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    Thank you for your thoughts dear friends. I have a heart / mind dilemma at the moment- only a small example. We found a tiny baby bird, hardly any feathers, still blind, on the pathway. We have pit it on a hot water bottle, we have tried to find worms for it, to no avail. We would have to travel quite a way to find the right food and then feed it every hour, but we have so many things to do here eithin a limited time. The heart says yes but the mind says that nature should take its course without us ….

    I would listen to the mind :saint:

    I would do my best to help.....but then i would let Nature take its curse 💙

    People is really losing their minds....

    The only thing I learned from this non-event is that no one here in this forum or any other platform, can provide reliable information.

    Everything must go through my divine intuition before I accept it as truth.

    From now on, I will spend less time here and elsewhere seeking information.

    Thanks for all your opinions and posts.

    Spending time here or in other places is a choice... growing from what we live is what matters.

    Personally, I learn a lot from each of you but, I also listen to my "inner self" to decide what i believe.

    We have to take responsability over our own process.

    Hopefully you wont "leave us" completely 🙂 💙

    If i remember well, it starts with "Q" countdowns.

    Q said " the last black sun" and post the pic of an eclipse.

    We are living in a world of possibilities now...everything can happen at any time.

    Just be ready, specially at spiritual level 💙

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    Maybe we didn't get what we were expecting on April 8th but, things are moving anyway: Many SIGNS, people asking questions and looking for ANSWERS.

    We all KNOW things have to change....we cannot continue this way...but, what if Father is still testing our ability to "believing without seeing"?

    Maybe if we FEEL the change and CHANGE our attitude, things will acelerate 😉

    The change is HERE and WE are the change. Let's show it! 🥰

    🤣 you are rigth, but that is what they say " it would be"😎.

    Either way, the energy from an eclipse is always strong and it will be felt in the coming days ...if nothing else happens 😘

    Here in AZ the "70% of covering" DIDN'T happen. I barely saw any change on the shadows ( AZ is close to Texas)

    However, during the weekend some people told me they felt nauseated and tired.

    Let's TRUST...this is a perfect timing for everything to happen...maybe after the eclipse 💥