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    inside a beehive

    Ever wonder what happens inside a beehive?

    This infrared live cam shows the complex inner workings of this Carniolan

    bee colony living inside a large hollow log in the town of Waal in Bavaria, Germany.

    Watch as the bees build combs, produce honey, protect the queen, and raise a new generation of workers and drones.

    This live camera is situated at the entrance of a bee hive,

    nestled inside a large hollow log in the town of Waal in Bavaria, Germany.

    Watch as Carniolan honey bees enter and leave the hive during their busy day



    I'm sad to say, very sad to say:(;(:(

    That almost all the star children I know

    Sleep and drug addicts, marijuana, pills, alcohol and New Age programming, religion and something that gives them the illusion that they are in a good place and that it is mentally right for them is what they came to do with this Reincarnation and that is how they help the world rise to dimension 5

    Are not willing to be and live the true truth

    Want to escape to the world of illusion, meditations, religion, whatever programming it may be

    And everything is good and beautiful, what is happening in the world does not concern them and is not related to them, they are already alive and in dimension 5, etc ....

    Not ready to wake up or there are those who know and are not willing to strive to be in the real world

    I'm trying to figure out how the hell are they going to wake them up

    Or how to make them be in the real world

    And know what is really going on in the world, out in the world

    But maybe they really woke up or started wanting to be in the real world

    And not in programming or what they do today, which brings them nowhere

    I'm sad to see that and they also do not listen to anything

    I Do not know what is going to happen to them and us because of it :(

    Which is even sadder, when they are already waking up or want to know what is really going on

    They go to the side of darkness .... do not understand it, but that's what I see

    Support the dark side, and there are those who do what they are told,

    and there are those who go where everyone goes even if it is to the side of darkness that hurts them, they go

    It sometimes makes me feel very insecure, that something bad is going to happen to us because they are not ready to wake up

    And I did nothing to be associated with it and many others

    But ... sacrificing one to wake others


    We are in quarantine already FROM Rosh Hashanah

    At the moment we do not know when it will end

    There are a lot of demonstrations of the black flags .... sponsored by the Deep State

    They are shifting against Benjamin Netanyahu

    We know Benjamin works closely with Donald Trump and with him:!::)

    But the Deep State in Israel washes over everyone the mind that he is a bad and dark man

    We'll see what happens next

    I have fun but I always have fun, knitting, reading and taking care of myself ....

    True I want to adopt a dog, puppy, but I do not have the courage to do it

    I said that when the situation in the world is low then I will take a dog, but I do not have the courage to do it, but in the end I adopt a puppy,

    So warm hugs<3


    Only now did I take the time to read it all

    I have a big and difficult question

    What will happen to the people who will not have countries like Israel?

    Where we can eat, sleep, everything ....

    What money will we have?

    Where will we live?

    In spaceships?

    In underground cities?

    Telos etc ... we will probably not live there, why would they want us next to them

    In Denver at the facilities there?

    As I understand it, Israel goes to sleep underwater

    Or will we have the option to choose where to be?

    This is an important and interesting question alike

    You can expand on that, please<3

    A post that the President of Serbia posted on Facebook

    Dear citizens of Serbia!

    Finally I can tell you the good news now!

    I would like to inform you that it is organized by Republicans and Mr. Donald Trump, the cleaning of the criminal organization of Alexander Wolves just started today!

    In Serbia, Belgrade, has officially opened and started working in Serbia, which will take complete control of the financial criminal combinations of the current dictatorship regime in Serbia.

    Jorgovanka Tabaković is the first to be on strike and who has been replaced as the governor of the national bank of Serbia! Of course, the process for all the fraud she has been launched against her for years on the order of andreja and!

    From now on, the federal and gesara foundation led directly by g melania trump ( will take control of all money flow in Serbia, set new rules in coin funds and fix economic damage caused by fake virus.

    They were all they had had a number of years and did not really understand the real reason for the arrival of Mr. Grenela and 13 more experts in various areas.. Read the th of the th crime of the world and entered the international crime, human and children, the import of migrants (ISIS fighters), gun transfer, money washing...

    Now you will soon see how the Chinese 5 G network in Serbia will really disappear, the departure of Chinese police officers from the streets of Serbia, the departure of the Chinese secret police and their mafia from the grey building, the missing chinese criminal activities in Serbia, their departure from bora... And much more.

    Now Aleksandar Vučić is under the control of the federal and control of our Republicans and control of our Republicans!

    I promised you sugar that I will wait for the beginning of your end, as well as your political end and finally your going to the deserved jail of the serbian people!

    Here is a copy of what he wrote

    What do you say about that?


    a lie?

    I saw it in someone on Facebook

    Who's Kevin?

    I do not know who it is at all?

    Can you tell me who this Kevin is?

    What is his role in their game?

    Sorry, I do not quite understand American politics:|

    From what I understood from people, that in the end, the ships belonged to the sick people, so that they would not put them with the old people
    Which in the end was and because of that there were a lot of dead in certain cities of the Democrats

    And not at all sure they saved 100,000 kids under New York

    Obviously we know the people who died
    They actually wanted to die and that they were sensitive to radiation
    But the world does not know, what we here in our group know, and they are also not willing to listen

    Maybe our friends from above want to give a hint .... hints .... even though in the end we also understand on our own

    Regarding children and adrenochrome and rape etc ..... I had a lot of tears at first ..... a lot of anger and restlessness ..... when I read or saw it (movies) on YouTube
    I would stop it every few minutes and go eat a tomato / cucumber .... I was bothered by what was revealed to me

    I'm telling the truth .... I do not like to read about it
    It makes me sad and shrink in my heart

    There is no doubt that something huge is happening

    I'm sure we'll all be happy with the team from above, share with us some secrets or interesting things
    I sometimes feel like I'm alone

    What is the depth of the tunnels and places of darkness / cable, underground?

    I realized that the city of Telos, is 3 and a half kilometers deep

    So I wanted to know what depth is being talked about, when talking about the structures and tunnels of the cable / darkness?

    Something here in Israel said that children are now being released from a depth of 10 kilometers

    but to me it does not seem credible, that they have the ability to reach a depth of 10 kilometers

    And from what I remember, maybe I do not remember well

    That they failed to dig under the cities of light (Telos / Poseid etc ...)

    Something can enlighten me