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    I believe that's Coronal Mass Ejections from the sun. I'm guessing with the strength and the right angle of hitting the upper atomosphere, they can create the color green in our sky.

    Your new picture looks great! I agree about the fake smiles, I grin more than I smile, more naturally me. My pic smile was when my dog did something cute as I took the pic.


    It's interesting, that the countdown clock runs out mostly at 8:00 pm central time, judging from the last few countdowns.

    The GESARA re-distribution of wealth is absolutely necessary, far too many are without and the true abundance needs to happen after the 3DD. Hopefully the humanitarians among us, and not just with us here, will go into full swing and jump at the chance to help others thrive. Hopefully relieving those completely without to thrive and open their hearts as well to the needs of others.

    Glad you're here in Texas! I've called Texas my home now since 1995 and won't consider moving away! I live North of Houston and the only thing I can bitch about is the long summers with 100+ deg F temps. Other than that I love this state and feel fortunate I'm here, glad you are too.

    Now this is getting more interesting! Instead of another countdown it says "STARTS 02.29.24, 09:00 PM (East)". Hopefully he or they mean Eastern time in the US and not somewhere in the Eastern part of the world.

    We'll know more throughout the day if something changes, and hopefully starts mean flipping the switch and not some other esoteric non-observable action.

    Again, we'll see when that time rolls around.

    Fingers and toes crossed!

    The experience you had Jorge may have started out in dark but, you being you, transmuted it to LOVE! I have a feeling your cleanse purged that darkness from within you, and those dark inner voices left and only the LIGHT ones remained. Since the dark may have started it, when you turned the experience to Light, they left so why you haven't heard their voices in your head. Ask CM, He or His Angels will answer you.


    Extended But Steady, meaning though it's taking a while the progress is ongoing, we just don't see anything yet. I'm hoping that ends soon with the real Emergency Broadcast System.


    Stay Safe Jorge!

    Hunkered down here in Texas, maybe a false sense of security but I feel I don't need to be anywhere else, at least now.

    As for me, I rarely speak out, but I am done with negativity. Everyone has an opinion that should be freely shared, if they feel like doing that. I choose how to react despite other’s feelings or opinions, my philosophy is Observe, do not Absorb, no matter the source.

    I know dear Rosie...guess something needs to be triggered INSIDE ME to forgive myself...repeat it like a parrot or meditating about it simply does not work...I may be still "searching" for my own forgiveness...probably the reason of this life of mine.

    Love to you! <3

    Jorge you hit the nail on the head for me. I know I'm worthy and at the same time not worthy. I know I'm a good person but also know I"m not good enough but still struggle on daily, I try to be a nice person and almost always smile but the internal struggle is awful. I know I need to forgive my self, turn it over to CM and go on but no amount of prayer, meditation or sitting still will do that until it comes from Inside of me, to, like for you.

    Brother you got me good with that one!


    Thank you Barbara!

    I sometimes use Deepl too and for some reason the link I sent earlier pointed to Deepl when it was supposed to be Quillbot! I call these things RCF's Random Computer Functions.

    When Mispatel reported that no Hebrew translation was available, I thought that's odd because I use Quillbot just for that purpose.

    Again, thank you for sending the correct linky!


    I ask for the safety of all those of the closed forum and TIU that are in Israel and those also in Palestine now, sending love and light to the whole area for all involved in this, another stupid war, even if it is just for show.

    I spoke to my family there near Tel Aviv and Beer Sheba, they are on high alert but currently safe.

    Take Care and trust that CM has you covered!

    Also, it may be important to point out, that many people with a PHD have earned and go by the title of "Doctor", since they are a Doctor of Philosophy. Many college professors use this form of doctor as their title. It has in no way any relation to the status of a Medical Doctor since the two are not related at all.

    Just my humble two cents worth. <3

    Indeed, it's very sad. I went for an interview at a nearby hospital and saw staff wearing masks in the hallway. Found out they're being forced by "leadership" to either comply or leave. Posters stating to get your covid booster now were all over the place too. I didn't wait, instead of going to the interview I left. I need a job but I'm not going to force people to comply or work for an agency that has that for a policy. It's too frustrating now, I wish that people would stop drinking the Jones style cool-aid and wake up!

    I too have re-furbished old laptops, but I use the Linux Mint Cinnamon version, it looks a lot like Win 7 and takes up a lot less resources than Windows or Mac operating systems.

    Yes, Thank you KD, that does make things clear. Now's not the time for stirring things up, that's already been done in spades! I personally like quiet, much better to reflect that way. Also makes it easier to filter out the silt and follow CM's plans more closely as as the heart guides. <3

    Just over a month ago I inquired here if anyone has heard from Jorge, I missed your acidic posts and enjoyed the thoughts you provoked on AH. Your light not only shines, it's blinding and radiates!

    Glad to "see" you here stirring things up as they should be!