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    This is already happening in Israel
    Those who have been vaccinated are allowed to do everything
    With us most people are already vaccinated .... I think it stands at 4 or 5 million people
    Now they are going to vaccinate the children

    Israel is the world laboratory for human experimentation
    First the children are vaccinated in Israel and after that the whole world will vaccinate the children ...... as it was with the adults

    I tend to think that Israel has the most robots or mentally undeveloped or young entities

    There is no hope for Israel .... everyone is stupid here

    Most of our people believe in corona, masks and nonsense ;(

    There is no hope for Israel .... everyone is stupid here :cursing:


    Currently, there is a green passport in Israel.

    This means that those who have been vaccinated have a green passport

    And whoever does not, can not do full things

    I'm not getting vaccinated

    So I'm not leaving the kibbutz anywhere

    Not that it's terrible, I'm totally not going anywhere

    I will update in the future what is happening with us


    Is this true?

    Israel supermarket checking vaccination status: No vax, No food.

    Sorry the video it's too big!

    I've never heard of it

    If they do that, then it's against the law

    It's probably individual people who do that

    I really have not heard of it, this is the first time I have encountered it

    And I live in Israel

    I have researched (literature-wise and phone conversations with leading vaccine reaction experts) the dangers of vaccines for about 25 years. If there is ever any way I can contribute to this topic, please do not hesitate to ask! One bit of info I can share is from a personal note: My dad worked in Africa with Emperor Haile Selassie back in the 70's, as the Emperor wanted coins commissioned and my Dad had the resources in Switzerland to get the project completed. While over there (Africa), he was told to get the smallpox vaccine asap. While in the clinic waiting for the doc to enter to give him the jab, a Naval officer entered his room and told him under no circumstances was he to get the vaccine because it was laced with HIV. True story.

    Amazing story

    Can you tell me

    What do you know about the vaccine that COVID19 is currently giving?

    What does it consist of ?, What is inside it?

    It's very interesting this vaccine, or it's not a vaccine, whatever it is

    Thank you and a lovely night from Israel <3

    Save The Children, The System Is Rigged, It’s Time To Take It Back…its-time-to-take-it-.html

    Dave interviews, a couple for whom welfare stole the girl at 17

    And another woman who also tells an interesting story

    This is what happens in the world in welfare with our children

    I know that Israel is 4th in the world in child trafficking

    I think Norway is in the first place in the welfare trade with children


    A Siberian skater’s 80 years on the ice

    For the last 80 years, there's no place that Lyubov Morekhodova would rather be than on Lake Baikal in southern Siberia.

    The sprightly senior lives on the western shore of the world's largest freshwater lake.

    Ice skating is Lyubov Morekhodova’s passion.

    When she straps on the steel blades she’s used for decades, she’s just as nimble as ever.

    Baba Lyuba – as she’s fondly called – looks after four dogs, five cows, two calves, and four chickens.

    But whenever she’s not caring for them, she takes to the ice.

    Lake Baikal is often frozen over for six months of the year and the octogenarian believes skating on it is the secret to her longevity.

    The world’s deepest lake is her deity; she has more faith in its powers than in the miracles of Jesus, whose birth is currently being celebrated around the globe.


    The new/old thing I was interested in again

    I want to expose you to things that can help us in the future

    Special lifestyles: that may be re-created in the future

    The Village of Living Water - Harie

    An amazing village in Japan, living a full, happy, and peaceful life.

    The way of life in the village is especially enchanting to me

    The rippling of the water, the cleanliness of the water and the environment, the graceful and peaceful quiet of the people who live in it

    A dream that there is still such a magical place in the world <3

    We can learn from this village how to handle drinking water

    The Village of Living Water - Harie

    Many buildings in this Harie district have a kabata, which residents use to draw water for everyday tasks.

    We went to see for ourselves the unique, intimate relationship between the lives of the area’s residents and their water.

    For over 300 years, the village of Harie (針江) in Japan has thrived on its interconnected system of mountains, canals, streams, rice fields, spring water, and kabata, small separate rooms that are used as a kitchen spaces for each household.

    There, residents wash their dishes in pools of crystal-clear spring water.

