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    Rosie it was likely rejected by its mom who would know if something is wrong..mothers know this.. <3

    I have said global Martial law coming..but I have no details..I will

    Not carry that burden at this time. <3

    I am going to Bitch a does need to be REMOVED for the face of the planet.. totally as the planet will do. It cannot be fixed.... my own country took over UKRAINE in 2014. At a bragged about cost of $ 5 billion . And fucked it all to hell. We took over Iraq years ago and fucked it all To hell which includes on purpose the murder genocide of 500,000 infants. Madeline Albright admitted on it public news.. . . And we still support the Israel that is genociding Gaza. The beautiful Ukraine..I know someone who went there...was filled with USA DARK shit filth. And so on an so forth just in my years of AH.

    I was murdered 13 times and resurrected. And cared thru it all by celestials. My resurrections were done by one person who who walks both the earth realm in flesh..and the higher realms. I am tired..and had to go on A walker a month ago inside my house. Plus the one I'm have used for sometimes to,walk outside. I AM TIRED but I will carry on. It's been a harsh trip. Ok I will shut up now... <3 .


    it. Has shocked me how bad the trafficking really is..and the intense slaughter of children that really exists. The whole UKRAINE stuff..all of it is horrid and it needs to removed from the face of the planet.

    I is dark shits to cover them all.. they are not human .. HUMAN is higher universal mind..god mind

    Orcas Imitating Human Speech

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    I have personally seen some of these up near Seattle on a tourist boat for that purpose.. they are did jump close enough to the boat to,splash me.

    I quickly looked for evidence of a pact between iran and russia... I found statements about arms deals between them, but nothing that said that russia has to defend iran... I am wondering if perhaps you guys could find out more. I could have sworn that I read something like that.

    PUTIN DECREED it. I listened probably on the net.

    ,Satan was removed 700 years ago at the time on the Renaissance. CM rules the earth NOW. HE is god of Nebadon. There is no sky god. God is creating mind..all of it,. There is the government of God..covered i. The UB. Just a short summary. Lucifer was removed when CM walked the planet 2000 years ago. . Lucifer was annilated. will still stuff in Christianity posting on GLP. They do not know. Satan would not be here with the returned Christ

    That is not the only reason why the Muslims are now attacking: Their time to save the al-aqsa mosque and dome of the rock is coming to an end. The Americans have managed to breed some red calves. These are/were sent to Israel to be sacrificed by the Jews in the mosque (the foundations of the Temple of Solomon). With this sacrifice, their Messiah would be summoned and he would usher in the Jewish world empire.

    At least this is what a German theologian claims (I hope I have understood and reproduced this correctly).

    America has always had red cattle.. They were raised in the town I grew up in Colorado.. Well the farmers around the town.. they are not rare. They produced the high quality beef I grew up on

    iran is all talk imo

    that's to say that I dont find prolatario's statement below to be pertinent, inasmuch as I do not believe that hezbollah and iran are going to "overwhelm" israel's iron dome and cause israel to use their idiotic "samson option"

    on the other hand I do believe that israel richly deserves any punishment that they receive.

    Have another opinion now? The iron dome has been seriously damaged