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  • Hi dear Mia and thanks for asking. I am keeping a somewhat low profile, so am answering here. Yes, hot and sunny. Battling with some red tape at the moment, but all is well, and nature is my greatest solace. Hugs, Rosie

  • Mia... I don't know if there are others from Israel here... our information on each member does not include where they live... Just ask around.. If a person wants their location posted.. its done in there own section here.. like YOURS here. <3

  • Hello Mia, pleased to meet you. In your first post you mention the nice lady from Cape town. That was Shellee Kim. She left long ago. She became corrupted and troublesome. We had to let her go. I now represent South Africa at AH.

    And as to where to write your mission. That would be in the mission area H-M here - Missions Threads H thru M. Looking forward to reading some more of it. ☺

  • Kibo.. Eve and Hazel all left us and won't be back.. long story. But power got to them and desires and stuff and they got kinda mentally ill from it.. can't cope. Kibo far as I know maintains his blog... I have not heard from Eve or Hazel for a long time. Hazel has not tended her Face Book page for some time now... John left for personal reasons he perceived as dangerous to him and family.. I hear from him now and then.

    The others in your list are all here... We built a new private forum in 2012 and still have it. We had TIU 1 for some years until we had a serious attack on it and decided to archive it.. to keep the data base intact.

    So this is Talk It Up 2.... and we don't have it on our servers on purpose... But we needed a public forum and so here it is in its infancy.

    I don't tell people what to do with the future.. its in each person's hands... Nice to have you back.. sorry the Kibbutz went downhill...

    KAN DAEK is my stellar name... I use it online now. My mother giving me the name Candace was very close to my stellar name... Take care,,, KAN DAEK

  • Hi MIA.. welcome back.. Long time since we have seen you now.. I have thought of your sometimes! Take care, KAN DAEK

    • Thank you, I sent you an email two days ago and you didn't reply, probably you haven't seen it

      I asked you how are you? And that I hope you feel great and enjoy the spring there

      Are you still with us right?or Did you go to live on spaceships?

      Tell me how life has been to you since ...

      Maybe one day we'll see each other physically

      and all of you, like my brothers, my family, my friends ...

      What happened to me before the forum closed in 2012

      Every month I got sicker and sicker, hard to breathe, hard to walk, hard to shower, hard to live, I was 90 and more kilo ... I couldn't live like that anymore

      Deciding I needed immediate change, I switched to eating a full Raw food one day

      I regained 50 kilo and got my life back

      I exercise almost every day, eat healthy and try to be happy with what I read and I don't read nice things, adrenochrome etc ...

      It tears me down, and my heart physically closes as I read or hear that abusers or rapes or drinking the blood of the little ones, sad

      Now with the Corona I am much happier, because you really see that people are waking up, and it's time for that to happen

      I'm more relaxed and back to knitting

      And I also saw that the forum is back and it's great

      About my role in the future

      I still don't know what my role is, (I don't let angels tell me who my soul is)

      But it will become clear to me in the future,

      Ever since I was little

      I love to invent and create new things, in my mind, into anything anyone does, I create something different, different colors and other things are created ...

      This is me, constantly new ideas

      But no one ever listens to me, so I don't tell others, only to the angels ... probably got a headache from me ... LOL

      I have a lot of ideas

      The very fact that I live in a kibbutz,

      And the very fact that I was born to live in a kibbutz

      It gives me a lot of knowledge

      About what life should be like in a community

      Because after all, it's like a kibbutz, only bigger

      There was everything here, raising children, raising animals, holidays, shared meals

      There was everything here

      Now the kibbutz has broken down and there is nothing here than it used to be and it's a shame

      But another moment is going to change and something will probably happen here too

      I have the ability

      Know the true story of that person

      Not what he tells, sometimes it's not what's really happening, it's just coverage

      I know the bigger picture, I see what's going on around people

      The real truth

      Like there's a movie, on a movie, on a movie ... so I see all these circles

      If someone tells something, and does something

      I straight or nearly straight, know whether he tells the truth or cover story

      You can not talk to people because they do not understand the bigger picture and often angry with me, so I'm learning to keep quiet and not tell them that

      And I have it when I was little, and it's not fun at all, it's not fun to know the truth all the time or almost all the time

      It makes me feel alone most of the time

      I help people connect with ''papa'' Father from Paradise

      When they listen to or willing to listen

      They usually don't listen, because it's me

      There might be more listening now

      When I think about it, I have no idea

      What's my job in the future

      But don't tell me what I will be in the future, please

      I have a lot of ideas, for everything, about everything is something, too

      It'll be okay in the end I'll decide what I want to be when I'm big

      CM promised me that he would bring me a crate of mangoes in summer, so I'm waiting for the season mangoes and watermelons

      How is Eve from Germany?

      What happened to her?

      I realized something bad had happened

      Is she still with us?

      Is she still alive?

      I hope so

      John from America? He always did meditations

      And Leo?

      I saw Jesse here in the forum

      And the cute woman from South Africa, I think Cape Town?

      And Rose from Germany, I think she is from Germany?

      And Ron, I think from Australia?

      And Jennifer, who ran the forum at YAOO?

      And Kibu, is he here too?

      So this is Mia

      A strange little woman

      (I'm only 145 c"m)

      So hug and have a lovely, peaceful day

  • Welcome here on TIU