    As the foods wash off the plates, large koi and other fish eat the scraps, keeping the cold flowing water clean.

    there are multiple pools in the kabata including a motoike for drinking and cooking, a tsuboike for washing and cooling tofu and vegetables, and a koi-filled hataike for washing dishes and pots.

    Everyone in the community is mindful of how they use the water so that the ancient, balanced system isn’t polluted, including using eco-friendly soaps and cleansers. And even in Japan, the ‘village of living water’ is unique

    Koi are unusual kitchen helpers in the kabata of Harie…UbB8Ok8&feature=emb_title…JpXwqVM&feature=emb_title

    Not too far from the beautiful torii of Shirahige Shrine, you will find the small village of Harie and its unique feature: free water! Thanks to its several rather easily accessible water springs Harie, also know in Japanese as “Shozu-No-Sato” or The Village of Pure Water” offers access to free and delicious water directly from the homes on pretty much every street of Harie.

    People living in Harie are very proud of their spring water. They use it daily to not only drink but also wash their vegetables and even keep Koi Carp as personal pets. Limiting Harie to its gorgeous spring water will not be fair, as Harie is a magnificent little village frozen in time ideal to do away with your stress and worries.…r_utility_spaces_in_japan

    There is a wealth of information here

    Each image has more information

    To log in and read

    There is information worth gold

    Could be in the future

    The settlements that will live near a water source

    It will be relevant to them

    I just want to move in there, really, :love:

    But I live in Israel now, the universe needs me here <3

    In Israel, what is happening now is exactly what is happening in America to Donald.

    The pursuit of Benjamin (Netanyahu), all the cases you sewed on him and want to bring to justice

    This is not true and has been persecuted for 25 years, by the cable.

    Shimon Peres inserted the cable into the Knesset and the State of Israel

    Shimon Send people to murder Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon (There are a few more people I do not remember names)

    He was such a loser that he had to kill everyone, who interrupted him on the way to doing what he wanted

    to bring the darkness into Israel and the government ... he finally managed to bring in the darkness

    His wife (Sonia) left him and went to live somewhere else

    When she was buried she did not want him to come to her funeral and also changed her last name, she did not want anything to do with him (Simon)

    I am not saying that Benjamin is a light, he led Israel to a place that is currently, in Norway today it is cheaper to buy fruits and vegetables, than in Israel

    We have almost no agriculture in Israel

    We were a country of milk and honey, all the fruits and vegetables were ours and excellent and cheap

    But for 15 years now that agriculture in Israel has been deliberately destroyed by the corporations that control the government, something very bad is happening to Israel, yes yes

    Since Donald was elected, Benjamin has been working closely with him and he is now working with the light (not that he is a light entity)

    He's a puppet but is working with the light now

    The truth is that I never voted for the Knesset, ever, so I do not know if they changed the system

    Until a year ago it was with notes and an ID card, from the age of 18

    There are more full of things happening here

    Please ask me questions about Israel and I will try to answer

    Hi Lucia/BBLU_

    Or anyone who can help me with that

    Or understands the chemistry of metals

    I need your help

    I'm going to buy myself titanium rods

    And I wanted to know what grade of titanium are your rods?

    Except that it's 99,999 pure

    When I do a search I get to what degree I want my titanium

    I saw that there are grades 2 to 5

    And I do not understand it at all,

    So if you can give me some tip or information, it will help me a lot

    I've been preparing for myself for a few months now

    Silver Colloidal

    And it goes great and makes me great, every day more

    I'm now going to buy myself titanium / magnesium and copper rods

    I'm just very new to it, in silver bars I'm already an expert

    But in the rest I am not, Suri


    inside a beehive

    Ever wonder what happens inside a beehive?

    This infrared live cam shows the complex inner workings of this Carniolan

    bee colony living inside a large hollow log in the town of Waal in Bavaria, Germany.

    Watch as the bees build combs, produce honey, protect the queen, and raise a new generation of workers and drones.

    This live camera is situated at the entrance of a bee hive,

    nestled inside a large hollow log in the town of Waal in Bavaria, Germany.

    Watch as Carniolan honey bees enter and leave the hive during their busy day