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    Edy 2424.. even if food and water etc are stored... the biggest loss will be death and madness from lack of ability to adapt to all those changes your listed. Just on GLP alone there is blatant lack of comprehension of the mental issues. I am not around many people here.. I don't bring it up where I live anyway because i live here... rumormilles are heavy. :)

    Congratulations Abundant hope !! 8)

    My Celestials told me that some of us have now between 2 and 10 strands of DNA.

    Weird but good information.

    keep the good work ;)

    Eddy you must mean 2 to 10 MORE strands.. we already have 23. <3

    not sure why this showed up in my list of unread posts... but anyway... keep reading and recommending the UB. It was given because this world is enterei <3 ng the cosmos and not being a prison ward anymore.

    “Men who prefer optimistic illusions to reality can never become wise. Only those who face facts and adjust them to ideals can achieve wisdom.”


    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    and obviously transgender folks have a serious problem as well as many others in religions etc who never see the real to become wise

    just remember the apocalypse... also called.. tribulation.. is to make people ThiNK.. Its is working.. I haven't decided yet. <3 I think I see more mental illness taking people out of reality more and more.. because they cannot look.. Covid 19 is a big testing for thinking. not a disease.

    why is humor under politics....? anyway here is lesco brandon hisself

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    maybe whoever started it should have called it POLITICAL HUMOR?

    regards me... I am recovering nicely from the incident that hurt me. pain almost gone.. fatigue was a huge problem but that is beginning to fade and I find gradually more energy. starting to cook more again.. instead of opening soup cans too. <3

    The Divine Feminine was supposed to arise with the Adam and Eve Mission and that failed and we have overdone Masculine now. The Project of me and Trinity will restore that a failure. One reason I am incarnate as a female in my role here at this time. <3

    there are no covid vaccines... mRNA is NOT a vaccine. And Covid 19 is the name of a program to wake people up.... and get secret milirary work done and more.. it is not a disease. Blood changes is a lie.. they are covering up the magnetic field weakening.. and the gamma rays and the Earth becoming eternal and the rising frequency to which many will NOT adapt too and die. <3

    Just clarifying what was put out Harold for readers here if they didn't know. I don't know what is meant by the nano particles.. the body is full of lots of different ones.

    as to putin.. if he was shipped any of our shit... well.. anyway Russia developed an mRNA that helps killer T cells to destroy not only all corona viruses which all have the same enzymes that break down cell walls so the virus can enter... but also ALL the RNA virus .. look those up. :)

    again mRNA is NOT a vaccine.

    I found the UB when it came out on the shelf to me by "itself" .. I had been guided to go to the book store.. I assume a guide pulled the book out on the shelf.. at a had a problem because while I knew Jesus was read.. I had some much shit from Christianity I put it back on the shelf.. but I was called back and began to read it in the store before I bought it.. I was broke.. and the day my first credit card came as a surprise in the mail... bought it. <3