within you, and... without you,♫ We pray for others, BUT it should only be that The Spirit of God may come forward and live its life in them because... that is THE resolution to any problem they may have, and... any problem they will ever have.

    People have problems because they resist The Will of God. The Will of God is... that we all live in endless abundance... in The Garden of Endless Delight. There is no other thing that God wills for us except that we might move in harmony and resonance with God. All that other stuff... comes from that other place... that exists to serve, and to foster... the spirit of rebellion in us.

    We are entering an age of greater light. This means an age of greater awareness and automatically translates into a time of brotherhood. There is nothing we cannot accomplish... in common purpose with each other, and... with The Divine. The old ideas and those who represent them WILL pass away. Those who hold to The Darkness will pass into The Darkness. Those who embrace The Light will be embraced by The Light.

    What is coming will not be denied. In its coming will be judgment and redemption... punishment and reward. No temporal force is equal to resist the force of cosmic change. The Power of God is without limits. The Power of Man is limited. Even one who is not very good at math should be able to figure that one out.

    End Transmission.......

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    I should add in The Health and Sundry links but I'm not in the mood. (grin) right now. Maybe next time.

    A short treatise by Chuang Tzu on immortality

    And... if you are in the mood for a little more, here he goes on about The Perfect Man. They are both quite short


    “The Master was instituting a new remembrance supper as a symbol of the new dispensation wherein the enslaved individual emerges from the bondage of ceremonialism and selfishness into the spiritual joy of the brotherhood and fellowship of the liberated faith sons of the living God.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    "The Time to Change is Now, BUT... The Force of Crazy... in The Visible Equation... Makes this... Most Extremely Difficult."

    Wednesday, April 17, 2024

    "The Time to Change is Now, BUT... The Force of Crazy... in The Visible Equation... Makes this... Most Extremely Difficult."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    News has come to me that the... less-than veritable Klaus Schwab... has taken ill and been hospitalized. There has been no further news so... the news is less fortunate for him than it is for the rest of The World. Then Clarence Thomas was ill for a time. I lack the details, but he has since returned. Then... that hack that got installed as the head of The Joint Chiefs took ill. I could list other recent examples of ill health coming upon The High and Mighty since the most recent Rothschild went to... wherever it is that Rothschilds go.

    This is a trend that is going to be sweeping the manifest realm soon. I was going to say... it will not be only the rogues and reprobates, as Clarence Thomas is included, but then... I remember that Monsanto thing. No one gets to the top of The Dungheap... who hasn't kissed the sphincter of The Invisible Pope of Darkness; not these days.

    I wasn't going to talk about that today. I was going to talk about Celebrities, and... I still am. They're mostly crazy, aren't they? The Vanity that emerges from the adulation of the less intelligent or... The Vanity that drove them to seek out adulation, to begin with... generally takes a toll on one's sanity. As the due date for their shelf life passes... the obsession to stay relevant becomes like a high fever.

    Cher has to trot a young black guy around so that The World knows she's still sexy, although I cannot remember her ever having been so, to begin with. Al Pacino has to get married and father a child in his 80s because... that virility thing... yeah. Madonna has to travel with a bicycle pump... just to keep her lips plump, and her rear contours rounded... so as to not get that washboard effect in the back... now that it's gone missing in the front.

    Dolly Parton... Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are going to be doing a film that I think is called The Grandmothers of The Witches of Leastwick. Botox and bicycle pumps have made it easier for these folks to go out in daylight more. They say that the chemtrails create a nice setting of indirect lighting.

    The only one looking normal is Clint Eastwood. Now and again you can find at least one icon to identify with; “so tell me... do you feel lucky... punk? Well, do you?” Many things are going downhill at a breakneck clip, but none have attained the speed of the Hollywood juggernaut. I recently saw a remake of that epic film Roadhouse. Dear God! What possesses these people to not only redo something that did not need to be redone... BUT... to do it in such an embarrassing and humiliating fashion?

    It seems as if... whatever integrity... was ever in acting to start with... has left town in the dark of the night. Recently, it has gotten REALLY bad. People will do anything for money and the opportunity to harvest public worship. Vanity... according to someone who played The Devil some years ago... is his favorite sin. Shouldn't you... at least... have a good reason to be vain in the first place?

    Now that all films have to have a multicolored cast with at least one spastic... 6 gay scenes... an autistic dwarf... an amputee, a transsexual, and at least two seriously obese women... there's often a credibility problem with the film. For example... imagine doing a remake of Goodfellas or... The Bridge on The River Kwai with this cast.

    Once again... we are going to return to what will... in times to come... be called The Visible Equation. This is when the rate of Materialism advances to a specific point... where the flywheels of existence... spin a pervasive and suicidal insanity through The Hive Mind, and... the people no longer reproduce... the men lose interest in the women... and entropy becomes a landscape. I'm looking at it right now.

    The people who fill the boardrooms all went to specific colleges... where The Usual Suspects... indoctrinate them with dysfunctional perspectives... that showcase Reality running for the city limits, and howling like a loon.

    That's been the case as freefall sets in and Swampland is no longer a theatrical prop. Everywhere... there are people trying to pull their feet from The Murk, and the effort only sinks them deeper. Of course, some people are doing the backstroke, and loving it... because that's how conditions are on their home planet.

    In New York, the former president is on trial for an alleged crime that the main player... Stormy Daniels says, DID NOT EVEN HAPPEN. Previously he was hit with a judgment of hundreds of millions of dollars because a certified crazy woman said he raped her in a changing room at Bloomingdale's. There were no witnesses and no evidence, and earlier they had hit him with a ten million dollar judgment for saying that this lying crazy woman was a liar. Is this nuts?

