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    I Understanding ,that Q has not yet confirmed the Q clock

    That's nice, your conclusions

    This morning I saw in my mind the number " 4 " as a vision for the second time in like 3 months.

    Might be related to the 444 that i see very often in my cell phone clock, I like this number and for me it means that my Angels are supporting me.

    I see repeating numbers like that regularly too. I see them on the computer clock, or cellphone, or the clock in my car. It's become quite a joke with me and my flatmate... whenever we see it, we announce "10 10", "11 11", "12 12", "1 1 1" etc..

    I see from 1982, yes yes when I was in first grade, a baby girl

    Master numbers, even I would creates new numbers

    I hope the angels understood me then, it was a long time ago

    When did you start seeing master numbers?

    This morning I saw in my mind the number " 4 " as a vision for the second time in like 3 months.

    Might be related to the 444 that i see very often in my cell phone clock, I like this number and for me it means that my Angels are supporting me.

    Or it may have to do with July 4th, say Q's count ends there

    Or is it a beautiful and unique number

    Please place messages from all who take Trinity Teacher Uteah messages here in this thread.

    LOID.. an AH 8* Messiah here .. has placed a pdf file of these which he collected.. Its 128 pages long .. I don't know if he has all of them to date in this file or not. But this is nice for ones who want them on their computers to download... Uteah is a Trinity Teacher Son ..female by the way in nature.. from the Central Universe of Havona.. from Paradise actually on assignment to earth but not resident directly on earth... I have forgotten exactly where she is stationed.. but for you Urantia Book readers... someplace in Satantia.... Enjoy having the file on your computer......…inityteachermessages-pdf/

    Hi, please put the file again, it won't open and send to dead page


    Thank you lovely man

    I understood the plan long ago, people need to experience the truth themselves, otherwise they will not grow and we want them to grow and connect to the truth and it takes time

    I'm glad to know you to, we'll probably meet everyone in the spaceship, I'm already waiting for that

    I joined the forum in 2008/9 ... so he was at YAHOO

    In 2008/9 you mentioned that they cleaned the ozone layer, is it still true that there is no ozone around the planet?

    Or have they changed the plan? Or I didn't understand right then and there is still ozone

    Update on the ozone issue

    Thanks and lovely day from Israel

    Wowoo you reminded me of forgetting

    The first time I read this book seemed to me in 2008

    Nice story, it's a star I really want to visit, before I go home to paradise

    That's how I see the earth in a few million years

    Is he still alive? Michel Desmarquet

    I am watching a Sadhguru... interview with a woman heading a womans groups and involving I guess sexuality.. I am not done with it.. but I am laughing and crying in a sense.. because he said we came into this world because our parents got HORNY. ..Yes he used that word.... Yes there is a bit too much of horny and not responsibility I would say going on... ... I will watch the rest later.. but it was funny I guess to hear him say that. But it is truth... I am sure some people actually do plan on creating a child on purpose.. but there are so many accidents.. and you see... this was the case with my birth.. Horny .... and they weren't married yet.. which lead to an attempt to abort me which did not work... and so grandfather forced a marriage.. which did not work.. but at least I was born of wedlock after the fact... marriage lasted 6 months. Mother never forgave me for being born.. but I survived it all and here I AM.

    Beautiful story, I was also unplanned and it seems she doesn't particularly like me right now, something is going on for my mom

    It seems to me that the majority on this planet are mistakes

    I'm sure after we get back, we'll fix it

    Yeah yeah I read that, it was two months ago I think


    Beautiful, Loved the wording, exactly the explanation I was looking for, thanks

    I also want to know the sequence of things

    It is interesting and important to know

    According to Q, there are a few more years until it is all over

    I said when Donald was elected president ,we went in for 10 years until the final clean up and go to spacecraft

