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    im on a long off-course journey to pay people to help me open my third eye. and do magic to help my 3rd eye open. but still no good. I need third eye open at this point in my Life.

    sweetie Annabelle, you should already know

    That if your third eye is closed it's because you do not need it right now

    If you do not know the difference between a lie and a truth in everything around you

    So when your third eye is open even then you will not be able to tell the difference between a lie and the truth

    There are no shortcuts dear

    You need to know how to differentiate a liar from the truth, without any sense .... it takes time but in the end, you learn, without relying on any sense there is

    You need to start working on knowing, do you know that?

    Just knowing, knowing, that's all

    And besides, your training will not open anything for you until they want it, so do not work hard for anything

    Sniff the need to see through the third eye and all the other abilities you want to have ..... and only then will they open them for you

    hugs <3

    What’s Going on with Women’s Cycles?

    What’s Going on with Women’s Cycles?
    By Tiffany Holm & Dr Larry Gillespie and others.
    Apr 25, 2021 - 12:28:24 AM

    by Tiffany Holm | Apr 20, 2021 | Did You Know, Interviews

    Miscarriages, hemorrhaging, missed periods - something is happening lately with women's cycles from those that aren't vaccinated as well.

    Dr. Larry Palevsky and MAMM's founder, Maureen McDonnell RN, discuss possible theories as this situation evolves in real time.

    These are the opinions and conclusions based on experience and understanding of those stating them and are not meant to be taken as medical advice.

    Watch with discernment. Do your own research.

    Dr. Christiane Northrup answers a few more questions as women continue to come forward with issues and concerns.

    [Ron: PLEASEE watch the embedded video Pilgrims. The segment by Dr Larry Gillespie is especially pertinent. It's highly relevant to the COVID-19 "vaccines" experience, particularly as regards the mRNA gene therapy injections which are NOT vaccines.].

    Join the Millions Against Medical Mandates and stay up to date on news and actions as we fight to maintain our right to make our own medical decisions.

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    Is the change in the female reproductive system related to the vaccine?

    Or maybe it is related to gamma radiation?

    or is it also related to the unhealthy quality of life and a spoiled diet?

    What do you think about it?

    A lovely and peaceful day <3



    Great, This is really what I need in Israel right now .... missiles and explosions, shelters and tank noise :(

    The last time we were in shelters with tanks around my kibbutz was in 2006 in the war with Lebanon

    It is not pleasant to live, when around there are tanks that make noise every 5 minutes there is a sound and the whole house is shaking ....

    you have to go with earplugs

    Maybe you were told in what area of the world it was going to be?

    I thought they wanted to do Ebola now, or would it be after that?

    I do not like wars of any kind

    Hugs to everyone <3<3

    How can you not know about something/ A particular person, you post on your blog?

    Maybe he really did not know about Joseph

    But he talked to Taylor several times

    I do not know what's going on there, I do not understand it at all


    A year or two ago, I asked

    Who is the man behind these words Joseph and Prosper?

    And answered me a man called Taylor m

    I do not know who it is, but that's what he said

    Whether he is related to Kibo or not I do not know

    Hazel left years ago... She went completely nuts... This is her website now... and its gross.. none of it true.

    Some here left 8* too.. by not logging in and otherwise you would know.. all archived on 8* privately now in a private section. I will not be releasing it publically but it was nasty.... :(

    I am now reading information about a narcissistic spiritual ego

    Her site seems to me exactly what is written in this article

    Full of the people who walk the path of light fall into these things

    And most of them are not aware of it at all :(

    Unfortunately, I'm sorry about Kibo

    He's still a friend, hoping he's come back to us

    I felt something was happening to him in recent years

    I'm sad about him and I send him full of hugs <3

    Sad very sad :(

    Why are they falling out of the way?

    What happened to him?