    Meanwhile... all of The Media... which is owned by a single demographic... are backing this vile injustice to the hilt. Now... I am on record as not being too fond of this former president, given his Killer Vaccine support; not so much for his original support because he could have been... easily... duped, BUT... because he hasn't told the truth about it since; not to mention all those things he said he was going to do that he didn't do.

    More and more... it looks like he will be president again, and then what happens? Never before in the history of this country has The Criminal Element been so firmly in charge... if you go by appearances.

    Let's move a little further into The Visible Equation. We won't be using applicable mathematical symbols because most people won't be able to interpret them. We'll do it in analogically allegorical format. (grin) The people who are running the government; not the people with the official titles of office, but the people telling them what to do, are... by-the-day... becoming more and more batshit crazy BECAUSE... those whom The Gods would destroy, they first drive mad.

    These people ALSO own The Media, which controls the GENERAL public perception of the day-to-day operations of government. These people ALSO own all of the entertainment industries, and they tell the whores and fluffers who work there what to say OR... they will work there no longer.

    They either own and operate all the mediums that have to do with control and deception OR... they can call someone. This is because all of these theaters of enterprise are the province of The Prince of Darkness, and... are owned and operated by his minions.

    One part of The Visible Equation is The Fleeing Rat Factor, which says that when the meal ticket begins to sink into a place where rats can no longer breathe, they will run for dry land, and... they will make squealing noises like stuck pigs so... the ratio of whistle-blowers... to the degrees of pressure being brought to bear on them... WILL result in all sorts of hidden secrets being made known; courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse.

    Everywhere... the pressure to inform and reveal... is going to intensify until it becomes unbearable not to.

    A change in The Wind... can be illustrated and articulated... without The Wind being brought into the picture; as if you could see it even if it was. All you can see is what it does. You can't see it. You can see where it's been, and where it's presently at, but... you can't see where it's going... except in the immediate present, BUT... those who study the nature of The Wind... can have an idea about future appearances and effects, based on previous behaviors, and this applies... across the board... with everything.

    So... the name players in every area of enterprise... are being driven crazy... at a far greater rate of speed, and with a great deal more force... than those of us who will be surviving the process. The more a people... or any individual... departs from God... the more deeply they enter into the howling chaos... that is the outer ring... which circles The Center of Golden Harmony and Peace. Remember the spinning disk, and those sitting near the spindle and those further out? Someone has their foot on the treadle. Never forget that.

    If there were ever a time to repent and to behave yourselves... that time is now, though... the force of crazy... demonstrated in The Visible Equation... makes this extremely difficult.

    So... keep your eyes on those in entertainment. They are the most likely to crack the soonest. Since they were driven to what they do by Vanity AND Self-Interest, and since one of these is the most superficial of sins, and the other the most pervasive... their purchase of what is real is not great. They are already slip... slip... sliding away.

    Then... there is the relentless factor of the cancers, and other maladies coming for them, and many who are in the public eye. Panic ALWAYS accelerates crazy. This is also demonstrated in The Visible Equation... just as is the resonance between atheism and materialism. The greater your material success... the greater the departure from The Divine, and... inversely and conversely (whether opposite or contrasting) one is crazier by every degree of separation from The Divine.

    Sanity is a hallmark of those who practice The Greatest Commandment, and it is absent from those who do not. Love of the false self, by way of Vanity... because of a performance-driven nature... in search of attention wherever it can be found... WILL render you insane. It is only a matter of time.

    End Transmission.......

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    Perhaps a song from back in the day will be a nice closing. Pay attention to the lyrics in the context of today's posting.

    AND... what do you make of this??? (did they have to call him Thor?)


    Scanning through the Z.H. articles I found this authors view on what causes obesity.

    Certainly different to the mainstream view, he makes some excellent points IMO.           ( food for thought )    :D

    A Heretic's View: Blaming Food For Obesity Is Like Blaming Water For Drowning | ZeroHedge

    647481_5__80.jpg?h=4bb97397&itok=4GKZzLub A Heretic's View: Blaming Food For Obesity Is Like Blaming Water For Drowning ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

    "Even Now... The Coiling Darkness... has Made Itself a Home... in the Hearts and Minds of Many of The World's Leaders."
    God Poet Transmitting....... A bishop was stabbed in Sydney. He had been outspoken about COVID lockdowns and The Killer Vaccines. He's h...

    Tuesday, April 16, 2024

    "Even Now... The Coiling Darkness... has Made Itself a Home... in the Hearts and Minds of Many of The World's Leaders."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    A bishop was stabbed in Sydney. He had been outspoken about COVID lockdowns and The Killer Vaccines. He's had things to say about The Israeli genocide in Gaza. The People You Cannot Criticize decided to animate some of their cancer sleeper-cells that are embedded in humanity.... like Hassan-i Sabbah had his Hashshashins in every country, waiting to strike at the heart of any who would oppose his agenda.

    The psychopaths among us have been throwing their weight around more and more of late. They're all comfy and confident about ruling The World. They think they got their dominoes in order. It's the classic tale of hubris that we see again and again in this world. This world was made for this sort of thing; being The Temple of... The Purpose of Demonstration... that it is.

    Expect the appearance of ever-greater chaos as Election Season goes into a higher gear shortly. The Deep State likes to use Fear and Confusion for crowd control. Advanced Materialism creates an atmosphere of subjectivity in The Hive Mind. Do not forget that we are at the further end of The Cusp Period between the ages. A whole lot of eggs are getting broken. A whole lot of omelets are being made; not all of them are edible.

