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    Glad for the appreciation.. my threads as All is One over there are long and getting old and I thought it would be a good idea to provide brief reports.. its done pretty well.. got a lot of green thumbs and such. I was pinned 3 t imes with green pins and there is a limit of green pins of 3 in a week.. waiting 2 more days.

    stay strong KD. such a shame that the various tragedies of earth must continue for now. take care. we must all be patient.

    I have posted anonymously on glp, but I will take this as my cue to desist. Remember I am the Planetary Christ and this is the LAST war on this planet.. I will use extensive skills I have to bring mankind to cooperation rather than was. I am Mother Maggie over there now.

    I made a new account there on purpose now that I have more strength .... and a new way to play there.

    I have been given it all other than being taking off the planet....that are energy frequencies that cannot be blocked.... different levels of energy weapons. Bullets can be blocked.. they are solid mass so to speak. and some of these energy attacks are now given from drones and such. I explained this once not long ago... on 8* but tonight I am very fatigued.. and not able to remember exactly what I talked about.


    NO. it is too dangerous to both of you.... and the rest of us now. 7 weeks ago I underwent an assassination attempt .... hit with heart attack weapon and my heart stopped 3 times and I am still very very weak... and having huge blood pressure problems and having to be regulated with meds to maintain a sort of normal beat.. when meds wear off... I am on the couch until they take effect again. I am only alive because of fleet care. And our site was issues again ... down to being taken down again for a bit. I cannot risk you all at this time.

    When I came home from Seoul years ago.. even Ron as attacked along with 5 others of us and seriously.. NOT going there again.... <3 In the recent issue this forum stayed up because we have it on a different system and we did it that way.. so to have hopefully one avenue of communication. the attacks on ME have not let up in fact I don't even get over one before another.. I was on High steroid dose for weeks after an attack on my gut and was just getting back together when the Heart attack weapon was used.

    A valve in my heart.... was also damaged in this latest attack. I also deleted my GLP account from 2014... for the safety of all here...that was from 2014. We must adapt. I was advised to delete that account rather than just close it. I AM NOT GOOD folks.. life is harder now. I cannot be on my feet doing light housework or cooking and a tiny walk outside for more than 5 minutes or so still.

    I will have nobody murdered.

    Love to you all...

    I had replied a short answer to you...

    And being born of the spirit... means you start replacing your material animal mind with Truth and seeking.. Spirit is different that animal mind. <3 Only SPIRIT "mind" is eternal. Animals are ruled by instinct... they are as such a machine mind... as are those of mankind who do not seek spirit... they live on programs... as such.

    well they are up this morning.. I need to hear from Mark..

    Charlie is an agent of false material.. he is making Gesara into the expected "great reset".... GESARA remains in the the hands of of ITC which is underground now due to the murder 15 months ago of Dave Sale.. All is well. and I am in direct contact with one on the ground as to details presenting.

    China is part of the Triodity. They are fighting the dark shits everywhere... and USA dominance must decrease as a Triodity member brings balance to this world.

    the new system is essentially GESARA .. and all the banks are set up now for it. includes individual Gold backed currencies for each country.. no FED.. each country has it own central bank...and the Globec for gold backed trade between countries etc. no more dollar.. no more reserve currency.

    Catherine Fits is producing the lie. our current money will no longer be our slavery..

    This is the system coming in designed under ITC... Remember Dave Sale and David Crayford... this is it.. it is however a RESET... We will not be under crypto either. Or purely digital money. Eventually the New GESARA system will be under block chain as its ledger system. :) Perhaps this great reset finanicial slavery system is just cover for the real coming and to teach people a few things.. do you realize that few on this earth want anything other than government slavery... they want government care.

    so far since covid 19 the world wanting true freedom has not over all voted for it.

    And I don't want use carrying all the covid propaganda anymore... we did to help show the game.. but the game is not the winner .. it is time to stop the new snake venom stories and all that.. when you find the truth.. post it. not the propaganda.... <3 tell people covid is nothing and never was anything more than the flu and colds.. tell them mRNA is holy and those that actually got it.. will have no more colds and flu. They people have heard enough terrifying stories.

    the cause of sickness blamed as covid is cosmic rays called gamma rays.. the removal also of the ozone layer which is nothing more than smog... normal old age and people also deciding to leave.. ending their incarnations.. there are yes.. murders going on during covid everything too of the dark shits. Who might be murdered thru a pretend vax.

    Russia and some other countries are openly on GOLD now.

    This is not truth.. it is the latest scare... where is their enough snake venom to put in billions of vaccines? It is possible that some who are being murdered have experienced this.. but the majority of the vaccines are either saline or mRNA. The mRNA being used to train the killer T cells to take out if you got the best version all RNA viruses... and in some cases maybe just corona. Look up mRNA viruses. There were some many billions of doses many are just saline.

    Almost all the material put out about what is in them is false. And Covid is false. There is no covid 19.. that is the name of the game. All of the covids are flu and cold.. mRNA viruses already in existance.. those getting the real.. will never have these illnesses again...

    every single covid lockdown is done to clean out dark shits who are molesting and trafficing children and women and in many cases humans raise under ground for various uses including meat. These are being removed prior to other cleansing of the planet. Remember Trump 2 military hospital ships said to provide beds for covid patients.. no... there were used to treat half dead trafficed children. I have not been able to fully cover this except I mostly did on GLP and recently deleted my account there.. the abuse and false stories got to be too much.

    Please do not spread the untrue stuff for to do so beloveds is to spread the fear. Yes murders were done and reported as covid or death by vaccine.. Yes.. there were some.. but not to the general population.. the over all intent is holy.

    Its time to tell the truth. :) <3 and I just gave it to you. and no.. there is not snake shit in the water supp;y either.. their goal in that story was to cause the worse possible fear reaction on this planet.. fear of the water.... :evil:

    Ron and Bee Gee.. I am keeping the front site frozen and new posting to protect some lives here including both of you... DO NOT POST THIS STUFF FOR THE SAFETY PLEASE of AH People including yourselves... I will not give another post on this for my own safety reasons... I love you too much. The risks are too great. Don't any of you here circulate this post please.. its a one time post... :!:

    some of these previous other articles I am reviewing have value... the reason Q put out watch the waters.. had nothing to do with snake venom.

    "Jesus' only words, as they nailed him to the crossbeam, were, 'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.' He could not have so mercifully and lovingly interceded for his executioners if such thoughts of affectionate devotion had not been the mainspring of all his life of unselfish service. The ideas, motives, and longings of a lifetime are openly revealed in a crisis."

    187:2.4 (2007.3)
    A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

    This is the finest teaching Jesus gave to this world in fact.... because people that do such things out of ignorance or on purpose.. truly know not what they do... to forgive those offending YOU... is for you... to find peace and if they accept your forgiveness and realize their error.. all the better... win win...