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  • Ah Anna, how wonderful you came back to us

    I too came back after many years (2012) that I was not here

    I was instructed to join back to our warm home

    How amazing when we meet back, we must have met many times but we do not remember it, it will be an exciting moment and I am sure that all of us will feel peaceful and happy

    So I'm Mia from faraway Israel

    Sends you hugs and full of love


    • Thank you Mia for welcoming me here.

      You are right that we have met many times though we do not remember.

      I do meet actually many people who I spent a life time or life times before here on earth.

      Sometimes folks who I met before coming to earth.

      This planet is meeting grounds for a lot of souls, I suppose.

      Sending you a lot of LOVE! :love:

  • Nice to meet you here on TIU, Hannah. :):)

    • Hi, Barbara

      It is nice to see you here.

      I have been guided to re-join here the AH and meet the people.

      I hope AH has been thriving since I left.

      And hope you have been blessed by the SOURCE and carrying out your mission nicely.

      I want to join 8* forum as I have been guided.

      Let us talk there. I am not used to use this tiu software.



  • 안녕하세요. 이곳에서 다시 뵙게되어 반갑습니다.✨🙏

    • 안녕하십니까? 엘리다스님

      제가 엘리다스님이 누구신지 잘 모르겠습니다. 그런데 엘리다스님께서는 저를 알고 계신 듯합니다.

      혹시 저와 만난 적이 있는지요? 아니면 한국이름이 아니라서 제가 알아보지 못하는 것인지도 모르겠습니다.

      어쨌든 반갑습니다.

      저는 지금 미국에 있습니다만, 조만간 귀국할 예정입니다.

      귀국한 후에 만나볼 기회가 있다면 반갑겠습니다.^^

    • 네, 세션을 받은 적이 있었습니다.

    • 아, 그렇군요.

      그럼 한국 이름을 제게 가르쳐주실 수 있어요?

      이름은 대부분 기억을 하거든요. ^^

    • 익명의 공간에 실명을 남기고 싶지 않습니다.

    • 야, 예. 알겠습니다. :)

  • Welcome HOME my beloved Hannah! <3

    • Thank you, dear sister KAN DAEK.

      It is really nice to see you here again. I have been guided to re-join AH. I did not have your e-mail address and so could not request to join 8 star forum. Would you allow me to join 8 * forum now? I wonder about everyone I used to know and their whereabouts. I would love to get re-connected to the members who I used to know.

      Hope you are doing well.

      I am looking forward to meeting 8* members again!.


  • Welcome here on TIU 😉