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  • Hi, Christ, it's me, Janet Alison. I had a login here from long ago that didn't work, so I created a new one just now. Just FYI. :) :)

  • I am trying to find where I can extend the number of allowed characters Christ.. haven't found it yet... 1

    it does need to be more than 10,000....

  • In the post by Christ Michel when he say take my hand little ones your father is calling you now the time is urgent take my hand and find me look into my eyes . I did with all my heart I want to go with him, he say where I GO MY CREATION WITH GO WITH ME

    My question is I do answer to his call I’m with him for all this time since I wake up many years a go, is He GOT MY request or do I need to do something more?

    • "I did with all my heart I want to go with him", be sure He knows, look within, there he is!

    • Thanks I will do.