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    Quest For Love: Memoir of a Child Sex Slave

    This memoir invites the reader into the heart and mind of a young Belgian girl as she shares events out of one year of her life, her voice supported by the vocabulary and understanding of the adult author. The child’s circumstances are brutal; she is being sold by a mentally ill mother into a murderous pedophile network. She desperately clings to the belief that in spite of all appearances, true love does exist, and searches for the faintest sign of it in the midst of hell. When her blind love for her mother is transferred onto a charming perpetrator, she experiences romantic passion, but is soon cast into abject betrayal and violence, ultimately leading to her certain demise. In the darkest of circumstances, a near-death experience shows her the truth underlying her phenomenal world, and she is given a glimpse of that great love for which she is so desperately seeking.

    Extreme, organized child abuse is horrifying, and often impossible to contemplate. And yet, acknowledging the reality of darkness is the first step towards healing. This account offers both the raw, cold facts as well as the resilience and grace from the victim’s perspective, revealing that the darkest of nightmares is rarely just that, but commensurate with gifts of light. This ten-year old’s journey suggests that heinous suffering can unlock hidden spiritual treasures of transcendence and unconditional love.

    Anneke Lucas…?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1

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    The Viral Delusion with Mike Wallach & Zak Paine on Fri. Night Livestream
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    The Viral Delusion with Mike Wallach & Zak Paine on Fri. Night Livestream

    ocumentary film maker Mike Wallach has created a groundbreaking new series that’s been called a “masterpiece” and very important by members of the medical community. The debate around covid-19 has always revolved around the SARS-Cov2 virus, but what if I told you that they never actually discovered a virus? Or that this wasn’t the first time in history that a scenario like this has played out, or that Anthony Fauci was directly involved?

    יהוה = Yah HOOVA

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    And if the internet goes down for any reason.. they are not material cash I assume... the advantage for some years to come of CASH is paper bills and actual coins. :)

    In short we are going back to the money of the 80s

    Coins and paper

    The truth is that in my kibbutz we did not live for money, everything was free

    All the people worked for the kibbutz and the kibbutz gave us everything

    Food, clothing, cooling-heating, water, electricity, studies, movies everything

    We had everything, we even got soda from the tap on the wall in the kibbutz's dining room, sometimes we also got Coca-Cola from the wall

    Once a week we had a movie at the kibbutz cinema

    3 meals a day

    Swimming pool and sports hall and gym

    There is a rumor that we took our dirty laundry to some building in the kibbutz, and after two days the clothes landed clean, ironed and folded in a closet in another building in the kibbutz, we just had to go and get it from there .... wonderful things were in the kibbutz of yesteryear

    I look forward to returning the kibbutz to what it once was even brighter and more special than it once was

    We then, did not lock the doors in the kibbutz, everyone knew everyone in the kibbutz, including all the dogs and cats that were with us.

    The children could play anywhere in the kibbutz, without fear, there was a fence around the kibbutz

    There was a huge vegetable garden

    There were no cars inside the kibbutz, it was full of vegetation and everything was green

    There was full heating all winter including water that was hot, there was always hot water

    The children studied in classrooms on the kibbutz, without taking a heavy backpack full of books

    Ahhh it was fun, today it is just the opposite, no kibbutz, no money no food, no money no heating, no money no quality house, no money no quality of life and he is left poor and poor.

    They killed the kibbutz 20 years ago, addicted to money and false abundance, everyone here wants materiality, there is no longer much green and vegetation, everything is sprayed and poisoned, there are cars and parking lots everywhere, the children are no longer safe they can not play anywhere, it is not safe, all Anyone who wants can enter the kibbutz and do whatever he wants in it, there is no security, the doors must be locked, the children do not study inside the kibbutz, they study elsewhere outside it

    Much more sick, the children fat and sick, also the adults sicker

    Very sad what has happened here in the last 20 years, very sad, sad

    I'm waiting for a change to be possible to start changing this kibbutz to what it once was, I'm really looking forward to it and after that to doing it in the world <3

    The problem is that people are still asleep :(

    Luckily there is another woman awake :love: here in the kibbutz so we start thinking together what we will need to do when the time comes, hope more people woke up to the real truth

    The woman I'm talking about woke up two years ago with the corona, so lucky she woke up for goodness sake

    Hugs to everyone from faraway Israel <3 <3 <3


    Patel Patriot - Devolution Speech

    Patel Patriot - Devolution Speech
    This was my first ever public speaking gig! I enjoyed being able to spread the Devolution story at the Patriot Double Down event. Don't forget you can find my…

    This was my first ever public speaking gig!

    I enjoyed being able to spread the Devolution story at the Patriot Double Down event.

    Don't forget you can find my series on my website.

    This is an interesting topic that has been talked about for several months

    I recommend you listen to him


    Mia <3 <3 <3

    it s difficult for me to speak english, i readed AH for a long time and many other board an informations, urantia book and many other book, we are and we walk, never alone but where we go it s part of our mystery, what man lose, man wil recover, polishing the brain, his bones release ...

    Je n ai rien a ajouter, rien a retrancher, ce que tu envoies au dehors te reviendra de toute façon ... paix et santé @ tous, amour et serenité dans ce monde étrange ou nos pas seront les pas de ceux qui viendront âpres nous .

    namasté .

    I also do not understand English so well

    And I speak Hebrew

    But, today it is possible to write in any language

    Please write to us in your language

    And translate ours

    Have a lovely night from Israel


    Mia <3 <3 <3

    Seriously, maybe it will be good in the end

    And will expose Israel's sick and corrupt government

    Just disgusting what is happening now in our country

    Since the new government was elected

    Stupid and retarded clowns

    The truth is that yesterday I only heard about it

    hugs <3 <3 <3