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    The little bird is called a Wren

    "By accident I got hold of two of the smallest eggs I have ever seen.
    Should I incubate them?
    Would I be able to raise a baby bird that would hatch from it?

    The little bird is called a Wren.

    In my country it is the second smallest bird species there is.

    It hatched so fast that I missed it.
    The feeding was hard with my big human hands and very time-consuming.

    It took me about 80 feeding rounds per day to keep him healthy.
    But in the end it worked."

    The fallen angel wants to take the angel😇 out of me and send him somewhere. Help the angel😇. Tell this to the celestial beings.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😥😥😢😢😰😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😢😢😭😭

    I thought they left you?
    I thought Kibo helped you with that
    A few months ago, what happened?
    Are they bothering you again?
    Maybe ask help from Cm
    hold on
    A huge hug from me<3…nce-charts-and-resources/

    If someone has a headache or migraine and weakness
    That could be the answer to why this is happening to him

    Every time the energy jumps I will have an unexplained headache

    I thought I might have high blood sugar
    Or because I did not eat much today
    And yesterday I ate junk food
    Or I did not drink enough today
    So that's why I've been feeling unwell for a few hours
    Annoying headache and annoying restlessness
    I went to the link
    And I checked a few hours ago but there was no change
    Now I went in wow wow what a tremendous change there is
    The graph has just turned white, there is a huge jump in energies now

    Now I know why I'm not feeling well now
    Now I am calm and can keep smiling
    I thought something really bad was starting for me

    Maybe it happens to you too?

    Please share your experience with this energy

    Hope to feel better in a few hours

    Or maybe his consciousness is growing?

    Developing to hunt for things that have not yet been?

    Or what you indicated that the fish had reduced in the sea

    This is what is happening in Israel today

    A Jew who tells the truth

    I took it from a group of Israelis

    I think they wrote about MOSAD in the Phoenix Journal several times

    Yeah yeah yeah, people here are hard to accept

    That their country is evil,( the essence of evil in the world)

    They start to understand what's going on

    Nearly everyone in my kibbutz is asleep

    I hope they wake up soon…9byxqjPGMaCwVRHNEpvYR4r-8

    A lovely evening from Israel<3<3<3

    Hundreds of elephants die in Botswana, and no one knows why.

    It's a shame, sad,:( it seems to me, that they don't like the gamma rays either:(

    Or something poisoned them

    I just read about it in an Israeli newspaper

    Is there a way to know what really happened to them?

    Moderna is the one that was developed by Gates foundation? Robert Kennedy Jr don't want it because he said its a vaccine. Is he a light person or connected to the dark people?

    Israel wants to buy the vaccines from Moderna,

    And they want to give us all

    I really hope they are what you say they are

    And it's not like polio a long time ago, they vaccinated all of us, in the end it was a vaccine that did more harm and poisoned a lot

    Lucky for mi' my guidance from above, did something I won't hurt. So thank you my guidance from above

    It increased polio in Israel after the vaccine and we all got it and we were not children

    I really hope this is true vaccine, without parts of humans, animals and things that make disease and it does not poison us ... I really hope <3... I don't want to be sick because of him :-( .... really hope he comes light<3

    It is a normal vaccine and not a vaccine that is given into the blood:?:

    I very much agree with you

    But I separate people like me / Israelis

    White Zionist State / House of Representatives sitting in Jerusalem

    It's two different entities

    One is the good people and some the innocent

    To the member of the bad government of Israel

    Two very different things

    When asked who I am

    I always answer

    I am Mia, live in Israel (currently), 3 dimension .... Nice to know / thank you very much

    I am not Jewish, I have no religion, nationality and race

    I'm just me, Mia, a little woman from northern Israel

    Israel has, amazing falafel, with hummus and tahini, in a pita with vegetables ... amazing

    Halva is a sweet dish made from sesame, I think, I do not eat it

    an amazing labana cheese, you can try it with pita and olive oil and some za'atar

    You are welcome to come here, the Israelis are, very nice and warm people


    On the full charts (links), move around with cursor to see the pictures.


    Thanks for that

    It simplifies the book, not that the book is hard to understand but for newcomers it just makes order and simplicity

    Who made it?

    And who made the paintings / pictures?

    Who did the pictures of the entities?

    It's beautiful

    Linda Paris

    Linda, she is one of the people who research things that nobody wants to explore, the darkest and darkest things

    About cannibalism, necrophilia, pedophiles and more ....:(

    I have known her for over two years

    She is a little harsh and blunt, but she still brings things that must be known, unfortunately:(

    I only saw one video of her on these things, it is repulsive

    It's disgusting, and sad at heart

    PURE EVIL: The REASON Behind Their Gender INVERSIONS!




