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    I went back to take something from my kibbutz, today

    And when I came to open the door, I found that I didn't bring the key :S 8o

    It was an hour and a half drive

    And while I'm walking in my kibbutz

    Tanks started firing missiles at Lebanon..... It's a tremendous noise, I immediately put earplugs :(

    And everything was quiet again

    And you're not in CM's dream team?

    Thank you for the kind words


    I hope not to annoy you ever

    Hugs from far away Israel


    Don't feel guilty

    I feel much more guilty than you

    I still can't believe what my country is doing to the world

    So I feel a little guilt or a big guilt

    Hugs from far away Israel

    Not the country, these are from me, Mia <3 <3

    You pay too much attention to Bibi, he doesn't exist anymore

    he's an actor who wears a mask

    Bibi received his punishment a long time ago

    for better or for worse

    He is once again just an actor wearing a mask

    Bibi is not the world's problem, the real problem is...

    Who controls the Bibi actor

    Israel is not the problem either, it is who is behind Israel

    Whoever controls Israel also controls Europe and America

    Those who stand behind Israel stand behind Hamas as well


    I'm not sure that Cabal has to fear the Gaza Strip

    They should be afraid of Russia behind Hezbollah, they should be afraid of Hezbollah

    that it is a war in the north, because if Hezbollah wants they can reach the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

    On the other side, Iran, on the side of the Golan Heights and possibly Jordan as well

    In short, goodbye to Israel.....

    I really hope that at the right moment, before we die Here

    the spaceships will come to take us

    the good people from Israel and the Gaza Strip, etc...

    I hope I'll be alive when the spaceships finally come to pick us up

    I live in a dumb and stupid movie

    At least today I bought 4 Gopi fish for the aquarium.... :love:



    You can come here to Israel :)

    It changes here from week to week

    Shit to more shit.......stupidity to more stupidity

    In fact, it has been like this for thirty years in Israel and around the world

    So another year passed, another smoothie was eaten, another huge salad was eaten in the evening, another sunset was had

    Everything is as always, everything is the same, the people live the same life as they have lived for the last thirty years.... everything is normal

    Hanukkah is here in a few days, you have Christmas at the end of the month

    Everything as usual, stupid people live their lives

    I still don't live in my house in the kibbutz.... but it's the plan of the dark to keep harassing us

    Maybe soon we will meet in spaceships in one whole piece

    Who knows, but hey, I see amazing sunsets here in front of the sea


    Spaceweather is my EVERYDAY FAVORITE

    There is another site

    Solar...........? something


    The site was Japanese, I think

    The electromagnetic field could be seen

    by lines that wrap around it

    You could see the buzz was positive or negative

    Do you have the link?

    <3 :love: :)

    Can you share with us

    the women and children prisoner that Hamas released yesterday and tomorrow?

    Do you have any information about this?


    <3 <3 <3

    :( :( :(

    Forgive me for that, I live in a country that is clearly impossible

    Sorry, sorry, sorry

    <3 <3 <3

    Since we are a global organization..any genocides your own countries have experienced,


    I think the country I was born in and live in

    committed some genocide, in the wider world

    or whoever controls the country I live in and was born in

    committed some genocide in the world, or all of them actually :!:

    Thanks Naz

    But the cats are not mine, they belong to the house where I am staying now

    There are 4 cats here

    Ginger, black, calico, white

    The black one sleeps in the bed with me, she is charming, the truth is that all 4 are charming


    Dieter Broers is a German scientist who has been reporting for many years on the processes of ascension, especially in the outer world, i.e. in the events with the sun, the gamma rays, etc. He is also very spiritual, but this is often only mentioned in passing in his books. In Kerry K. he has found an interlocutor who sheds light on the spiritual background and events, not on the basis of abstract views but from his own experience. There are a total of 3 parts to this interview: I am posting the parts with German translation here in full. As far as the English translation is concerned, I have only found the first part, but I very much hope that the other two parts will also appear.

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    Thank you Ulrike


    Forgive him/them for it

    He/they don't know anything else

    If they are taught, who are small, that they are the chosen people

    What do you think they will do when they grow up?, sad


    I haven't been here for a few days

    We had to move again

    Now I can see the sea, at least the sunsets will be beautiful from now on

    At least something good comes out of it

    I met a new cute cat her name is Lila, She is black and sleeps in bed with me at night :)

    Well, hugs to you all from me

    Remember there are still good people in Israel, like me <3 <3 <3