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    Scientists Sound the Alarm Worst Disaster Ever Might Happen in 2023!

    that could be the big fault line in south Pacific I covered with Soltec long ago. If that can tsunami the entire Pacific rim. Not the cascades

    Sounds like the undersea volcano that you pointed out near the island of NIUE years ago Kan Daek.

    I highly recommend this movie I watched last night, it's rare to find on anyhting of value on Youtube. :)

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    Alfred Blalock (1899-1964), a cardiologist (therefore, self-confident to the point of arrogance), leaves Vanderbilt for Johns Hopkins taking with him his lab technician, Vivien Thomas (1910-1985). Thomas, an African-American without a college degree, is a gifted mechanic and tool-maker with hands splendidly adept at surgery. In 1941, Blalock and Thomas take on the challenge of blue babies and invent bypass surgery. After trials on dogs, their first patient is baby Eileen, sure to die without the surgery. In defiance of custom and Jim Crow, Blalock brings Thomas into the surgery to advise him, but when Life Magazine and kudos come, Thomas is excluded. Will he receive his due?

    “The relationship of child and parent is fundamental to the essential concept of the Universal Father and his universe children. Therefore does such an experience become indispensable to the experiential training of all ascenders.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    QUOTING Feather

    and BeeGee the evacuation has always been said to take place after the early events of armageddon and after stasis. (except in the very early days when some different plans were still under consideration) .................

    Thanks for the explanation Feather, ...... my understanding is the plan has changed since then so I will await to see if K.D. will offer comment on what you have stated here. Cheers :)

    “The teachings of Jesus constitute a religion of valor, courage, and heroism. And this is just why he chose as his personal representatives twelve commonplace men, the majority of whom were rugged, virile, and manly fishermen.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book


    A photograph allegedly captured in 1902 depicting the "last giant Irish Greyhound" has gone viral on social media.2 However, it is an AI-generated image, and the giant dog never existed in the 1900s.0 The Irish wolfhound, also known as the Irish Greyhound, is a giant breed of dog originating in Ireland, renowned for its large size, strength, and greyhound shape.2 They have been used for hunting since ancient times, but their most famous use was during World War II when they served on both sides of the conflict. Despite their immense size and appearance, Irish wolfhounds have a reputation for being calm and gentle, although they will need the right kind of training as pups to achieve this.

    Giant Irish Greyhound Wiki: Is The Giant Irish Greyhound Real Or Fake? Viral Image
    Giant Irish Greyhound Wiki: Is the giant Irish Greyhound real or fake? viral image and A picture of a giant Irish Greyhound has left netizens wondering whether…

    “Sin is fraught with fatal consequences to personality survival only when it is the attitude of the whole being, when it stands for the choosing of the mind and the willing of the soul.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book


    Thanks KD I am not aware of this "evacuation" as the plan has changed multiple times. At what stage of unfolding events is this due ?

    “On an afternoon in late summer, amid the trees and in the silence of nature, Michael of Nebadon won the unquestioned sovereignty of his universe. And when Jesus came down from his sojourn on Mount Hermon, the Lucifer rebellion in Satania and the Caligastia secession on Urantia were virtually settled.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    “God alone can be in two places, in numberless places, at the same time. God is simultaneously present “in heaven above and on the earth beneath”; as the Psalmist exclaimed: “Whither shall I go from your spirit? or whither shall I flee from your presence?””

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    “The only sacred feature of any human government is the division of statehood into the three domains of executive, legislative, and judicial functions. The universe is administered in accordance with such a plan of segregation of functions and authority.”

    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book