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  • Hi guys, I cannot see one of the thread anymore about after 3DD.

  • Hello Christ,

    I wanted to create a very long post in English and in German "The Black Hole" and "Das schwarze Loch". As I was unable to post it all together I created each time another 4 threads to post the rest. Meanwhile I thought that it would be better to post the rest as responses all in the first thread and so I did. So now there are 4 threads that should be deleted in English as well as in German.
    I was unable to do so and ask you, please, to do this for me.
    Thank you so much !

  • Good day, Christ !!

    I had some problems with the setup of threads of some members ( Kandaek, Gil...). I have changed browser to chrome ( actually I use two,firefox and chrome) and problem resolved. Nonetheless i seems that in chrome I am no fully admitted ....

  • Christ,

    I am so sorry for the problems with the server. Since AH is also carrying my Voice of Esu page, I can't get into that either. I don't care if it is closed at this point, but I can't find copies of all of the files I had posted in translation--at least a list of all of them. Is it possible to link to the back end , or is that part of the problem?


    • Dear Jess,

      The server problems and software's are in the hands of Mark. I will send him your concerns, maybe he can do something to let it work again. 😉

  • Hello Christ <3 I can't get the Login page for 8******** up, it says the page is 'not working' -any explanation for that, that U know of? -Did I miss something in the line of maintenance? Hugs, Mette

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  • Always a big thank you to Mark for taking care of the Forum for us

    <3 <3 Happy to be here and glad I found what I was looking for

    my way home. What lessons we have learned. Maybe someday we will

    remember some of them .

    What people we have met all have the same desire. The way home If only

    they would remember. I help all I can . I have seen some sad things.

    remember only slight things sometimes . My granddaughter is having her 16th

    party this evening. Happy she is still here among us. Namaste Barb :) :!:

  • Hey, Christ. I just wanted to make sure the login in for Abundant Hope hadn't changed. I assume they are doing extensive updating and renovation, but it's been down for me over a week. I hope you are well.


    • Hi, dear Jess,

      Good to see you here!

      Yes, all is normal for login and as you think, they are doing extensive updating and protection on the servers. This is in the hands of Mark.

      L & L, Christ. 😉

  • Hi, Christ, it's me, Janet Alison. I had a login here from long ago that didn't work, so I created a new one just now. Just FYI. :) :)

  • I am trying to find where I can extend the number of allowed characters Christ.. haven't found it yet... 1

    it does need to be more than 10,000....

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  • In the post by Christ Michel when he say take my hand little ones your father is calling you now the time is urgent take my hand and find me look into my eyes . I did with all my heart I want to go with him, he say where I GO MY CREATION WITH GO WITH ME

    My question is I do answer to his call I’m with him for all this time since I wake up many years a go, is He GOT MY request or do I need to do something more?

    • "I did with all my heart I want to go with him", be sure He knows, look within, there he is!

    • Thanks I will do.