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  • No había pasado por aquí. Si hermano , gracias inmensas por tu trabajo. Todo un crack !!!

    Con AMOR, juan

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    • Gracias Juan, no es mucho lo que hago y sólo comparto cómo un mensajero. Muchas bendiciones y abrazos! <3

  • Totally agree with KD.

    Your energy is so good. 😊🩵💙💜

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    • Thank you / gracias Altea! <3

  • Yes indeed ... I came here to thank you again, Nahuz. Hope we meet soon ...

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    • Thank you Rosie, I also hope to that we meet soon all! <3

  • are a TREASURE HERE.. <3

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    • Thank you KD, I am not a telepath like you and I have many defects, but I try to help and be useful wherever possible. You KD and many here are the true treasure as people! <3

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  • Nahuz: I have been offline for a while due to computer problems, and I m just catching up and seeing all your posts - thank you so much - which help to fill in some bits of information ... Big hug, Rosie

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    • Thanks to you Rosie for all you doing together with Seraphim, I am just a simple messenger.

      Hugs and blessings. <3

    • And I am a simple messenger also. Hugs from one to another!

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  • Thankyou for the GREAT POSTING YOU DO HERE and the Updating on the dirty bomb etc you added to your post... :) :thumbup:

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    • Thanks to you KD for everything, I am at your service and CM. Given what is happening and what is about to happen, I felt the need to report on it, as that is exactly what you have been warning us about for a long time. As Esu said through Jess, things are starting to fall into place now.

      Hugs and blessings. :thumbup:

  • I remember you.

    I was registered as "iamai" on TIU (1).

    I'm glad we meet here too...another stage in our journey.

    :) :) :)

    • Hello Barbara. In the first TIU I had the same username that I have now (Nahuz) and I was very active after the beginning of the Ukraine crisis in 2014/2015 until the previous forum went down.

      Thank you for responding and for all the teachings and messages that you have transmitted over the years. :thumbup:

  • Bienvenido, se te echaba de menos <3

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    • Gracias Altea, lo mismo digo. Es muy grato verlos y las informaciones que publican. Saludos y bendiciones de mí parte. :thumbup:

  • Thank you very much Christ for welcoming me. I have joined the TIU forum again since I had the same user that was lost in the old forum.

    As I had already introduced myself at that time (my name is Inti from Buenos Aires, Argentina), since I was 16 years old in 2009 I met AH and their teachings through the website of Luis Prada (a friend of mine), who knows Candace. Since then I follow AH and everything that has been disclosed and taught until now.

    Blessings from me and thanks to all of you for the work of guidance and teaching that you continue to provide in these difficult times for multiple reasons.

    Nahuz (Inti)

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  • Welcome here on TIU 😉