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  • The following was sent to KanDaek on June 2022.

    It was posted to the previous forum which was closed down, however, KD has asked that I post it here on TIU.

    Even though this info was given last year, current events are very much in sync with what was described in 2022.

    I have edited parts that contained personal information but that editing does not change the context of the message...


    2.23 pm 27th June 2022

    It has been a long time and I have not been in the best frame of mind to deal with this...but I feel if I don’t do something then these feelings are going to worsen.

    So let me see if anything is coming in that I can transmit ...

    It is I...your Higher Self...communicating directly to you as I have always done...only this time it will be

    with your full cognizance, knowing and understanding.

    You are about to embark on the adventure of your lifetime propelled by enormous events that have overtaken the world but which are also part of the phased basis of the ongoing re-construction of the planetary civilization...

    Your role is about to be ushered into the template of change and as such you are constantly faced with

    gnawing feelings of tribulation and depression...as your lower self tries to contemplate the magnitude of what is about to happening while, simultaneously, at a subconscious level, tries come to grip with the magnitude of your role within the grand design of things...

    Additionally, you do not want to indulge these messages for fear that they bring ‘false hope’ which...in

    turn ...exacerbate further feelings of despair...

    The anxiety that you are going through... is very much tied to the above as you navigate and try to stay

    balanced between your ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ knowing and I am here to tell you that ‘it is all good’...It is

    normal to experience doubt and reticence in these matters. However, my advice to you would be to allow the ‘expressions’ to come through you.

    Record them...if you wish you may opt to share them......but allow the expressions to come through and record them ...For over time you may re-visit your recordings to validate the truth of what was given.

    While much of it might provide for an interesting ‘read’ ... it should be noted that these are tutorials of

    sorts for your own edification and you are being blessed with such information.

    Our ‘I AM’ connection has ‘solidified’ to the extent that it produces a ‘groundswell’ of ‘knowing’ of which you should be aware...

    When you ‘dam’ this ‘knowing’ from flowing as it should, you create conditions that bring you into

    disharmony with the ‘Essence of your Being’... thereby increasing your feelings of despair and


    This is not the first time that I have communicated with you in this manner...You just did not know it was I who relayed all those mental images to you and you thought that it came from outside of yourself.

    Yes, there were others who communicated with you...

    This I allowed because to your way of thinking then...such information could only come from something or someone outside of yourself...and I allowed such because in more ways than one ..it made you more ‘at ease and comfortable’ receiving higher information...from ‘higher realms’ which, in turn, ‘broke the ice’ for me to be able to ‘speak’ with you... in a similar subtle manner...at times...

    Even though I did not identify myself to you as I am doing now... I KNOW that...over the past few years

    you became aware that ‘others’ were not communicating with you as often as before... and it gave you

    cause for concern as you felt abandoned.


    You were not abandoned however it became necessary for you to ‘step up’ as it was no longer imperative for others to ‘hold your hand’ ...

    As disheartening for you..as it was during that ‘dry period’ ..it was actually necessary for you because it

    allowed the opportunity for more of my ‘Higher Self” to enhance our ‘bond’ in more ways than one.

    Do note, however, that on occasion you would still receive and interact with information received from others who you refer to as ‘Celestial Beings’...that will not stop...however the nature of the received information would be more akin to conversational and downloads as opposed to just being purely downloaded data.

    Now that I have addressed the above in a way that you would understand and appreciate...I have to

    reinforce to you that the time has now come...where it is imperative to have you ‘walk in your own shoes’ so to speak...

    At a certain level, you are aware that you are being ‘coached’ in your understanding of your

    ‘Sovereignty’ and while you may not attach much significance to this understanding at the moment....

    there is a requirement for you to sense that you are being prepared at another level for what is to come.

    There are ‘misgivings’ on your part momentarily... however, I would have you know that you would

    come to feel competent and thoughtful in your role as there are others whose roles are also coming ‘on

    stream’ simultaneously...

    You are thinking about “What is to come”..

    As you were ‘told’ the other night ....”it is all going to come down fast now”... the crescendo is being

    reached ..and actions are going to be taken that will ensure that we do not return to what existed


    The slate is about to be wiped clean..in other words...

    The timing of these domino events and I say domino only to be linear in a way that you would understand because much of what is about to happen will be simultaneous in the implementation of the relative actions...

    The timing is about to unfurl in ways that will leave many ‘out of breath’ as to the scope and scale

    of activities to usher in the ‘changing of the guards’ so to speak.

    There is going to to be a major ‘bombing’ activity in the ‘theater of operations’ within the European


    This will trigger appropriate responses from the major players on the world scene.

    In a way ..it is scripted except that those who think that it will redound to their benefit vis-à-vis the continued domination of the world, would be annihilated.

    It has to be so...as such... the ‘falling away’ of the old decrepit systems of the world would be a signal to many...whether they are paying attention or not.