    I wish to point something out here. It is a permanent... and lasting reality that exists... regardless of The Weather moving across the mind's screen. Because of the pervasive atmosphere of subjectivity... people come to believe that The Weather is more than the weather. It's certainly another form of Bread and Circuses.

    It's whatever it takes to hold your attention... while your pocket gets picked... while you get herded this way and that... while you believe what you are told, and... do not question the sources that are telling you... whatever they are telling you. It's in the nature of subjectivity.

    There is an intransigent collective of cinderblock heads who believe that The World Leaders know what's going on, and are doing their best to control... whatever it is that they think they know... for the greater good. This is not true. Most world leaders are common hoo-ers. (which is what they call them in North Jersey)

    Most world leaders sold their souls in order to be world leaders because The World is not controlled by world leaders. It is controlled by bankers... who are controlled by demons... who are controlled by The Prince of Darkness OR... The Shadow of God OR... The Left Hand of God OR... The Face of Carnal Hunger and Worldly Ambitions OR any number of names... that people give... to The Sower of Confusion in this world.

    The Devil is God, the... way... that... The Wicked... see... him. There is no devil in actuality other than The Mind within a certain bandwidth. Hermes Trismegistus (or thrice greatest) says (in The Emerald Tablet) “Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing.”

    Please note the Bold Text that refers to The Superiors and The Inferiors... which are also called, The Supernal and The Infernal. The Power spoken of is beyond... above... Good and Evil. That is the point being made. Both Evil and Good serve the agenda of The Master of Both.

    You may consider it unfair to be trapped between Good and Evil... on the playing fields of existence... where The Purpose of Demonstration is acted out, BUT... you put yourself here by Wanting, AND... it is only Wanting that keeps you here. Some twisted actors are obsessed with the idea of ruling over us all. They are actively seeking the power to do this. They do not possess this power, BUT they think they have enough of what they need... to proceed....until they find, and acquire it, WHICH... is NEVER going to happen.

    They can cause all kinds of confusion and chaos on their way to finding out that it is never going to happen... mostly by convincing that aforementioned collective of cinderblock heads... to follow along after them... do their bidding... go in fear of them... listen to weather reports, and play with themselves while they wait for something to happen.

    You might think of what is coming to be like the sinking of The Titanic. Many more people were killed besides the few who were assassinated for opposing The Federal Reserve Act. We're talking about a much bigger boat here. No boat has ever been match in size... The Ship of State... that sails on a river of darkness. A single cinderblock is a hefty item. Imagine millions of cinderblocks!

    It's possible for certain people to gain The Appearance of a great deal of temporal power. You see... arrangements got made... previously... in another location... concerning the roles that get played out here, AND... as stupid as it might seem to you, there are people who desperately want to play The Bad Guys, AND... there are periods that occur in the endless transitions of existence... from one state to another... where there are a lot of perks that come with being a bad guy... especially a really bad guy.

    You might remember that we have said here... many times... that The Avatar might well come in The Hearts of Humanity in this instance... simply because of the size of the population, AND... I should point out that... no matter what anyone might think... that's the real reason that everyone is here at this time... be they Good... Evil... or a cinderblock head.

    It doesn't matter, AND... it's a moot point to me... whether The Avatar does come as a single individual... or a series of individuals... or in The Hearts of Humanity... where a place has been made for his appearance BECAUSE... it will likely be all of these.

    So... let me point out... in the framework of eternal verities and laws... like... for instance... The Law of Cause and Effect, and The Law of Opposites... repelling and attracting, AND ancillary minutiae... and, of course... lest we forget... Yadda yadda as well; if The Avatar is to appear in certain hearts of humanity... it is very likely... according to Laws of Correspondence and other somesuch... that... something else will be appearing... nay... is already present... in the hearts of those where The Avatar will not be making an appearance.

    Even now, The Coiling Darkness has made itself a home in the hearts and minds of many of The World's Leaders... the rich and powerful... the famous and celebrated... the veritable Who's Who on Mammon's guest list for the big gala to be held... once The World is finally subjugated by The Ones Who Want it So Fucking Bad. This gala will not be held... not on this plane anyway. Quite another gala... has been inked-in... in its place.

    It's all going to be happening internally... for those seeking, and praying... and serving, AND... for those taking, and preying... and self-serving. What will be going on Out There will be nothing more than weather, and... the outcome was already decided long ago. The real action is going to be going on inside of each and every one of us. It's all in your mind... happens to be true.

    Those who are under the spell of The Fallen Kings... who are under the spell... of The Ring of Power, will not pass Go, BUT... will continue to the sure and certain denouement that ALWAYS attends the destiny of such. Those who are caught up in the aspiration for Unity... of which Love is the first emanation... will continue on to the sure and certain denouement that ALWAYS attends the destiny of such.

    The much-anticipated dawn that breaks, WILL BE... breaking within... upon the darkness of the human mind. The Light will be the message itself, and the message will be the spontaneous celebration of Unity... through the shared experiences of The First Emanation. If Love is in your heart, then... Love is in your heart.

    There is to be a vast sorting out, and that portion of the program has already begun. Like, will be drawn to like... through the magnetism of shared desires. There are invisible tractor beams that are much like The Gulf Stream, and other such forces that have been in operation here for a long time. You are headed where your treasures are.

    All this uncertainty and nonsense... that presently exist... as powerful distractions... they may play well before the audiences so disposed toward them, BUT... for others among us... near and far... a long awaited visitor, and his friends... are on the way.

