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    This is so moving: ONE DAY, sung by people of different religions, in Haifa in 2018

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    Rose, amazing

    Do you know Hebrew?

    Read, understand, write?

    How did you come up with this video?

    I have known him for a few years but I am from Israel and know Hebrew

    Again amazing and heartwarming, that you are interested in Israel in a different way<3

    I don't know who J is in these ... I know I should know .. but I can't remember ... LINKS PLEASE. and notice in the link to pictures of the queen .. they are not all the same person ... look closely. Because of the different people playing the queen .. you cannot know anything for certainty about her ... can the real queen show up .. NO.

    David Crayford is not an American attorney ... he is not An American .. he is British. There is a lot of disinfo in these ... and some truth ..

    I thought the queen was duplicated a few decades ago

    It was written on the main site and It seems to me in the Phoenix Journal as well

    And in 2011 such, the Federation (light), arrested her

    Then the darkness there was another duplication, it was at the wedding of her grandson, Dina's son

    Remember there was something like this?, Also talked about it in one of the channels, that they arrested her and it's not that we now see, it duplicate

    Or I did mix from what I read then, that could also be;)


    The Ocean Exploration Trust was founded in 2008 by Titanic discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard to explore the ocean, seeking out new discoveries in the fields of geology, biology, maritime history, archaeology, physics, and chemistry while pushing the boundaries of STEM education and technological innovation. Our international program is launched from aboard the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus, offering live exploration to participants on shore and the public via live video, audio, and data feeds. The major 2015 expedition and education sponsors are the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Bechtel, the Florida Panthers Foundation, CITGO, Office of Naval Research, the National Geographic Society, University of Rhode Island, and additional private donors. Follow us online at, on Facebook and Instagram at NautilusLive, and on Twitter as @EVNautilus.

    Natural ways, to treat the things, that are created for us in life, health and illness

    I open a thread

    Help each for us

    In what ways do we treat ourselves?

    Methods, ways and everything that can help us in this challenging time

    I want you to share with us your ways of caring for the body and mind, you can also use plants and animals ... Thank you

    I'll start first

    My back was caught:( I picked up a heavy watermelon and my lower back was caught ... it hurts and it's hard for me to walk;(

    Can you give me tips on how to handle this?

    How did you handle this and more recommendations and things that can help me and us

    Tanks and a lovely night from Israel<3

    The peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

    President Trump announced a historic agreement today

    to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

    CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy joins

    CBSN to talk about the announcement.

    Trump announces a ‘historic peace agreement’ between Israel and the United Arab Emirates;

    Fox News national security and foreign affairs analyst Dr. Walid Phares reacts.

    Another opinion on the agreement from the Palestinian side and Hamas

    US President Donald Trump has announced the full normalisation of ties between the UAE and Israel.
    As part of the deal, Israel will suspend plans to annex Palestinian territory.
    Trump says the US helped broker the deal - which will see the UAE and Israel exchange embassies and ambassadors.
    The two nations are expected to meet in the coming weeks to sign agreements.
    However, Hamas has accused the UAE of stabbing Palestinians in the back by agreeing to a deal with Israel.
    The Palestinian group based in Gaza says the deal effectively "rewards" Israel for its occupational crimes.
    Mustafa Barghouti, leader of the Palestinian National Initiative and member of the Central Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, talks to Al Jazeera.

    What do you think of this move?

    In our country, Hamas does not like it ... Too bad

    There is a beautiful way to do things

    Not like they do now:(

    I do not know, whether in the end Israel did it

    And if in the end Israel did it, then maybe it was on a mission of light, it could also be, it happened in Syria a few times too

    They may have eliminated some of the cable there, so I call it the Light People did this job

    What's more interesting, they found tunnels under the explosion there

    There are videos that see a tunnel there, if that's true of course

    Which led to more tunnels and more tunnels

    They may have wanted to eliminate the smuggling of refugee children from Syria:!:

    So it could really be that this is the work of the people of light and not necessarily the evil Israel:evil:

    KD.....What do our friends above say about it ?, is there anything new from their side?:?:

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    I think the question should be like this

    Not why the water is flooding the islands

    These, why the islands or the whole area is sinking:!:

    The Karbiti Islands have been sinking for a long time

    So instead of shouting and crying global warming is killing us

    They need or we need to find solutions for the future and now for them

    They need to stop being angry about the fake "global warming" and see the real truth

    That the whole area in which they live is sinking

    Or they will learn to live in cities floating on the water

    Or transfer them to other atolls who know they are not sinking

    But that's just me thinking, so maybe that's not true

    A lovely night from Israel<3

    I wanted to ask, do any of you know

    Where do you see, the state of radiation?

    And what is the intensity of gamma radiation?

    And more data

    I want to see if there are graphs, pictures and information about gamma waves

    And is it related to CME and corona mass / sun

    I search and find nothing


    And a lovely night<3


    this 6 minute video is about the spiritual aspects in China that were ignored with the design of Three Gorgoes... It is interesting for that reason...

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    Do not understand why they built it in the first place

    The Chinese have a trait that they try to make everything bigger and better ... and many times they just fail and destroy nature or anything they do and it's a shame

    I encourage them to go back to simplicity and do things on a small and simple scale<3<3<3

    The truth is I have been saying this for a long time to everyone, there are things that you are

    Do, that you do not need

    I say this to myself all the time and lately I'm also listening to myself .... LOL,

    I also listened to myself 30 years ago;)

    In this link I want to share with you

    About a lovely woman named Karen

    She also travels all over the world and photographs houses and a special way of life of people

    And with her you will see, how people live

    And their interesting and special life story

    Each episode has a different home and story

    Amazing to see every episode she uploads


    "Videos about simple living, self-sufficiency, small (and tiny) homes

    backyard gardens (and livestock), alternative transport,

    DIY, craftsmanship and philosophies of life."

    A charming man from New Zealand (Bryce)

    Which encourages and shows how it is possible to live in a small house all over the world

    To live healthier and connected to nature and the soul

    Shows special houses that people built for themselves or bought

    And each episode has a different character telling their story

    And shares their special home and their special way of life

    "My name is Bryce, and I'm passionate about small space design.

    Join me on my travels as I journey to find the very best tiny homes,

    alternative dwellings and stories of downsized, eco-friendly living.

    I'm not just watching from the side-lines though! I also get stuck in with my own small space builds.

    Thanks for stopping by my channel, make sure you subscribe and come along for the ride!"

    Something that ignited my fire <3

    And helps me see the light that is on the earth

    Now I know that not everything is dark here

    there are some points of light

    even if it is different

    I kept asking myself what people's awakening looked like

    when they would understand that they needed to get out of the box

    Create another bright and correct way of life

    Family of six decides to sail around the world!

    Dad and mom and they have 5 kids, decided to go on a different journey

    And see that they are changing along with their children

    As the days go by

    I have been following them for several weeks

    they have a different and interesting way of thinking

    Well done to them…vxmORqF-h3Z05SlOZ&index=1

    Our family of six ditches suburban life and bought a sailboat! What were we thinking?!!!!