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    I am seeing information on Telegram. I tried to save one video and upload, but it says the file is too big. I cannot find a link to the video either. So sorry. My Daughter also saw it was happening in South America as well? I have also heard America will be the last to go, while the rest of the World goes Gesara first, country by country. Just what I am hearing.

    I know Charlie Ward, publish NESARA/GESARA

    He usually publishes incorrect information on purpose

    So that people will think something is going on but are actually being misled

    From whom did the message come?


    This is not good, what is happening now in Israel

    The incoming government that is all built by the Deep State, darkness

    There is no one who works with the light

    Everyone, there is a liar and will do anything to get what they want not what people want.

    What they want to do is exactly what the Biden government in America is doing

    And it's not going to be good

    Hope the people, stop them before they do great damage

    At the moment it looks very bad here

    but it's probably going to wake up all of Israel and all the Arabs who live here ... to the real truth

    Hope there will be no more war


    You must have read recently that the Israeli police entered the Temple Mount and mowed them down/

    Invaded their sacred location......

    What really happens in those cases

    The fact that they brought into the compound thousands of bricks, large and small ... I saw pictures and they planned it a few weeks before it happened, the whole mosque was full of bricks

    And at some point, they started throwing them at the worshipers downstairs (which is the Western Wall), only then did the police and the Border Police come in, stop the riots there.

    Israel never just goes in there, you need to know that, there is always a reason, and usually that they start rioting and creating riots... This is one example out of many

    The farmers around the Gaza Strip, suffer from the day the Hamas has taken over it, every week several times a day they burn their fields and all the crop goes (too bad for me (mia), all the melons and watermelons I love are burned).

    Just another example of what's really going on there

    There are more full examples but I do not feel like writing

    Their leaders encourage them to go and fight in Israel

    But this is not true, their problem is not Israel, and that is the truth

    Their problem is their deep state, it is their leaders, who rob them of all the money intended for them, and buy with it weapons of war, drugs and child trafficking,

    that is the only problem of the Palestinian Authority and Gaza, their leaders, not Israel

    Israel and the whole world give them tens of millions of shekels, dollars, etc ... every month ...

    Israel gives them electricity, water, and other things they need

    But it does not go to the people, to the people there, it does not go to building infrastructure, education, nutrition, health and quality of life .... it goes to their leaders, to the business of war, drugs, and trafficking in people and children

    Every building that Israel has now bombed was a Hamas building of their headquarters or a stockpile of weapons, you have to understand that

    Hamas is building the infrastructure and buildings there

    And below it are full of tunnels, which are used for trafficking in children and trafficking in arms

    Instead of appreciating Israel, they are fighting with us

    And why, because they do brainwashing

    That Israel is evil and needs to be fought, to climb fences and make riots

    And you're probably asking why they have a wall because they do not behave well.

    Just like what happens in America, also where Donal built a wall because they hit America, that's exactly the situation with the Gaza Strip,

    I am sure they will take care of their Deep State (their leaders, not Israel), I can guarantee that Gaza will become a paradise and all of Israel and the world will come to rest there on the amazing beaches and the amazing quality of life that will be there.

    But they prefer to listen to their leadership and engage in war and that's what they get from the Israel war (and water money food and electricity), but it probably does not matter so much to them

    You need to understand one thing and that is the important thing

    Israel does not just bomb there or enter there, there is always a good reason and that is to eliminate the Deep State there, it is truly innocent people are harmed but it is because

    Their leaders, they build and do everything from civilian enclosures and people's private homes, that's why you hear people's house was taken down

    Hamas intentionally does business from within the community, so that they do not harm them, this is how they maintain their Deep State .... and this is why Israel, which is now in the power of the light and works with the light, harms them (Hamas = Deep State)

    So from today, think of it this way ... Israel is taking down the Deep State (Hamas) there

    And that's why innocent people get hurt, it's not Israel going to kill people there

    Does it change your thinking already?

    Hamas is not interested in anything, just what it wants and that is child trafficking, weapons, and drugs .... that it is wrapped in the people of Gaza, it is just a show .... and that you have to understand

    I hope you can understand me

    And understand what I'm trying to explain to you

    Google translates poorly and I do not know English at all

    So excuse me for that

    Next time you hear bad things about Israel, go back to what's written here and then try to understand what's going on there.

    Always remember that the Deep State controls there and intentionally does its business among ordinary people ..... and only on the day they (the ordinary people in the Gaza Strip) will understand who their real enemy is, and will destroy it,

    Only then will they have peace and quiet, until then there will be darkness and war, but it will not come from Israel, because only they can destroy the Deep State within them, this is not Israel's mission, even though Israel does it now, in the future they will have to do the work And not us.