    End Transmission.......

    We are linked at another site each time one of these posts appear. We... occasionally... show up at other sites too, but this one we are always present at. It is The Truthseeker. Today, a reader added a link to the posting that featured a fine presentation of that Tom Wait's song, “Come On Up to The House.” I wore out my copies of his first 6 albums. I won't say anything further about it. Anyway... Tom was as fine a poet/balladeer as anyone who has written in the last hundreds of years. It's worth your time to listen to this cover of the song by another artist.


    “Divine forgiveness is inevitable; it is inherent and inalienable in God’s infinite understanding, in his perfect knowledge of all that concerns the mistaken judgment and erroneous choosing of the child.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    "This is A Place We Should Pass thru as Quickly as Possible, BUT... Most Everyone gets Caught in The Roadside Attractions."
    God Poet Transmitting....... I am a believer in Self-Inquiry. I believe wholeheartedly in Ramana Maharshi's method of self-questioning; a...

    Monday, April 15, 2024

    "This is A Place We Should Pass thru as Quickly as Possible, BUT... Most Everyone gets Caught in The Roadside Attractions."

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    I am a believer in Self-Inquiry. I believe wholeheartedly in Ramana Maharshi's method of self-questioning; asking over and over, “Who am I?” The important part of this principle... and something I think many people miss... is that if one is asking this question... they must have some expectation of someone or something answering them back. Who is it that they expect to answer them?

    This brings us to the question of God. We presume that God exists. I... for one... have absolute and recurrent evidence of the existence of God. There is no room for doubt with me on this question, and there hasn't been for a long time. What follows that question... is the next question, “What is God?” What makes answering this question so difficult is that there is no one comprehensive answer. God is many things, as well as none of those things, but one thing that is beyond the mind's capacity to define.

    It is perfectly understandable to me... though it might not be for everyone... that one can be certain of God's existence without knowing what God is. Life itself is an endless series of contradictions because Life takes place on a field of constantly interacting opposites, like Day and Night. You can extrapolate a never-ending list of the opposites that act off of each other, and never list them all. This is because there are polarities you are completely unaware of... and... polarities you might be aware of, but... which are impossible to talk about.

    Let me detail those aspects of God's parts that are present in my perspective. These are aspects I have directly experienced, and in every case, more than once. God is The Self that is resident in each one of us. This is who answers Ramana's question... eventually. That is God at one level of Divine presence and expression. Even if it is an absolute stillness in the midst of ceaseless motion... it is still present.

    God is... also... everything that there is... because everything is constructed out of God's being... by Adaptation. Think of it like this. The OM is the source of all other vibrations that come about by adapting a part of The Om from The Causal Plane. Everything in form... is a variation of The OM... as a unique vibration... in a limited time frame. In some cases, that time frame seems to be forever, but it is not. In many other cases... those variations are observably limited.

    The Self that exists in all of us... is eternal. It is the same in all of us. Our personal expression, which is an Adaptation of The Self... is a temporary... personalized expression... of The Impersonal Self. I should add here that The Self itself does... occasionally... manifest in a personal expression... for the purpose of harmonizing all other expressions and facilitating an evolution in Awareness, and Consciousness in all life... on the endless spiral that is much like a coiled serpent.

    I was told that “God is a serpent.” This is because The God Force operates in a fashion similar to serpents... such as in waveforms... biorhythms... Yin and Yang... vibrations... etc. When we are told, by realized masters... to utterly rely on The God Force... to become as a little child... it is because that is the sure and certain way to perfection. One ONLY achieves this by cooperating with The God Force, not by opposing it, which is the usual relationship that exists for nearly everyone... to some degree... most of the time... until they wise up.

    The whole thing about Reincarnation... is that it is the procession of a series of passages that... slowly... break down our resistance to God... through varieties of experiences that... eventually... lead us to a common understanding that is shared... by EVERYONE... who has ever become realized.

    It's a club, and you are in it... eventually. Until you are a conscious member... there is no way to tell you what it contains... or what it amounts to. It can ONLY be known through direct experience. It is why The Wise are so often silent on the matter, and everyone else chatters away like a Magpie or a Blue Jay; depending on whether you are declaiming or complaining.

    So... God is This, and God is also That... in the relative sense. In the absolute sense, there is no point in commenting on it. It is its own comment. It is its own living... breathing... self, and your job; should you choose to accept it... is to live and breathe exactly as it does. This you accomplish by becoming as a little child.

    For a time, and... if you include the course of all your little lives... for a very long time... you move about through familiar surroundings. Your mind has named and identified what surrounds you... according to your attractions and repulsions. Our original prototype/template was Adam. Adam was/is 'the namer of things.'

    Desire is the force that drives you. It is The Agent of God's Will. Over the long reach of it all... it will take you to some strange places. However... eventually... you must walk between The Towers of The Moon that lead beyond the common thoroughfares. It is... in this wilderness within... that The Self is discovered.

    Even when one has discovered The Self... one is not immediately liberated from The Commonplace. I have had The Self revealed to me, BUT... a certain event has not yet taken place, so... The Wheel is still spinning, and it will continue to spin until it stops of its own accord. There is no way to know... in advance... when this will happen.

    What I am telling you, and a great deal more that I am not telling you... is due to... on the one hand... space constraints, and... on the other hand... my inability to articulate what it is... what I have discovered, and... what has been revealed to me. It will not take the same shapes of progression for others. We each experience it in a singular fashion, so... what I am saying here, will prove of little use to many. In that case... you are advised to look elsewhere for a greater resonance; for something... or someone... that rings more true for you.

