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    To all those who read this.. I AM monjoronson the Magisterial Avonal Son. I advise all who follow AbundantHope to ready yourselves for a short period of probable extreme discomfort. It is urgent. It includes not only food and water but PERHAPS a short period without Electricity in some places and a lack of public communications. This is NOT the internet blackout that has been suggested and will be much shorter but intense..

    KD.. this was given today april 10. Ignore the posting date on the front site..

    This is a thread I started today.. on the Good Friday I cannot do on glp... its on its 5th page there... I hope some of them understand why I am what I am... got lots of posts from Christians and I spent a lot of time.. some 4 hours of telling them I cannot do this that and the other in Christianity. Interesting enough and I only remember deleting 2 posts from it.. some sort of LOW record... A lot of Christians think I have no experience and now they should under stand I do.. but I didn't include it all... I mentioned I AM ordained and I AM... and got told to get back to Jesus of course... My point is I chose to not create a parish and minister it because I cannot reproduce the lies... And I pointed out a bit.. that ministers have to stay with the script.. There were a lot of church burnings in the days of Martin Luther King and much later if Pastors decided to carry political truth too.. Anyway.. I you can and post there if you wish and I will keep the thread going some over this Easter weekend because I can't teach lies to a parish about easter either... :)<3

    free to express yourself after reading on GLP.

    Ok Kibo just claimed a few days ago.. even tho he posts the Joseph stuff.. he is unaware of Joseph...…ent-page-1/#comment-12173

    A year or two ago, I asked

    Who is the man behind these words Joseph and Prosper?

    And answered me a man called Taylor m

    I do not know who it is, but that's what he said

    Whether he is related to Kibo or not I do not know

    yes kibo mentioned Taylor but these are not 2 years ago... the website.. with Prosper started during the past summer unless this was on another site before had. At any rate it just copies our stuff... until it doesn't...that part that has changed I do not like... the previous was more a summary...

    Hazel left years ago... She went completely nuts... This is her website now... and its gross.. none of it true.

    Some here left 8* too.. by not logging in and otherwise you would know.. all archived on 8* privately now in a private section. I will not be releasing it publically but it was nasty.... :(

    WELCOME BACK ALL... we had to very suddenly shut down due to impending attack on our servers... All fixed and strengthened now.. <3

    Gracias por la explicacion Kan Daek, eso fue lo que me imagine! Hay alguna manera de comunicarse con alguno de los miembros del grupo directamente, en caso de que algo asi pase en un futuro y dure mucho mas tiempo ... Bendiciones! Gaby

    I used to have a yahoo account for that purpose.. but somewhere I lost the link . I am on Face Book and anyone can read and I posted it there...

    And also far as I know you could read HERE we were down for maintenance...I could anyway...

    Kibo is sick.. he will not be coming back .... he slammed that door shut... I might review some more posting on his site.. I saw something interesting last night but I did not finish it for the full picture. Kibo shit all over me and AbundantHope is a very big way... He is a Michael Son. he has no universe yet.. Creator Sons have their universe. And they don't travel to incarnate on other planets in an entirely another universe.. Kibo got upset he didn't get his house like Hazel did and that was ego failure. the story is bigger but its not all going to be here. :(

    I have a big file on 8* hidden.. and its going to stay that way... I am not going to have time consumed by his darkness. ;(

    Joseph is a KIBO dabi Project and with the start of misinformation on the reversal etc.. it became clear he is into dividing us... as the first one mentioned Christ Michael Aton and I can log in using my Kibo Login to the Joseph site.

    I have just been waiting for the slow to come changes of our material and they are here.. Yes its not the Kibo who rants.. like Kibo does.. but he is behind them...

    There is in the latest ones the evacuation of the planet which is not going to happen. There is NO axis shift to produce that coming.

    The "Vaccine" is coming now to my community.. I did not sign up for it.. King Soopers is providing it. I am starting to get asked more often if I am out.. if I signed up. I say no and I explain why.

    1. there is NO covid.. its all flu and colds... so why should I take a vaccine for a fake disease?

    2. I educate them that two "vaccines" I took in the past destroyed my health ... my MS caused by the old swine flu vaccine.. there was no swine flu. Lots of people got MS.. RA.. and Lupus..

    3. My diabetes was caused by a "booster" shot of pneumonia "vaccine" I took 10 years after the first one. My diabetes started in less than a month. And you see that first "pneumonia" shot was for but only one BACTERIA pneumonia. :cursing:

    4. I am not going to risk a 3rd major illness to further complicate my life. Especially since there is no covid.

    I will not make the same error again .... Back then I didn't know.. now I do.

    This whole series of posts made by Christ... are an important read for right now as we continue thru the Perfect Storm.. it may be more understood now than should you have read it before.. :)

    I couldn't seem to find a suitable thread already in place.

    This is an interesting video from Paul Joseph Watson out today. and how stupid it is at least in London. ;(

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    video of current images around White House and the Capital I assume.. I haven't watched it all yet. nobody at home pretty much.

    CoffeeDoom I see posting by you on GLP .. feel free to bring anything useful here :)

    Also here is one GLP LINK.. https://www.godlikeproductions…ssage4731461/pg1#86182585

    There is another I might edit here and add.

    also look at posts below the video.. don't know how much of that is true and I wouldn't cover it anyway right now