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  • Welcome here on TIU 😉

    • Thanks Christ L. but I really just wanted to use my old account Met-Te. I forgot my password and couldn't get a new one sent BC an old email was assigned back then and the system wouldn't accept my changing the email to my present one, thus I had to open up a new account... I just wanted to be able to log in with my old userID "Met-Te" and my personal folder and all is assigned to that name.

    • Dear Mara-Yah,

      Your old account and login was on the old TIU (1) and is not accessible anymore for now, that's why we have TIU (2) as you see it here.

      We all needed to restart from zero here.

      Hope you have copy's of your important older postings that you can repost here if you like.

      L & L, Christ.L 😉

    • No dear, I am on the new forum, it's me, Mette -look at my 8*-folder with my songs...but I changed my email since last year and I haven't logged in on TIU. Too bad, I just had quick look-ins without logging in, so I forgot my password. I haven't felt like posting in here, and now, with eight-star down, all of a sudden it became kinda more urgent to log in here =D

      I just want a new password for Met-Te user-ID in here so I can delete Mara-Yah again :D

      And the email I used for Mara-Yah is a temporary one and it is already gone.