    We are personalities, and... as such... we will be in harmonious accord with some, and... in conflict with others. Even if we are not... personally... in conflict with others... others will be in conflict with us. Such is the nature of manifest existence.

    I am not a master. I do not claim to be a spiritual teacher. I am a poet and a mystic. These are legitimate pathways to The Unspeakable Unity, just as is the course that takes one to mastery... or any of the other specific and legitimate routes... that are also pathways there... to The Self... as it exists within any particular limitation of form.

    I should point out what you will... eventually... find out. There is... only... one master. I don't care whose face you are looking at... what color they are... what language they speak... what religion they are... or are not affiliated with. There is ONLY... The One Self. When one has gotten out of the way of that Self, and when they cannot... or will not... interfere with that Self... EVER again... they are called a Master, BUT... they are... ONLY... hosting The Master.

    Because I don't know, I also know that no one else knows either. They are just giving me their versions. As my contentious nature has faded away... the images in the mirror are much more clear to me than they were. I can now see that people are talking to, and about, their idea of themselves in everyone else. They are acting as if everyone else were just like them, BUT... there are features they do not like about themselves, which they see in everyone else. There is nothing you can do about any of it, BUT... restrain your Reactive Mind.

    Which is better; one person yelling at himself, or two people yelling at each other? When you have no aggression in you, no one else can muster the force to be aggressive with you. If you are not standing between someone and what they want, they have no interest in you.

    This is a place we should pass through as quickly as possible, BUT... most everyone gets tangled in the roadside attractions. When you don't want anything here... ah! How marvelously your eyes begin to open. Now you can see what you did not see before, and you can be generous beyond measure because... it all belongs to you. You can see people's fondest dreams realized... simply through the certitude of blessing them... with the authority of The Divine... that is resident in you both.

    Our selfish nature causes us to limit ourselves... as if we were actually locked up in a cell. We do not have to worry about all the things we worry about. There is no danger for us in anything unless we bring the corresponding danger... to something else... with us. One without the needed karmic attachments can walk right through an active battlefield and suffer nary a scratch.

    This is why one is advised by The Realized, and by The Liberated... to put all your cares and woes into a bag and toss it into the sea. The Christ advised, “Pick up your cross (your elemental body) and follow me.” He was talking about The Way Out. He was passing through, and he was heading out. He was inviting anyone... who might be interested... to come along with him. He is still doing this.

    Now he is coming back... in a new presentation... to do the same thing all over again. Don't be the person squabbling with... or plotting against your neighbor... while he passes you by. Be watchful. Be ready. Be waiting for him to appear. Expect that portal to open up within you at any time... because... you never know.



    Beautiful little church that honors the memory of Saints Marie and also Sara,
    allows you to go up and see all of Saintes Marie de la mer, a really nice place

    Sanctuaire des Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer - Notre-Dame-de-la-Mer

    “This cleansing of the temple discloses the Master’s attitude toward commercializing the practices of religion as well as his detestation of all forms of unfairness and profiteering at the expense of the poor and the unlearned.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    “Jesus enlarged the neighbor scope to embrace the whole of humanity, even that we should love our enemies. And there is something inside of every normal human being that tells him this teaching is moral—right. Even those who practice this ideal least, admit that it is right in theory.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    "We Need Good Guys and Bad Guys for The Ongoing Drama of The Purpose of Demonstration as God Makes His Points."

    Friday, April 12, 2024

    "We Need Good Guys and Bad Guys for The Ongoing Drama of The Purpose of Demonstration as God Makes His Points."

    God Poet Transmitting.

    The modern non-dualists are not much different from the modern scientists. They seek to remove God from the conversation. Who do they put in God's place? They put themselves. I don't care what the argument is... a servant of The Divine should not be in possession of tens of millions... hundreds of millions of dollars. I've heard all the justifications. They're all bullshit. I may not know much, but I know that. Amazing things happen to people when they don't lie to themselves.

    The Mind is a subtle, and devilishly ingenious thing. It can rationalize anything. It only has to convince itself, and then it sets about convincing everyone else. In what seems like no time at all... it is far down the road of self-serving interests. Humility and The Qualities of The Divine are not on their radar.

    People appear out of the foliage of The World. They surround this fool and assure him that The People... his followers... want him dressed in fine livery... want him to eat at the finest dining emporiums... want him to have high-end modes of transport... want him to have the best of everything... BECAUSE... they live vicariously through him/her. They find ways to enrich themselves in the bargain. When the leader is seduced by glamour, and... living an illusion, no one... is... minding... the... store.

    None of these affluent mountebanks talk about selfless service, which is the single most important aspect of the spiritual path after The Greatest Commandment. They are intellectuals. They like to separate doctrine from the source of the doctrine. They like to state and to imply that there is no God... there is merely a nothing that everything comes out of. This is the same as speaking of The Black Sun. It is not black. It is simply too bright to see.

    I know that all the dynamic and successful people of The World see someone like me as a fool. I am not seeking their approval. That is how The World seduces you. You become convinced that you need the approval of others to be a success. You lie to yourself... you buy into The Lie... because it promises you comfort... and security, but... you get neither. You get the illusion of comfort and the illusion of security. I've seen what happens. I watch. I am after The Truth. I don't give a shit about the trappings.

    Later on... down the road... you are too entrenched to break free, and you dare not anyway. People are depending on you. You will disappoint them, and then... they will abandon you. Yeah... that's how strong their love is. Then disease comes a calling like a suitor. The aging process starts to lean on you... instead of you leaning on what you left... somewhere back down the road. All the ills of Time start to pay you a visit... like those annoying relatives... that you only have to see on holidays. Every day is a holiday for these unwanted guests.

