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    JESS THE MAX FOR NO SUN IS 3 DAYS,,,, LIFE MUST HAVE IT. 6 TO 10 DAYS AND THERE IS GREAT DESTRUCTION :) TO LIFE. Imagine how COLD it would get..... and what that would do to human mental mind..

    I suddenly thought about it

    We can ask the people who live in Svalbard 8|

    How do they manage every year when there is two and a half months of complete darkness

    Everything is there, children, kindergarten, school, daily life even with no light outside

    Shops, movies, restaurants, and they live like in the summer, only there is no light outside

    Only the moon lights up the sky and northern lights of course..... and full of snow

    I follow a woman who lives there and tell about what life is like on this island




    The truth is, I wouldn't want to meet the dinosaurs with the huge teeth in person, really
    It's terrifying =O
    With the people with the giant skulls I would like to meet and talk to them physically (of course if they don't eat small people), I would like to hear what they have to say <3
    Not the animals with the teeth.....scary....Jurassic Park
    (needs a big lizard smiley) or a Valosoraptor or a picture of Hillary Clinton <X =O is the same thing :thumbup:


    EBS? what is this code

    Hi, tell me ,if all of you also ,have chest pressure and palpitations
    And difficulty in breathing and oppressed in the key of the heart?

    Share your feelings and opinions with me.... please

    Or is this just me?

    Are we being treated?

    It was a year or two ago... Jess, you said you went through something similar

    Thanks to everyone <3

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    10 Devastating Landslides & Rockfalls Caught On Camera

    It scares me, it really does
    How much power does water have?


    I can direct you to a place that has more knowledge

    Do you understand and read Hebrew perhaps?

    NO Mia, however the truth will be revealed  :thumbup:   :)

    I don't like what Israel has done in the world since I was little :(
    I apologize on her behalf
    Maybe one day the subject Israel will know rest and peace and love

    How they hurt everyone for "protecting the holy Jews"
    I again ask for forgiveness, compassion and love from everyone

    in the name of Israel and the Jews


    Revisiting 9/11: Proof the Israeli Government Knew

    • .

    we know
    And we know more
    But...... I'm not going to bring it here
    too dangerous
    Understand me

    I can direct you to a place that has more knowledge
    Do you understand and read Hebrew perhaps?


    The excitement and apprehension levels must surely be rising amongst forum members ??


    Really not excited, going on with my life as if nothing happened
    When there is an atomic bomb, then maybe I'll allow myself to get excited
    Until then it's just .... information and that's it
    I think that right here in the forum, we already know not to get excited about anything..... until it happened in the present reality
    If it was dark and the morning didn't rise then I would be a little excited
    We made a degree .... disappointments <3
    I'm sure there are a few more like me here


    It can also be mango or banana flavored

    It depends on what I ate a few hours ago

    But I don't usually put my tongue in my nose at all, there's no need

    Take your finger and taste your nose and you will know what it tastes like....LOL8) :/

    I know, I understood you from the beginning, I was just kidding


    I also have a tongue like everyone else, not long at all

    But I have what you most likely don't have

    I don't have teeth, blood vessels and other things there, sorry

    Well, at the age of 91, I had surgery to remove all the teeth and blood vessels, all that remained was the ridge and my jaw and the surrounding flesh

    In 1995 when I was 91 years old, I had a full operation where they took everything out of my mouth and put in dentures, and since then every day I can take them out and put them in a glass like old men, what fun it is not to go to the dentist and get injections

    The truth is that it is not good to do this

    But I had tooth enamel disease, they disintegrated by themselves and broke

    So that at the age of almost 20 I didn't have any teeth in my mouth

    Autoimmune disease in the teeth.... not good but not terrible

    I make the most of it

    So I laugh that I can reach my nose with my tongue

    And really I can do it.....LOL


    So from today when I meditate
    I put the tip of my tongue in my nose
    No problem I have a long tongue and it reaches into my nose... LOL 8) :/
    It is very inappropriate to put your tongue in your nose
    And it's hard to breathe and it's salty..... if you've eaten salt in your food before
    When I read what you put I started laughing out loud

    Well I had to laugh


    My friend just spoke with a midwife in New Zealand, Wellington area. She asked how her work was at the moment. Her midwife friend said that 'there are no babies being born, I have no pregnant mothers at the moment'.
    To my knowledge midwives in New Zealand and Australia are always extremely busy.

    This is heartbreaking if true. Expected, but heartbreaking. We probably should want to clone ourselves instead:

    Actually, I'm :( to say, this is good news

    Finally the births stop

    I'm sure it will be temporary when there are no births in the world, or it will be reduced to a minimum

    This is what is needed now, it's a shame it wasn't a few decades ago, maybe we would have prevented the explosion in the population, like what is happening now

    I'm sure that after the big sleep, births will return to our place :)

    Sorry if I hurt someone


    Harold 9 times you changed it...seriously?
    What happened?
    you are awesome <3

    You see, I didn't CHANGE it (contentwise), I corrected bad phrases, mistakes, typos etc.. When writing in English I want it to be as GOOD as possible (as I am capable of), and this time, when re-reading the text, I found so many things I wasn't happy with - again and again! - so that it summed up to 9 times.

    Apart from that, I don't want to be misunderstood (which easily happens, particularly when writing in a foreign language), so I check the text - any text - several times over to see if there is anything "strange" or incomprehensible. That's all. :)

    I'm like you :)
    Only I do it before I send
    That's why many times it takes half an hour or an hour
    Write here in the forum
    And Google translating many times does not translate correctly :evil: <X


    I was with you then and I also read it with you

    But sometimes I can't believe that someone is paying attention to me at all

    Of course it's just me

    I'm weird

    Mia the little leprechaun

    yes yes i'm tiny או נמוכה

    Once I supposedly met people from spaceships when I closed my eyes
    And he told me that if there was a problem and I would need help
    They will beam me up, Scotty or Mia LOL
    He told me that I have supposedly been registered with them since I was 3 years old
    When I got my ta
    But I don't know, maybe I made it up to be more secure in life....we'll never know until it happens
    Yes, yes, I'm a little sad.... It's not bad, I'll get over it
    thank you



    could be

    Sure, that's the reason and a lot of other things

    I am almost certain that the soul group of my family is not the family I was born into, they are so different from me on the soul level, on the physical level I grew up with them so we have a common language and behavior, but beyond that, on the soul level we have nothing in common....... ...... I don't know how to translate it into English, sorry