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  • Happy birthday Jess <3

    • Thanks! It was pretty uneventful.

  • New update from Esu 8-30-22:

    Jess, let’s talk. Many things are occurring. Much is being prepared. It is better for you to observe things, rather than know specifically. You see the trends and you get a feel for the directions the actions are moving in. I say this because you cannot have much effect on the outcomes, and there is not much point in you being unduly concerned. This creates worry and fear, and this feeds into a toxic environment that must be counteracted.

    It is more useful for you to remain balanced and anticipate a positive resolution, despite the appearance of hopelessness and insurmountable obstacles. You can contribute more by assuming they will be as they need to be. The negative options are just conjectures, they are not realities.

    The timeframe is short and mapped out, but it is fluid, depending on day-to-day circumstances. Free will choice, such as it is, still is a factor and events remain the results of decisions. Man chooses to interpret his observations and he acts based on his assessments, whether they are truthful or not. Circumstances have to be at a certain point for optimal interventions. Any set of variables can be dealt with, but good variables are more comfortable.

    You must remain aware that circumstances are only fluid manifestations of what are fears and unverified suppositions. Nothing is a concrete reality. The only true fact is that the end result is determined by Christ Michael. He is bringing closure to the past and a transformation into greater spirituality. Many factors are working to that end, and this change will be global as the means to a shift in cosmic design. You must remember that the end is already planned, and that the overwhelming circumstances you are experiencing can be viewed objectively as learning experiences, not as events determining your future. Just work through them and observe how they came to be, how they are manipulating you. Don’t give in to them,

    We are taking care of you and your friends. Most are not aware of what is going on, but they are observant nonetheless, seeing some outcomes that are more practical than others. You should continue what you are doing. You shouldn’t obsess over circumstances. Don’t try to be proactive unless you can see a clear positive outcome. Just maintain an equilibrium. It doesn’t hurt to imagine, but you generally won’t know the realities of what is coming. The future will be beyond your ability to speculate at this time. Many others are working on the changes; you are not at this point, so just experience what is happening. The end results are beginning to appear.

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