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  • I tried working with this veteran. He is very military in this thinking but want peace in the world and sees mistakes with all the leaders in charge have done.

    When I first knew him he was all alone at our table in the community room . Was a smile for people but no talking. I sat and we knew things in common to chat about local and in other things we liked . He drank heavily and I knew that had to be pursued to be helped. Its a crutch he didnt need but anyway he drinks only slightly one or two drinks a day instead of all day sipping drinks. His color is better and lost weight walks better and has a better attitude . He now takes care of his affairs with little or no help from me but still he is not social as I think one of the military animals would be of great help to him. Just an update. TY for all the good thoughts sent his way .I know some who did . :) :) :)

  • Hi Barbie.. where you on 8* before? Thanks for becoming part of TIU 2 :) <3

    • Yes K D I

      Barb Cox

      Is there any news or messages I may have missed?

      I miss AH

      Hope you are well and anxious as I am to learn more but you already know

      :) ;)

      Namaste Barb

    • I figured maybe it was you.. welcome here Barb. I haven't commented much.. yet.. still trying to keep up here.. get caught up here.. No news of messages.. new one from Jess today in his section though.. I haven't posted any news....

  • Welcome here on TIU 😉

    • Thank you.

      I miss all the people

      I was on AH