    HeLP! How do we Open the third eye? i need an effective method to quickly open my third eye in a month or weeks. I heard Candace say along time ago that Stare at the sun will help with our eyes , But does that include the third eye? or just the physical eyes.

    Candace can u explain. Will staring at the sun help open our third eye ?

    It is time for me to be a Clairvoyant, Clair-audient (hearing entities) , and Clair-sentient (feeling spirits). Please i need All these abilities in my Life right now! Please help me activate these psychic abilities! i need help!

    You know the saying of the angels / guides

    .... when you really need it, They will open it up to you .....

    The fact that you think or want to have something does not mean you are really ready for it or need it now ....

    this is what you will hear from your angels or your guidance

    Let go<3

    Yes yes yes, I know what you are thinking and saying

    I really need it, without it I can't keep moving forward

    And it burns in your veins, you so want it, You dream about it, you crave it, don't you?

    But .... in the spirit world They have their own rules, and they don't go according to what we normally want, Or dream, or crave

    Which is insanely annoying

    But that's the case, and you have nothing to do with it

    Either you accept it or you fight against your guidance / soul

    And it's a waste of time to fight everyone

    So what I offer/ suggest to you

    Relax, breathe, this is not the end of the world ... if you will not have it.

    Ask for inner peace, to help you get your answer, whichever it is<3

    And always remember that in just a few seconds, there's a huge change for everyone including you<3<3<3

    Many times what we do does not always come from the soul, sometimes the physical body has its own opinion, maybe this is also the case

    This whole thing with the dark dolls.

    I was in the same place as yours 15 years ago

    I so wanted my abilities, but they gave me nothing

    Ooh how angry I was about it .... I did drama and was very angry with them

    Give me my abilities, I need them

    Everyone has it

    That's not right, why they have and I don't have

    Ohhhh lot of crying and my lack of understanding on this subject

    But what I did not know or did not agree with them

    They actually taught me one huge thing

    Don't trust my abilities

    And just rely on "knowing"

    Knowing what's going on around me

    To know whether it is true or false

    Know what color is everywhere, even if I don't see it

    What a smell there is, what an object there is

    They taught me to "know" and when you know you don't need any abilities

    But I didn't know it then ... so I just got upset with them

    A very cute entity and certainly from a high place in the creation

    came to me in 2007 and created a place for me to study

    He told me every time, go through the gate ... Come visit me there

    So I told him I couldn't because I didn't see anything

    He said, come , you do not need to see anything, you need to know

    I need to know where I am and what's going on around me

    And all this when I can't see anything, or feel, or touch, or smell

    The first few times, Ooh I had a lot of accidents

    I crashed, fell, fell asleep (because of the high energy), what didn't happen to me there, everything

    I fell down the stairs, went straight into a tree, things suddenly disappeared because I suddenly fell asleep (because of the high energies)

    But from time to time, I started to know what was going on around me, it was already impossible to create and fail me ...

    In short, I grew up and could go to more places

    They took me to the spacecraft, Telos to other places

    From there I traveled in many places

    With no ability, only with the knowing

    They are intentionally abusing me (and I laugh that I'm writing this)

    In the end, I knew everything around me

    Until today

    Just knowing and that's it, and it's so simple, just knowing

    Everyone relies on their abilities, and many times their abilities lie to them,

    but they don't know it, because they rely on their abilities instead of knowing

    Just my sharing about what happened to me 13 years ago

    Maybe you can take something from it

    So hugs from me<3<3<3

    I still ask for my third evidence

    And they're probably laughing

    So I ask from CM crate of mangoes,to eat.:saint:

    Here's what I did a few years ago

    Knitting a huge scarf with beads, for my sister

    It is the size of a large single bed

    The wool is amazing and very soft,

    It is a very very warm wool, especially for a very frosty winter

    Mongolian cashmere 100% Pure, it is organic and natural

    This means they have combed the goat

    And treated them kindly and gently

    Life in nature and not in a paddock

    I gave her a gift for Shavuot

    Since then every year she goes with him

    And really enjoyed it

    This was my first project and that is why there are many mistakes

    But in the end it came out amazing ...

    Shhh ..... Don't say there are mistakes, to people who don't understand or see it

    A lovely and peaceful evening from Israel

    your mia


    A Man Among Orcas - Wildlife Documentary

    Enduring raging winds and icy waters with minimal protection, he enters the intimacy of elephant seals and orcas using clever ethological analyses and gets them used to his presence. Then comes the extraordinary: meet a man who communicates with penguins with body language, calms young seals and turns them into live pillows, lies underwater with 8 ton orcas or mature male seals... -