    I watch people eating garbage... garbage for their bodies... garbage for their minds. They're young and invincible. You can get away with all kinds of things when you are young, and... if you do develop some unfortunate problem... well... there's a pill for that. I don't eat that garbage. I didn't eat it when I was young. I don't take their pills. I am living proof that I know more about medicine and health than these doctors, and I know a real doctor too... who does not lie to me, and has a remedy for EVERYTHING.

    I watch. I see the shape these doctors are in. How can they let themselves go like that when they are doctors? They should know better. And... these philosophers... these spiritual teachers... they get headlines and the crowds. They get the money... the prestige... the entrée... then they run into God or one of his representatives, and... he doesn't know them. The Christ spoke about this.

    Hard times come, and then they cry out to The Invisible for help, and... The Invisible tells them to go talk to their fancy friends. That's who they spent all their time with. That's who comprises the important moments of their existence... not that invisible something... that you can't take to a broker or a pawn shop. It's got no material value. Even when the hucksters are selling it, they're not selling it. They are selling the idea of it. They're selling the sizzle... not the steak.

    There is The World of Forces, and there is The World of Forms. Certain aspects have defined characteristics and some don't. Some are formless... like Fear. Don't let Fear get a room with Imagination. Oh! The mind images those two can give birth to. Um hmm. You'd better get a handle on that one, I'll tell you that.

    The problem is... these spiritual teachers get themselves a nice long run down the highway. It's only later on that The Archetypes start calling, Wassup Homie! When The Divine likes you, he doesn't let you get very far down those roads before he smacks you upside the head. When he likes you, he's going to give you all kinds of grief. If you are not getting all kinds of grief, you're the basic ingredient in The Purpose of Demonstration... coming to a theater of existence close to you... soon.

    Yes... God loves everyone. He put The Sun in the sky as a daily example of that. He might love everyone... that's his job... after all, BUT... he doesn't like everyone.

    The Divine has friends, and he has people who are not his friends. That's a choice you and I make. God doesn't make these choices. We are the ones who determine the parameters of the relationship. I suggest you listen more carefully to these intellectual poseurs. How often do they mention God? Oh! I know that your brimstone and bullshit preachers and televangelists mention him all the time.

    He didn't stop them before. He didn't stop them here, and he didn't stop them there, so they are comfortable dropping his name all over the place. He's off in the clouds somewhere chasing rainbows. He's not worried about Joel Osteen or that wonder of physiognomy, Eckhart Tolle, or... so they think.

    It's like The Reverend Billy Sunday used to say, “Throw all your money up in the air, and all of it that stays up is Gods, and all of it that comes down is... mine!” Things are not what they seem. THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM!!! Sooner or later an archetype comes to the door, and... at the changing of an age? Boy, Howdy! You can't swing Schrodinger's Cat in a room without hitting an archetype.

    At the changing of the age is when Time speeds up... when instant karma becomes a thing... when stuff happens that didn't used to happen, it gets freakier, and stranger... and unpredictably fluctuating... constantly in motion... like Mercury on a mirror. It takes a cool hand to control the mirror. It takes a dispassionate mind. It takes one who is detached from outcome or results.

    I don't care how fancy your robes are... or whether you dined with Anderson Cooper at some uptown Hamburger Mary's. I don't care if you've got The View on speed dial or certain people wave to you in The Hamptons. If you are focused on outcomes and results you are going the wrong way.

    If you expect to get anything out of whatever it is you think you are doing, well... you might get that, and... you might not get that, BUT... you are certainly not going to get peace of mind... internal harmony... or any lasting spiritual states... because they... are... mutually... exclusive.

    The Truth has not changed since they started keeping a record of events... this time. Conditions of life change all the time, BUT... The Truth does not change. Money and spirituality... material excess and peace of mind... are like oil and water. I know people have all kinds of slick rationalizations for acquiring money, power, and fame... while they tend the sheep... out of the sight line of the processing plant, AND... I surely do know that sometimes The Invisible showers certain individuals with all sorts of material blessings. That's another thing. Then... it very much depends on what you do with it.

    If you are not giving it away... intelligently, it is pulling you down, and eventually, you will not be able to out-swim the undertow... of the eternal fate... that attends the possession of material things. Either you are attached to it or you are not. If you are not... it is quite possible you won't even notice how prosperous you are... because you will also be so incredibly well off... in much more important ways.

    I'm not here to declaim against the poseurs and pretenders. We need them both to give life that certain je ne sais quoi. We need The Good Guys and The Bad Guys for the ongoing drama of The Purpose of Demonstration as God makes his points. Some love the conflict and the struggle. Some love the debate and the argument. Some can't stop wanting to have it all. I want it all too, BUT... my idea of what constitutes that... is different than the general perspective... on what is, and what is not worth having.

    All these lifetimes... the seemingly endless struggle... is about finding out what is and what is not worth having. Once you can grasp The Simple Fundamentals AND ALSO recognize the perpetual and everlasting presence of God're home free. The key is in forgetting yourself. The key is in being useful, and losing yourself... in service to others, AND THAT DOES NOT MEAN working in soup kitchens and Black Magic Hospitals for years and years.

    There are all kinds of ways to serve God, and... by extension... Humanity. CONTINUES AT LINK

    “Jesus was truly a master of men; he exercised great influence over his fellow men because of the combined charm and force of his personality. There was a subtle commanding influence in his rugged, nomadic, and homeless life.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    Good that you are back online KD ... I doubt you have missed much

    Any comment on this post from several days ago ?