    Is a Creator son

    How does it make sense that he is no longer connected to the truth of his brother CM


    To me, too, it would have seemed like something from the past he was talking about

    I did not know if it is really connected to CM or not

    Thanks for clarifying this

    Too bad I thought something was already happening, but not terrible :(

    Hope you are feeling great :)

    And thanks <3

    I was sorry to hear that <3

    Hope you are feeling better now :)

    I've been telling people for years not to get vaccinated, flu or pneumonia .... they are not listening to me ... too bad

    Here in Israel, more than 5 million people are already vaccinated, so we are free in Israel ... and in the meantime, we do not force ourselves to get vaccinated, even though there are places we are not allowed to enter, but it is not terrible at all ... hope this madness is over soon

    And there shall be no Ebola (Corona) 2

    Hugs and a lovely night <3<3


    why do you not continue to put it channeling?

    Is he telling the truth?

    Can you tell me more about his channels?

    Is it connected to CM?

    ... it seems to me, yes but usually, I have a problem with it ...

    It was a good practice to read English for me .... really not kidding

    wonderful night <3

    Hi Christ

    What booklet number is it?

    I want to read the whole paper

    Thank you lovely night from Israel <3

    Israel has already bombed Iran's nuclear program with America, a few weeks ago they may have more targets to bomb there

    But what I do know is that our military works closely with the U.S. military and the forces of light

    So no need to worry at all about it

    wonderful night <3

    This is already happening in Israel
    Those who have been vaccinated are allowed to do everything
    With us most people are already vaccinated .... I think it stands at 4 or 5 million people
    Now they are going to vaccinate the children

    Israel is the world laboratory for human experimentation
    First the children are vaccinated in Israel and after that the whole world will vaccinate the children ...... as it was with the adults

    I tend to think that Israel has the most robots or mentally undeveloped or young entities

    There is no hope for Israel .... everyone is stupid here

    Most of our people believe in corona, masks and nonsense ;(

    There is no hope for Israel .... everyone is stupid here :cursing:


    Currently, there is a green passport in Israel.

    This means that those who have been vaccinated have a green passport

    And whoever does not, can not do full things

    I'm not getting vaccinated

    So I'm not leaving the kibbutz anywhere

    Not that it's terrible, I'm totally not going anywhere

    I will update in the future what is happening with us


    Is this true?

    Israel supermarket checking vaccination status: No vax, No food.

    Sorry the video it's too big!

    I've never heard of it

    If they do that, then it's against the law

    It's probably individual people who do that

    I really have not heard of it, this is the first time I have encountered it

    And I live in Israel

    I have researched (literature-wise and phone conversations with leading vaccine reaction experts) the dangers of vaccines for about 25 years. If there is ever any way I can contribute to this topic, please do not hesitate to ask! One bit of info I can share is from a personal note: My dad worked in Africa with Emperor Haile Selassie back in the 70's, as the Emperor wanted coins commissioned and my Dad had the resources in Switzerland to get the project completed. While over there (Africa), he was told to get the smallpox vaccine asap. While in the clinic waiting for the doc to enter to give him the jab, a Naval officer entered his room and told him under no circumstances was he to get the vaccine because it was laced with HIV. True story.

    Amazing story

    Can you tell me

    What do you know about the vaccine that COVID19 is currently giving?

    What does it consist of ?, What is inside it?

    It's very interesting this vaccine, or it's not a vaccine, whatever it is

    Thank you and a lovely night from Israel <3

    Save The Children, The System Is Rigged, It’s Time To Take It Back…its-time-to-take-it-.html

    Dave interviews, a couple for whom welfare stole the girl at 17

    And another woman who also tells an interesting story

    This is what happens in the world in welfare with our children

    I know that Israel is 4th in the world in child trafficking

    I think Norway is in the first place in the welfare trade with children


    A Siberian skater’s 80 years on the ice

    For the last 80 years, there's no place that Lyubov Morekhodova would rather be than on Lake Baikal in southern Siberia.

    The sprightly senior lives on the western shore of the world's largest freshwater lake.

    Ice skating is Lyubov Morekhodova’s passion.

    When she straps on the steel blades she’s used for decades, she’s just as nimble as ever.

    Baba Lyuba – as she’s fondly called – looks after four dogs, five cows, two calves, and four chickens.

    But whenever she’s not caring for them, she takes to the ice.

    Lake Baikal is often frozen over for six months of the year and the octogenarian believes skating on it is the secret to her longevity.

    The world’s deepest lake is her deity; she has more faith in its powers than in the miracles of Jesus, whose birth is currently being celebrated around the globe.