    A major attack, would be launched on Russian soil...The attack would be launched by NATO...but would

    be disguised as coming from the Ukraine.. It is for this reason , that the G7 was meeting directly. They

    know something is up and they have not been told the full plans, as that is under strict secrecy by those who are formulating the action.

    The G7 group is only aware to a certain extent, that something will happen which will necessitate their ‘putting into place’...certain support mechanisms, so that they could ‘ride out’ the ramifications of the attack.

    However, as with everything else, the Russians are already aware of what is coming and they have

    already put their plans into place, some of which have been made public...

    Their military responses will consist of some ‘yet to be revealed’ weaponry ...

    Coming on the heels of such an incident...which actually occurs during the lead up to this event but would significantly impact the general world population after the ‘bombing incident...would be currency issues...

    You see, one of the major reasons for ‘those, currently in power’ upping the ‘war ante’... is the imposition of the new Financial system under the auspices of the BRICS nations.

    Everything, that was part and parcel of the continued degradation of political relationships of the so-called ‘Nuclear Powers’ in the last ten years or so, revolved around the provisioning of this new financial system.

    Therefore, it should be clear, that the current positions of the major global influences within the sphere of international politics, will remain inflexible as the ‘die is now cast’..

    As such.. the ‘old world system’ ..is about to be dissolved....and ‘those, currently in power’ ...are quite aware of this...hence the ‘upping of the war ante’ as outlined above...

    The transitory period would not be able to service the method of financial transactions that the current

    monetary system supports.. therefore..It is advisable ..that you find access to some measure of relief by

    way of food, water, medicine and gas..to ‘tide you over’ as is necessary.

    Money will hardly be a commodity of use during this period.

    The magnitude of the bombing incidents mentioned above and the significant retaliation which would

    arise as a result, will be the opportunity for the emergence of help coming in from Cosmic sources..

    Yes...some of them are already here... In this case , I am referring to ’the Sons/Suns of God..

    You have seen them with your own eyes...yes they are here...They have started ‘showing up’ for about two years by your time...Visible only to those who need to know...but unrevealed as to their true identity and what it means.

    Their presence in your atmosphere though, has been a bit longer, and signaled that the

    planet was under ‘ Divine Adjudication’...

    Those ‘Sun/Son” Discs presage ‘the times’ that are unfolding...They are a warning to prepare....to get

    ‘righteous’ because the time ‘is nigh’ and the ‘ judgment’ is upon the planetary inhabitants.

    They are Cosmic Beings, sent forth by the “Higher Spiritual Commands”.. the energies they bring are designed to ‘shatter the prevailing paradigms’ and usher in the necessary ‘treatments’ to facilitate the emergence of ‘the new’ template for the Divine way forward.

    What that means for your reality as their presence is ‘drilled down’ to the earth experience ...is one of

    mayhem and disillusionment... recognized as inconsistent thought patterns and illogic...which ‘upend’ the abilities to find solutions within any framework that is not aligned to the higher good.

    This creates ‘separation’ within groups who... no longer have desires to come together or who , no longer have any desire to remain inclusive because the energies have become so frictional amongst individuals that it weighs heavily within the mental and physical states of those aligned to differing ideals’..

    This sets the stage for the demarcation between those with similar group thoughts as opposed to others of differing thought patterns.

    These ‘Son/Sun Discs” are not fully material...and although they primarily operate within the realm of

    ‘Spirit’ they do have the ability to allow for material manifestation which also affects the energy ‘shields’

    that surround the planet...

    These ‘discs’ are affecting the planet’s energy grids thus exacerbating the haywire of behaviours of those upon the planet, the weather systems, the technological systems etc.

    Your communication systems will worsen and hit ‘peak degradation’ around the time of the major military ‘uptick’...

    This will also be a factor with financial systems ‘downtime’ experiences.

    The Son/Sun discs are affecting your planetary temperature indices..

    They have been gradually rising but have taken incrementally pronounced strides in the last few years...

    This has culminated in ‘off the charts’ temperature readings in certain parts of the world, this year. The energy of these Son/Sun discs generate tremendous heat and radiation culminating in combustion and disintegration of elements which need to be removed... before the new and more ‘holy’ modules can be put into place.

    These ‘invisible’ spheres that reveal themselves to so few...prepare the way for those who come thereafter.

    It is almost like what you may liken to a military action on the planet....There are those who come in first to ‘soften’ the arena of operations before ‘the ground troops land’...

    I will update you closer to the ‘landing of the troops’ so to speak..

    Again...this is information that you need to know and for which you need to prepare accordingly...As stated before, it is up to you if you wish to share, but keep this as a record for validation.

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    • Dear Leonette,

      Thank YOU again for this important message that you have received and are now posting here again to remind all members to prepare for what is to come as described in this message.

      Warm love and light from heart to heart,

      Christ. 😉

    • Thank You Christ :)