    Here we go beloveds ..the time has arrived. .help those you know as needed. <3 <3

    "Not One of These Spiritual Impostors has The Balls to Speak Out about Israel and Gaza, and You Know Why... Don't You?"
    God Poet Transmitting....... Well... the lying sacks of shit that work for The Sex Toy Media are at it again. They get more ludicrous by the...

    Thursday, April 11, 2024

    "Not One of These Spiritual Impostors has The Balls to Speak Out about Israel and Gaza, and You Know Why... Don't You?"

    God Poet Transmitting.......

    Well... the lying sacks of shit that work for The Sex Toy Media are at it again. They get more ludicrous by the day. Gee! I wonder what it could be that is causing this? It couldn't be The Killer Vaccines, could it? They were calling it myocardial something something before. I'm guessing they needed a new buzzword title. Of course, The Sex Toy Press is owned and operated by the same people who brought you The Killer Vaccines, so... I'm assuming they're not going to call something like... The Gentile Elimination Protocol.

    Except for a handful of extremists... most of whom are certifiably insane, and... probably working for The Overlords... as some kind of false front... for a non-existent resistance, there are very few of us who will say what's what out loud. Most of those making a living at this sort of thing are hedging their bets. They say things like... “oh! It's terrible what is happening to The Palestinians but they attacked Israel and Israel has a right to protect itself.”

    Did Israel have the right to steal the land of their neighbors and then herd their neighbors into ever smaller, and smaller confinements... outdoor concentration camps... with concertina wire... encircled by machine gun nests? Did they have the right to instigate wars with their neighbors, and then claim that their neighbor started it?

    Do they have the right to do medical experiments on their neighbors, and to harvest their organs? Do they have a right to kill their neighbor's children; to use their neighbor's families for target practice? Do they have the right to run a bulldozer over a woman's body who was protesting The Occupation and then laugh and joke about it? Do they have that right?

    Did they have the right to fake a holocaust to cover for their murders of tens of millions of Russians, and then use that fabrication as an excuse to invade the country of a people they have no genetic connection to? Do they have the right to accuse anyone who confronts them on their crimes with cries of, Antisemitic! Meanwhile, they are not Semitic. Is this why they have outlawed the 23 and Me DNA testing kit in Israel?

    Why would the Red Cross say there were only a quarter of a million inmates in the camps that they were eye-witness to, and state that the cause of demise in the camps was Typhus? Why would their own almanac show an increase in their population over the war years if so many of them were exterminated? Now you can't find it in the search engines. They are scrubbing the information... making it harder to get.

    How can they lower the body count by 3 million in one camp and still claim 6 million dead? Perhaps someone could explain this to me because I have a hard time with Chinese algebra.

    Everything they have done has been accomplished with occult forces. That well is running dry. The Avatar is coming and he's going to clean house. He is already cleaning house, and even if you can't see the connections between events in the moment... you will see... soon enough. You will be compelled... forced to see. Truth doesn't care about your feelings.

    Some things make me very tired. One of these is the vacillating... mealy-mouthed rationalizing that people with power... influence... position and name recognition get into so that they can appear to be on both sides of the fence at all times..

    What is happening in Palestine... at this time... is a direct response to the agitations of Mr. Apocalypse, and The Will of The Avatar... to bring into broad daylight... the incontrovertible evidence of the horrors being perpetrated there. The whole world is watching! One can no longer engage in ritual appeasements to the servants of The Dark Side and have the expectation that an army of coolies will sweep the evidence away during the night.

    I was astonished to see how much money these spiritual teachers are making. The poorest among them have tens of millions of dollars. The richest have hundreds of millions of dollars! There is one thing that is shared in common by downtown whores and uptown whores... sidewalk whores and hotel suite whores... they are ALL whores!

    These non-dual teachers... of what cannot be spoken about... are the worst kind of moral relativists. They like to give the impression that they are above it all, and not touched by the ugliness of the day... at the levels far below the exalted states that they occupy. Not one of these shameful impostors has the stones to speak out against Israel and The Gazacide, and you know why... don't you? It's about their stinking money.

    If these overfed hypocrites say anything about the genocide PRESENTLY GOING ON in Gaza... something's going to happen to their money.

    They may be able to talk all kinds of bullshit about things that don't matter; embrace The Void... embrace the emptiness... of that which cannot be spoken about... yet they never stop fucking talking about it. Here's how it is; there are the worlds of form and the planes of formlessness. God is formless UNLESS God takes form in us... or a cow... or a rock... or anything else. It's all God.

    God has rules or... one might say that existence has rules... rules of God and rules of Nature. Obey them and it will go well with you. Do not obey them and it will not go well with you. Follow the rules and aspire to The Divine, and... one day... you will become a conscious aspect of The Divine. You will become a conscious immortal... each star in the sky is a living example of this.

    You don't need to know any more than this; Love others... engage in selfless service... forget yourself and immerse yourself in The Unity of All Things. This is what God does. Go and do the same. There's not a whole lot more than this to it. Aspire to be divine or desire to be demonic. Be spiritual or be carnal. Those are your choices.

    I've decided that I should probably be a guru too. So... from now on, I am going to be Guru V (pronounced Goo-roo-vey... or groovy... if you are in a hurry.) I will start to talk like these other dancing dilettantes on the highway to Hell. I'll dress the part. I'll be as remote as yon mountain tops but... yet... a simple man of the people. I know how to do that shit, and as a particular district attorney once said about me to the jury, “he's an actor... can't you see that? Of course, he sounds sincere and looks innocent. He's an actor!!!”