    As long as Netanyahu is prime minister, then Israel is going in the direction of light

    If it's something else from the left, then Israel will go into darkness and also everything around it

    We're waiting for Donald to return to power in America and then help us in Israel, it's much worse here (the Deep State), than in the whole world, much darker, :(

    Israel (I think) 4th place in child trafficking in the world, it seems to me that Norway is above Israel in child trafficking ... or as we call it, taking children out of their parents and transferring them to institutions, it happens here and in Norway and other countries of course

    And if you have a problem you can always ask me questions here.

    I thought they said to prepare for something

    It will be in the United States, I did not think it would be in Israel

    Or I did not want to think about it, it will obviously be in Israel

    Where it will be if not in Israel, it is clear that in Israel

    I'm tired of the wars and nonsense of the dark, it's been over 46 years, I'm 46, a baby in terms of the universe

    Enough with that, I want light, peace, and love

    So full of hugs and a peaceful and charming day for all of us <3 <3 <3

    We definitely need it



    I'm sad to get into this thread, so I'm not so into that, but in the end, I got in

    And even when I see the main site favoring one side, I try not to go into this page, it's usually Israel bad and the Arabs are good .... it's pretty much all the articles you (Ron) put and it's not true, it's what you find and it's probably true But many times this is not exactly what is happening here (Israel, Gaza, the Palestinian Authority) in the physical reality

    True there was occupation and deportation in 1948, there is nothing to do with it, that's what the Rootsild wanted and did, you can not blame us for it all the time, Ron and the main site

    Most people in Israel do not know the truth, that Israel was founded by darkness and not by Moses, etc...

    But that was then, it is not the Israel of today, the people who live in it today (I Mia and millions more like me) ... what you share on the main site is already embarrassing to the reader, that this is how one side becomes poor and pure and the other side bad and dark .... it really is Not true.

    Please expose both sides, if CM wants it and there is a reason for it

    But as I know him he wants us to see the real picture and not one side

    But maybe I do not know him so well

    I think All of you need to separate, between Israel and the Deep State, that there is in Israel

    As you have to separate, the people in the Gaza Strip, and the Deep State there

    And the Palestinian Authority and Deep State there

    And I'll tell you a little secret, who's the Deep State in all those places?

    And who does not

    In Israel, the Deep State is The Supreme Court

    , the State Attorney's Office, and the rich families.

    Ehud Barak is one of the leaders of the crime, he is the one who is now running the riots in Israel, both on the side of the Arabs and on the side of Israelis (Antifa and the black flags).

    Benjamin Netanyahu is not the Deep State He has been working with the light for many years to eradicate the Deep State in Israel.

    And it is difficult for him because with us, in contrast to the world, the Deep State controls everything.

    All the cases they sewed for him in court are lies, everything that was published about him is lies, it's like what they do in America to Donald Trump

    He managed to put his man there, head of THE MOSAD , so now the head of THE MOSAD works with the light.

    Good for us (Israel) and all the world

    He works with Donald Trump directly and closely

    There is a war or a struggle in Israel over who will rule the country

    On the one hand, there is the side of light, led by Benjamin Netanyahu and other good people.

    And on the other side, there is the darkness, the deep state (Aharon Barak, Ehud Barak, גבי אשכנזי , Yair Lapid, בני גנץ, בוגי יעלון, the media, and the press and many other people ...) and they control everything

    It's a hard and bloody struggle, the light will win in the end, but we are not there yet.

    In the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas,

    I also know that he works with the light,, but he has no choice but to cooperate with the light, otherwise, Hamas will take over the Palestinian Authority and that is not good, as happened in Gaza ..... so good for the Palestinians

    In the Gaza Strip, the situation is different, all their leaders are dark, or the Deep State and work with the darkness .... Too bad for them

    Hamas  Hanieh

    When I read all the time on the main site that is favored on one side it makes me sad

    What are we children ?, who do not know how to see the real truth ?, let's stop preferring one side over the other, what's that is not what is really happening here, both in Gaza and in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

    It's just stuff All of you read elsewhere and think it's real, but a lot of times it's fake and not true ....... when you come to us you'll see a different reality in the end

    Let us please understand that the war is neither Israel nor Israel is doing it to Gaza or the Palestinian leadership

    Because that's not true and not what really happened on the ground

    When you read or see on the news or anywhere else

    Wounded, terrorist, etc ... Many times it is fabricated, false, not true

    They (Gaza, the Palestinian Authority) full-time take a situation and distort it in their direction

    im on a long off-course journey to pay people to help me open my third eye. and do magic to help my 3rd eye open. but still no good. I need third eye open at this point in my Life.

    sweetie Annabelle, you should already know

    That if your third eye is closed it's because you do not need it right now

    If you do not know the difference between a lie and a truth in everything around you

    So when your third eye is open even then you will not be able to tell the difference between a lie and the truth

    There are no shortcuts dear

    You need to know how to differentiate a liar from the truth, without any sense .... it takes time but in the end, you learn, without relying on any sense there is

    You need to start working on knowing, do you know that?

