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    Hey all,

    After reading the message of March 28, 2021 from offeroflight on the website itself, and before I read KAN DAEK's info on Hazel en KIBO, I asked the questions below on the website itself. I have been given answer to part of my questions.

    This is me:

    "Hello, you write in your message: ‘The bad things that happen to people and in their lives are a result of their own decisions and actions not in harmony with the laws provided. This is difficult for some to see and they continue to blame anyone and everything but themselves.’

    I understand that this might be the case for adults, but what about baby’s and children? They have their lessons to learn (as do their parents) and they have agreed to a contract before coming into a life experience with everything that entails. But the cannibalism, pedophilia, adrenochrome harvesting, abortions.. is living or dying like this their life lesson for that particular life? Have they created so much Karma in previous lives (eg being a cannibal themselves) by not following the Laws of Creation, that they have to experience for themselves what that means? Or are these children clones and/or robotoid (lacking a soul, Thought Adjuster, God Spark)?

    I am worried about how far we have deviated from Creation. My biggest concern are the children. Some of them will rise above their experiences and with their knowledge and experience will be able to help others that have experienced the same. But what type of background is currently needed from adults, specialists, to provide the thousands children worldwide being saved now from from f.e. Trafficking to be able to help them?"

    This is 3467, Joseph in His service:


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      Dear Satnayama, This is a good question and deserves an answer. The children all over the world that are dealt with harshly are children of God and in no way deserve what is happening to them. Such a dastardly thing over time and must be stopped. Why are they allowed to suffer this fate? I believe, of course that the perpetrators will face their harsh punishment. We see that many opportunities were given to the ones responsible to turn from their ways but refused. Free will was still in effect until God intervened not long ago. It most assuredly seems that it should have been stopped long ago but it was hoped that more would come to see their sins and repent.This question has been discussed by many in the many meetings in your universes by those in key positions and there were many on both sides. One for stopping it immediately and bringing earth to its knees and the other for letting free will play out and encouraging all to come to God. Most everyone we have monitored on earth would vote for stopping this long ago. It has been a major part in the strife and war between the Light and the dark. The final word is that the children, no matter what their background in other lives, are innocent when they come here as children. They in no way deserve their treatment.

      This is one of the answers that will be explained further as to why it was allowed this long as it is so difficult to understand with so little information you have at this time. Hopefully you will see it more clearly when the education time comes and more details are given concerning all suffering, torture and starvation of thousands. I will ask for comfort and understanding to be given to you at night while you sleep as we see you hurting over this issue. I am in your service. Joseph"

    The thing is, I do not get a KIBO vibe from what I read. This is all so .. sensible? Soft? Easy to follow..? Different cadence..?

    KIBO to me was hard to follow. The reply is so filled with feeling, like a warm blanket. Not like a kind of desperation I always felt from him. Is he a channeler from a being that is teaching him, maybe?

    It is so difficult to sieve through all the information and find reliable sources that are truth. Is KIBO working with Hazel? If anybody has any ideas, I would love to hear it. Thanks.

    HA Z EL A MA KOH, as her name is - according to her website - seems very invested, intelligent, grounded and wise. As she totally believes what she teaches about, how does one know, that her teachings are not true? Is part of what she writes not true and the rest is? If I read her website, and she writes about for example biological transmutation - or any of the services she provides -, how does a layman know that it does not reflect reality?

    What does it mean for us, or me, if someone that is more enlightened than I am, looses her way? Where does it happen in ones growth? I mean, meditating often leads to questions and answers and the willingness to search for affirmation.

    I am a bit lost as to how two very enlightened beings (Hazel is a Melchizedek, I recall?) and KIBO a Creator Son, loose their way? And why would KIBO want to divide? Because he believes his own truth?

    That is heartbreaking.. thank you for sharing this with us. I hope that - if he has family - they are safe. My condolences to his loved ones, whanau, friends and everybody that cares for him. I am very sorry to hear that Lightworkers are in need of hiding. I wish them well.

    Bill Gates should be in jail, not determining public health policy.

    Hello, this is my first post on the new Talk it Up, but was part of the earlier one. I hope everyone is well. I just saw this 17 minutes documentary via Gab and felt the need to post it. Hope everyone has a great day. Licht