    I guess I was a pretty good actor cause they cut me loose, and that had NEVER happened before in that state with those charges. So I think I could play this part, and I would remember. Oh yes! I would remember... not to say a goddamn thing about Gaza, or else... there would be no money and no prestige. The Perks would all go away, and The Media would crucify me BECAUSE that is what they do to you when you tell the truth... except... not this time. This time is different, and I'm not going to play that role anyway. I'm going to tell the truth.

    Real spiritual teachers are warriors. They are not glad-handing used car salesmen. They are not Gleem-smiling androids. They use the sword of discrimination to cut away the veils of illusion. They are armored with The Qualities of God. They liberate people. They do not bind them. When you set someone free it is like opening a bird cage. Goodbye Bird or... The Bird can pay you to remain in the cage.

    Real spiritual teachers KNOW who they are representing and they take that seriously, so... they don't prance around banging the willing or the stupid, whichever they run into first. They don't acquire large bags of money, and they don't hang with all those people who... one way or another... directly or indirectly... are killing all those other people in Gaza!

    They tell the truth or they say nothing at all... whether you like it or not. They do not perform before huge crowds. Charlatans do that... not spiritual teachers. Spiritual teachers do not promote themselves as spiritual teachers. You might not even notice them in the street. They serve as they go. They are not attended by a brass band that plays, “Look at me!” every time they do something for the cameras.

    The last thing on the mind of a true spiritual teacher is The Money. Some people charge for it, and some give it away for free. The ones who give it away for free know the value of it. They know you can't put a price on it. Next time you hear one of these glib speakers who are telling you that everything is nothing and nothing is everything, find out how much money they have.

    Everyone who is staying in line because they are afraid of what it will cost them... to tell the truth... is committing suicide. Even if you don't die right there... everything that made life worth living is gone, so... what's the point? You tell me. They are not going to tell me what to do or what to say. I don't work for them. They are about to find that out. They are about to find out that a whole lot of us don't work for them... right about the time that they find out who they are working for. I guess that wasn't very non-dual was it?

    End Transmission.......

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    Les Visible (@visible) •
    The latest Gabs from Les Visible (@visible).

    But I do have part 2 of The Wu Wei trilogy This is one of the most beautiful and articulate pieces I have read in a long time.


    PRESIDENT TRUMP DROPS BOMBSHELL Letter From Stormy Daniels..."I am denying this affair because it never happened" | The Gateway Pundit | by Patty McMurray
    This afternoon, President Trump shared an image of a 2018 letter from Stormy Daniels on his Social Account.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP DROPS BOMBSHELL Letter From Stormy Daniels…”I am denying this affair because it never happened”

    By Patty McMurray Apr. 10, 2024


    This afternoon, President Trump shared an image of a 2018 letter from Stormy Daniels on his Truth Social Account.

    Above the image of the letter from the porn star, turned darling of the Democrat Party, President Trump wrote:



    Critical Medications Every American Can Have On Hand (Including Ivermectin) – And How To Get Them Prescribed

    Here is what the 2018 letter that Stormy Daniels allegedly sent said, which should be the end of yet another lie that was told over and over again by the media in their effort to destroy him.

    Official Statement of Stormy Daniels

    January 30, 2018

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Over the past few weeks, I have been asked countless times to comment on reports of an alleged sexual relationship I had with Donald Trump many, many, many years ago.

    The fact of the matter is that each party to this alleged affair denied its existence in 2006, 20011, 2016, 2017 and now again in 2018. I am not denying this affair because I was paid “hush money” as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I am denying this affair because it never happened.

    I will have no further comment on this matter. Please feel free to check me out on Instagram at @thestormydaniels.

    Thank you,

    (signed) Stormy Daniels

    Here is a screenshot of the Truth Social post by President Trump:


    The Gateway Pundit reported about the Stormy Daniels story last month, but with a new twist from a whistleblower who claimed that according to the dirty lawyer Michael Avenatti who defended Stormy Daniels in her so-called “hush money” case against Trump, the affair with Stormy Daniels was not with Trump, but instead, with Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who was trying to extort money from Donald J. Trump before the 2016 election with a fake scheme he cooked up about an affair the then-top GOP presidential candidate had with the porn star.

    The Gateway Pundit also reported about a 2018 letter from Michael Cohen’s lawyers admitting President Trump knew nothing about the Stormy Daniel’s “hush money” transaction he was accused of ahead of his ridiculous civil trial where Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has charged President Trump with 34 felony counts related to the Stormy Daniels ‘hush payment’ transaction.

    Costello blasted Michael Cohen as a “convicted perjurer” in remarks to reporters in New York last March.

    The prosecutors “cherry-picked” 6 emails out of more than 300 emails, Costello said.

    Costello told reporters that Michael Cohen used the money “pursuant to a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) loan” to pay Stormy.

    Only yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported about how Judge Merchan, the dirty judge whose daughter is benefitting financially from the trial he is overseeing, rejected the request by President Trump’s lawyers to delay the “hush money” trial.

    Tuesday’s ruling comes one day after another New York appeals court judge rejected Trump’s request to delay the trial on a separate argument.

    A ruling on Trump’s request to stay Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order is still pending.

    A state appeals court judge on Tuesday denied Donald Trump’s bid to halt his criminal trial while he appeals his gag order in the case, a ruling that came less than 24 hours after another judge rejected the former president’s request to delay his impending criminal trial on other grounds.

    Read the full incredible story here:

    Submit additional information.