    Just knowing, knowing, that's all

    And besides, your training will not open anything for you until they want it, so do not work hard for anything

    Sniff the need to see through the third eye and all the other abilities you want to have ..... and only then will they open them for you

    hugs <3

    What’s Going on with Women’s Cycles?

    What’s Going on with Women’s Cycles?
    By Tiffany Holm & Dr Larry Gillespie and others.
    Apr 25, 2021 - 12:28:24 AM

    by Tiffany Holm | Apr 20, 2021 | Did You Know, Interviews

    Miscarriages, hemorrhaging, missed periods - something is happening lately with women's cycles from those that aren't vaccinated as well.

    Dr. Larry Palevsky and MAMM's founder, Maureen McDonnell RN, discuss possible theories as this situation evolves in real time.

    These are the opinions and conclusions based on experience and understanding of those stating them and are not meant to be taken as medical advice.

    Watch with discernment. Do your own research.

    Dr. Christiane Northrup answers a few more questions as women continue to come forward with issues and concerns.

    [Ron: PLEASEE watch the embedded video Pilgrims. The segment by Dr Larry Gillespie is especially pertinent. It's highly relevant to the COVID-19 "vaccines" experience, particularly as regards the mRNA gene therapy injections which are NOT vaccines.].

    Join the Millions Against Medical Mandates and stay up to date on news and actions as we fight to maintain our right to make our own medical decisions.

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    What's Going on with Women's Cycles?

    Stop COVID Deaths Now

    COVID Safe Practices…with-Women-s-Cycles.shtml

    Is the change in the female reproductive system related to the vaccine?

    Or maybe it is related to gamma radiation?

    or is it also related to the unhealthy quality of life and a spoiled diet?

    What do you think about it?

    A lovely and peaceful day <3



    Great, This is really what I need in Israel right now .... missiles and explosions, shelters and tank noise :(

    The last time we were in shelters with tanks around my kibbutz was in 2006 in the war with Lebanon

    It is not pleasant to live, when around there are tanks that make noise every 5 minutes there is a sound and the whole house is shaking ....

    you have to go with earplugs

    Maybe you were told in what area of the world it was going to be?

    I thought they wanted to do Ebola now, or would it be after that?

    I do not like wars of any kind

    Hugs to everyone <3<3

    How can you not know about something/ A particular person, you post on your blog?

    Maybe he really did not know about Joseph

    But he talked to Taylor several times

    I do not know what's going on there, I do not understand it at all


    A year or two ago, I asked

    Who is the man behind these words Joseph and Prosper?

    And answered me a man called Taylor m

    I do not know who it is, but that's what he said

    Whether he is related to Kibo or not I do not know

    Hazel left years ago... She went completely nuts... This is her website now... and its gross.. none of it true.

    Some here left 8* too.. by not logging in and otherwise you would know.. all archived on 8* privately now in a private section. I will not be releasing it publically but it was nasty.... :(

    I am now reading information about a narcissistic spiritual ego

    Her site seems to me exactly what is written in this article

    Full of the people who walk the path of light fall into these things

    And most of them are not aware of it at all :(

    Unfortunately, I'm sorry about Kibo

    He's still a friend, hoping he's come back to us

    I felt something was happening to him in recent years

    I'm sad about him and I send him full of hugs <3

    Sad very sad :(

    Why are they falling out of the way?

    What happened to him?

    Is a Creator son

    How does it make sense that he is no longer connected to the truth of his brother CM


    To me, too, it would have seemed like something from the past he was talking about

    I did not know if it is really connected to CM or not

    Thanks for clarifying this

    Too bad I thought something was already happening, but not terrible :(

    Hope you are feeling great :)

    And thanks <3

    I was sorry to hear that <3

    Hope you are feeling better now :)

    I've been telling people for years not to get vaccinated, flu or pneumonia .... they are not listening to me ... too bad

    Here in Israel, more than 5 million people are already vaccinated, so we are free in Israel ... and in the meantime, we do not force ourselves to get vaccinated, even though there are places we are not allowed to enter, but it is not terrible at all ... hope this madness is over soon

    And there shall be no Ebola (Corona) 2

    Hugs and a lovely night <3<3


    why do you not continue to put it channeling?

    Is he telling the truth?

    Can you tell me more about his channels?

    Is it connected to CM?

    ... it seems to me, yes but usually, I have a problem with it ...

    It was a good practice to read English for me .... really not kidding

    wonderful night <3

    Hi Christ

    What booklet number is it?

    I want to read the whole paper

    Thank you lovely night from Israel <3

    Israel has already bombed Iran's nuclear program with America, a few weeks ago they may have more targets to bomb there

    But what I do know is that our military works closely with the U.S. military and the forces of light

    So no need to worry at all about it

    wonderful night <3