    According to the Angels, they want 100% awakening, and it never will

    So what's going to happen, everyone says differently

    If you can arrange things for us

    Thank you and lovely night from Israel<3<3<3

    Today we prepared the spacecraft for the journey

    There was plenty to prepare, food and more food and more food

    And movies, because you can't do without movies

    Each one brought something from home that he loves

    Now we have been notified that we need to leave quickly

    Because the earth is going to be an epidemic

    So we work hard to prepare the journey

    Mia: brought a lot of knit wool because she likes to knit, You'll have to bear it

    KAN DAEK: A picture of her trailer and the cats

    Ron: bring a little doll of a kangaroo, to remind him home, I asked him to bring a Platypus doll, but he likes a kangaroo

    Jess: bring Bottles of Ora Soma, to keep him warm in his heart

    Rosie: Sheets, paints and brushes for painting ... (She is going to draw our journey ... You will hear about it in the future)

    Hano :Brought an image of Table Mountain and zebra (he loves zebras), remind him of his home, I asked him to bring a picture of a giraffe, but he loves zebras, nothing can be done is like zebras

    Mark : brought a rug with the colors he liked, it would be used as a picture in the spaceship, if he would of course agree to it, I asked him to bring some nice lamp, but he likes his carpets, I understand that

    CHRIST: brought some beautiful lamps that he likes, so that the spacecraft will be warmer, he always thinks of others

    To be continued

    If you tell me what each of you likes I can put it into the story ..... and if not then you will suffer what I invent

    Everything for fun and laughs

    Space the final frontier:

    This is the voyage of the spaceship abundanthope!!!

    Cruising in the sky of the Creation.....

    What adventures will she meet today?

    What will the crew do inside the spacecraft?

    What will they see?

    will they meet their friends from the stars?

    Or will they meet more spaceships?

    This is the journey log of the spaceship's abundanthope.

    this is mia One of the crew members on board

    It's going to be an ongoing story

    We will wait for the next chapters

    A little story for this lovely day<3<3<3

    I took an iron wire, wrapped the tree outside, stuck one end of the iron wire in the ground

    Then I moved the rest of the iron wire inside the house, up to the bed and the computer

    So when I sleep I am constantly grounded and also on the computer

    It does wonders for the body and the soul

    I live alone so I can move an iron wire in my house

    But I can say it's like hugging a tree, just not hugging a tree, but it does the same thing, when touching an iron wire while sleeping

    How do you inject into the blood, like a normal blood test?

    Then instead of taking blood, you give the antibodies?

    I don't like needles at all, in order to take blood I need to anesthetize with a spray, which anesthetizes the body and then I don't feel the stabbing

    I don't like needles, ugh

    I did not make an army because of all the injections and also because I had no teeth in my mouth

    Maybe Raphael can help me with this in the future, if I want it of course

    Yep, it's the most fun thing to try to guess, but not sure she'll take it as we take it, or other new people in the forum

    You remember the turmoil in 2009 with the sun, oh it was big then:(:)

    You remember the drama in 2010 with the sun, oh so it was bigger:(:)

    And you remember the biggest drama in 2012 with everything, oooh so that was huge:(:)

    And where are we today ... in the same place, only today there are more people waking up<3

    What do we know about Israel?

    About the Israelis? About my country?

    Besides we love Falafl, Homs and salad

    Can Israelis be separated from Jews or Zionists?

    Can Israel be eliminated now ?, and return to what it was before the state was created?

    can put information here about Israel, Jews, Zionists

    I try to separate the Israelis who now live with me and the Zionists

    Is Israel responsible for the horrors that happen in the world? Or those who now live in Israel lied to them too?

    Ron you have full information

    I wouldn't rely on two weeks

    Look at it this way, when it comes it will come

    Don't wait for that, because then you will be a huge disappointment:(

    When the time comes, you will see it clearly

    Suddenly there will be no night or day, the days have become longer or shorter

    Then you know it's happening now:love:

    Before that, do not enter days or dates

    Hugs and joy you returned to us<3<3<3